Gospel Harmony Boys (1954)

Group Members

Leonard Adams (1952-1955)
Asbury Adkins (1955-1957)
Asa Legrand (1957-1969)
Roger Horne (1969-1971)
Clacy Williams (1971-1998; 2004-present)
Rusty Phillips (1998-2002)

Harold Lane (1952-1955; 1956-1967)
Dale Musgrave (1955-1956)
Sonny Sites (1967-1980; 1985-1987)
Mike LoPrinzi (1980-1985)
Denis Chapman (1987-1999)
Rod Taylor (1999-2002)
Dale Chambers (2004-2005)
Scott Mullins (2005) (later returned to sing baritone)
Greg Tingler (2006-2007)
Scott Brooks (2008-present)

John Embry (1952-1954)
Homer Fry (1954-1988)
Steve Black (1988-1990)
Jack Hanks (1990-1997)
Greg Tingler (1997-2002) (later returned to sing lead)
Rusty Ballinger (2004-2008)
(Fill-in/temp baritones were used between Ballinger and Young) (2008-2010)
Chuck Young (2010-2011)
Scott Mullins (2011-2013; 2014-2016)
Jamie Caldwell (2013-2014)
Scott Adams (2016-present)

J B Short (1952-1954)
Gray Johnson (1954-1974; 1984-1988)
Ransom Fry (Filled in for Gray Johnson often in 1960-1961)
Calvin Thompson (1974-1984; 2004-2010)
Will Adkins (1997-2002; 2010-2011)
Henry Riffe (2011-2014)
Brandon Stone (2015-2018)

Martha Ramey (1952-1953)
Don Owens (1953)
Carlos Day (1953-1955; 1958-1962; 1965-1967)
Harold Patrick (1955-1957; 1967-1977)
Johnny Bruce (1957-1958)
Richard Lucas (1962-1965)
Greg Tingler (1977-1979) (later returned to sing lead and baritone)
Michael Bloomfield (1979-1982; 1986-1996)
Ron Pauley (1981-1982)
James Rainey (1982-1985)
Scott Kelly (1985-1986)
Scott Jones (1998-2001)
Vince Owens (2001-2003) (with the River City Boys)

Bass Guitar
Gayle "Tank" Tackett (1969-1971)
Greg Tingler (1972-1977) (also played piano and sang baritone and lead)
Michael Bloomfield (1977-1979) (switched to piano in 1979)
Ron "Punch Shawver (1980-1981)
Denis Chapman (1982-1987) (also sang lead)

Other Musicians
Jeff Hogsten (Guitar/Steel) (1976-1977)
Wesley Sites (Drums) (1976-1977)
Jimmy Moore (Guitar) (1984-1987)

Gospel Harmony Boys (1952-2002; 2004-present)
(A group that had consisted mostly of Gospel Harmony Boys alumni from 1999-2004 called the River City Boys changed their name to the Gospel Harmony Boys in 2004 after the GHB name had been dormant from late 2002.)


Harold Lane formed the Gospel Harmony Boys in 1952 after he was discharged from military service. The group was based in Huntington, West Virginia. Lane and tenor singer Leonard Adams selected John Embry to sing baritone, J B Short to sing bass, and Martha Ramey to play piano. Adams handled management duties and Lane arranged their music. Lane's ability to create unique arrangements of songs helped set the group apart during those formative years. The group's first television appearance happened in 1953 on WSAZ-TV. They were later seen on WHTN-TV with viewers in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Martha Ramey was soon replaced by Don Owens at the piano, who in turn was quickly replaced by Carlos Day. Day pulled three stints at piano between 1953 and 1967. Gray "Pappy" Johnson replaced J B Short at the bass position in 1954 and would remain with the Gospel Harmony Boys for about two decades. Homer Fry became the group's baritone singer in 1954. In 1955, three more changes were made. Asbury Akins replaced Leonard Adkins at tenor, Harold Patrick replaced Carlos Day at piano, and Dale Musgrave replaced Harold Lane at the lead singer spot when Lane moved to Nashville, Tennessee to join the Homeland Harmony Quartet. Lane returned the following year and remained the group's lead singer for another 10 years or so until he joined the famous Speer Family.

In 1957, Asa LeGrand replaced Adkins at the tenor spot and Johnny Bruce replaced Patrick at piano after Patrick was hired by the Happy Goodmans. The following year, while returning from a concert near Logan, West Viginia in May, the Gospel Harmony Boys were involved in an accident that left several members injured. Johnny Bruce was unable to continue traveling with the group and Carlos Day returned to play piano. Richard "Dick" Lucas joined the group in 1962, replacing Carlos Day at piano.

The Gospel Harmony Boys signed to record with Skylite Records in 1964. Carlos Day returned for his third stint in 1965 after Lucas left the group and remained until 1967 when he began having health issues that prevented him from traveling. Harold Patrick returned for a second stint after Day's departure and became a fixture at the piano for the next decade. Sonny Sites followed Harold Lane as the group's lead singer after Lane joined the Speer Family.

Roger Horne joined to sing tenor in 1969 after Asa LeGrand left the group. They also added a bass guitar player named Gayle "Tank" Tackett. Horne left to join the Cathedrals in 1971 and Tackett departed that same year to join The Goffs.

Clacy Williams became the tenor singer for the Gospel Harmony Boys in 1971. Williams remained with the group until 1998. He then formed a group of mostly GHB alumni in 1999 called the River City Boys (see below).

After a 20-year tenure, "Pappy" Johnson retired from traveling with the group in 1974 due to declining health. Johnson was replaced by Calvin Thompson who sang with the group for the next ten years. Johnson then remarkably came out of retirement to travel with the Gospel Harmony Boys four more years from 1984 to 1988.

Meanwhile, Greg Tingler began his career with the group in 1972 initially playing bass guitar. He moved to piano after Patrick completed his second stint in 1977 and remained in that role until 1979.

Denis Chapman became the lead singer for the GHB in 1988 after Sonny Sites completed a second stint with the group. Chapman sang with the group until 1999.

During the 1990s, Greg Tingler and bass singer Will Adkins sang together in a group called Tribute. Tribute dissolved in 1997 after Tingler and Adkins joined the Gospel Harmony Boys to sing baritone and bass respectively. When longtime tenor Clacy Williams left the Gospel Harmony Boys in 1998, he was replaced by former Tribute member Rusty Phillips. Former Tribute member Rod Taylor replaced Gospel Harmony Boys lead singer Denis Chapman the following year, making the reunion of Tribute complete.

Group Name Retired/Revived
In 2002, the Gospel Harmony Boys held an event in Stoutsville, Ohio on Labor Day weekend to celebrate the group's 50th anniversary. Due to financial woes at the time, the event also served as a farewell performance. The group name lay dormant until 2004.

After Clacy Williams left the group in 1998, he formed the River City Boys in 1999 with lead singer Steve Black (who sang baritone with the Gospel Harmony Boys from 1988 to 1990), baritone singer Jack Hanks (who sang baritone for the Gospel Harmony Boys from 1990 to 1997), and piano player Vince Owens (not a former GHB member). Former Gospel Harmony Boys bass singer Calvin Thompson also made occasional appearances. Greg Tingler also filled in singing lead with the River City Boys in 2002.

The Gospel Harmony Boys name was revived in 2004 with Clacy Williams returning to his former spot singing tenor, Dale Chambers singing lead, Rusty Ballinger singing baritone, and Calvin Thompson returning to sing bass. Scott Mullins followed Chambers a year or so later in the lead spot, and after another year, Greg Tingler returned to sing lead for about a year. Mullins later returned to sing baritone before moving on to the Freedom Quartet and the Guardians.


1961 I’m Redeemed (Harmony Records/6101): I'm Redeemed; To Me He's So Wonderful; His Hand In Mine; The First Day In Heaven; Oh, Yes, I'm So Glad; I'd Rather Have Jesus; I'm Free Again; Gonna Have A Wonderful Time; I Know I'll Feel At Home; Open Your Heart; How Great Thou Art; Sorry, I Never Knew You. (Asa LeGrand, Harold Lane, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Carlos Day)

1961 It’s Gospel Harmony Time (Harmony Records/6201): Wade On Out; Jesus Use Me; I Believe In The Ol' Time Way; Peace In The Valley; What A Precious Friend Is He; Hide Thou Me; I've Been With Jesus; What A Day That Will Be; Because Jesus Said It; It's Different Now; If We Never Meet Again; Amazing Grace. (Asa LeGrand, Harold Lane, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Dick Lucas)

1962 Little Biddy Chapel (Harmony Records/6202): Little Biddy Chapel; I've Done What The Lord Said Do; I'll Be There; Time Has Made A Change; Great Is His Goodness; Looking Forward To The Day; God Knows It All; Just A Rose Will Do; I'll Wake Up On The Other Side; Trying To Get A Glimpse; Gospel Harmony Medley; Ask Yourself This, My Friend. (Asa LeGrand, Harold Lane, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Dick Lucas)

1963 Someone To Care (Harmony Records/6301): Someone To Care; Sweeter As The Days Go By; Life Will Be Sweeter Someday; Safe Beneath The Shelter Of His Wings; Living In Gloryland; In My Father's House; Room At The Cross; Tenderly; No Disappointments In Heaven; Let God Abide; Tell It To Jesus; One Of These Mornings. (Asa LeGrand, Harold Lane, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Dick Lucas)

1963 Sing Praises (Skylite Records/6002): I Do, Dear Jesus, I Believe; Tell Them What It's All About; Angels Sitting In The Blue; Dear Jesus, Abide With Me; A Little Bit Of Heaven; I'm A Little Bit Closer; Chilly Waters; Heaven In My Soul; When The Sun Of My Life Goes Down; God's Great Love; Steal Away; Lord, Teach Me How To Pray. (Asa LeGrand, Harold Lane, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Dick Lucas)

1964 Portraits In Song (Skylite Records/6023): Jesus Loves Me; The Christian Way; Close To The Master; Beyond The Blue, Jesus Cares; He's A Personal Savior; Every Step Of The Way; He's The One; What A Joy On That Shore; I'll Be Ready To Go With Him; On That Hallelujah Morning; Turn To The Lord; Simple Is This Cross Of Mine. (Asa LeGrand, Harold Lane, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Dick Lucas)

1964 Let’s Get Happy (Harmony Records/6401): Satisfied With Me; Without Him; Stop And Pray; I've Got That Old Time Religion; Sweet Jesus; If You Want Joy; Everybody Will Be Happy; Jesus Knows What I Need; Take Up Thy Cross; Looking For A City; Peace Like A River; Just A Little Talk With Jesus. (Asa LeGrand, Harold Lane, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Dick Lucas)

1965 $2.00 Worth of the Gospel Harmony Boys (Harmony Records/6501): God Is God; Something Lifted Off Of Me; I Know He Heard My Prayer; My God Is Real; No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus; A Beautiful Life; Rainbow Of Love; Cryin' In The Chapel; At The Roll Call; That Glad Reunion Day; I'll Meet You In The Morning; Every Hour And Every Day. (Asa LeGrand, Harold Lane, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Dick Lucas)

1965 Presenting The Cathedral Quartet, Mariner’s Quartet, Gospel Harmony Boys (Harmony Records/650): Then The Answer Came (Gospel Harmony Boys), Cheer The Weary Traveler (Cathedral Quartet), He'll Be Waiting For Me (GHB), House Of Gold (CQ), Hide Me (Mariner's Quartet), The Answer's On It's Way (MQ), Just A Little Talk (MQ), Without Him (MQ), Lead Me Guide Me (CQ), Headin' Down The Trail (GHB), From Now On (CQ), God Knows It All (GHB). (Asa LeGrand, Harold Lane, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Dick Lucas)

1967 Leisure Time (Harmony Records/6701): I Found A Savior; Who Am I; So Many Reasons; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey; My Heavenly Home; In The Shelter Of His Arms; He Touched Me; Lord I Need You Again Today; Steal Away; Take Me Home; The Longer I Serve Him; Love Lifted Me. (Asa LeGrand, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Carlos Day)

1968 Jesus Walked All The Way (Harmony Records/6801): Jesus Walked All The Way; Jesus I Believe What You Said; He Cared That Much For Me; On The Sunny Banks; Beulah Land; Until You've Known; An Hour Never Passes By; I'm Building A Bridge; Jesus Can Save; The Healer; Oh, What A Savior; How Great Thou Art. (Asa LeGrand, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Harold Patrick)

1969 Inspirational Relaxation (Harmony Records/6901): Sweet By And By; The Christian Way; Hear Dem Bells; Overshadowed; What A Friend; Who Knows; Amazing Grace; I Can Tell You The Time; Keep On The Firing Line; I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked; An Hour Never Passes By; Jesus Passed By; How Great Thou Art. (Featuring the piano artistry of Harold Patrick)

1970 Movin Up (Harmony Records/7001): He Walked Into That Beautiful Sunset; Jesus Is Coming Soon; I Want To Be Like Jesus; Oh, To Be Like Thee; He Is My Everything; Good Ole Way; Going Over Yonder; Too Much To Gain To Lose; Crying In The Chapel; The Great Speckled Bird; A Hill Called Mount Calvary; After All. (Roger Horne, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Harold Patrick)

1971 Take 10 (BMC Records/4358): I Know A Story Of Love; That Day Is Almost Here; I Was There When The Spirit Came; He Restoreth My Soul; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Oh What A Happy Day; Delivered From The Hand Of Pharoah; The King Is Coming; Going Home; Dwelling In Beulah Land. (Clacy Williams, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Harold Patrick)

1971 From Us To You…With Love (BMC Records/4360): I Felt The Spirit; I Know; Reach Out To Jesus; His Grace Is Sufficient; His Love; I Don't Know; In The Arms Of Sweet Deliverance; There Is More To Life; Jesus; He Will Provide. (Clacy Williams, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Harold Patrick)

1973 Sincerely Yours (Harmony Records/7301): Wonderful Day; Ten Thousand Years; The One Who Leads The Way; Talk It All Over With Him; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; Ask What You Will; I Should Have Been Crucified; Sweet, Sweet Spirit; The Narrow Road To Glory; Here Comes The Bride. (Clacy Williams, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Harold Patrick, Greg Tingler)

1975 Uptown (Harmony Records/7501): Jesus How I Love You; Keep Movin' Along; Sing Me A Song About Jesus; There Is A Fountain; Because He Lives; Do You Need A Friend; One Day At A Time; I Am The Reason; The Last Mile Of The Way; No Greater Love. (Clacy Williams, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Calvin Thompson, Harold Patrick, Greg Tingler)

1976 Our Tribute To God and Country (GHB 7601): When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan; I Want To Thank My God; Way Up In Gloryland; The Cross Was His Own; Onward To The Goal; Glory Road; Songs Of America Medley; Statue Of Liberty; My Tribute; God Bless America; I'll See You In The Rapture. (Clacy Williams, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Calvin Thompson, Harold Patrick, Greg Tingler)

1977 Grow Closer (Harmony Productions/7701): Oh, How I Love That Singing; My Jesus, I Love Thee; Gonna Shout All Over Heaven; That Glad Reunion Day; I Rejoice In The Lord; Grow Closer; Non Stop Flight To Glory; I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand); I'm On My Way; He Washed My Eyes With Tears.

1978 Putting It All Together (Harmony Productions/7801): I'm Standing On The Solid Rock; At The Cross; The Crossing; The Haven Of Rest; I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him; There Is A Change; He Loves Me; I Know Him And I Love Him; Where The Roses Never Fade; Just Think Heaven; Won't It Be Worth It My Child. (Clacy Williams, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Calvin Thompson, Greg Tingler, Michael Bloomfield).

1978 Reflection On Silver…25th Anniversary (Compilation of songs from historic recordings featuring various artists)(On Harmony Records)

1980 Coming Your Way (Harmony Productions/8001): Head Over Heals; My Wonderful Lord; All He Wants Is You; He's Passing Along This Way; Nearer My God To Thee; The Church Of The Living God; Jesus Means All The World To Me; Jesus Christ Is Real To Me; Just So It's Heaven; The King Of Kings; Beulah Land. (Clacy Williams, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Calvin Thompson, Michael Bloomfield, Ron Shawver).

1983 GHB (Clacy Williams, Homer Fry, Denis Chapman, Calvin Thompson, Michael LoPrinzi, James Rainey, James Moore)

1985 Southern Singing Volume X (Harmony Productions/8301): When He Set Me Free; Lily Of The Valley; Blind Bartimaeus; Not My Will; Glory Glory Clear The Road; It Is No Secret; I'll Thank My Savior For It All; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; He Will Never Let Me Down; Goodbye World Goodbye. (Denis Chapman, Homer Fry, Michael Lo Prinzi, Ron Pauley, Calvin Thompson, Clacy Williams).

1986 Southern Singing Volume XX (Clacy Williams, Sonny Sites, Homer Fry, Gray Johnson, Michael Bloomfield, Denis Chapman)(*** Last vinyl production ****)

1988 Southern Singing Volume XXX (Clacy Williams, Steve Black, Homer Fry, Denis Chapman, Michael Bloomfield)

1989 Harmony…Our Middle Name (Welcome Home Records/8919): I Will Leave It All Behind; Jesus My King; When The Son Comes Down; Higher Than The Moon; Wayfaring Stranger; Here I Am Again Lord; I’ll Fly Away; The Blood That Stained The Old Rugged Cross; Far Above The Starry Sky; The Savior Is Waiting. (Steve Black, Denis Chapman, Clacy Williams, Michael Bloomfield).

1991 Message of Love (Clearwater Records) (Clacy Williams, Jack Hanks, Denis Chapman, Michael Bloomfield)

1992 Reflections On 40 Years (Compilation of songs from historic recordings)

1993 Daydreamin’ (Clearwater Records) (Clacy Williams, Jack Hanks, Denis Chapman, Michael Bloomfield)

1995 Precious Memories (Harvest Records) (Clacy Williams, Jack Hanks, Denis Chapman, Michael Bloomfield)

1997 Southern Style (Harvest Records) (Clacy Williams, Greg Tingler, Denis Chapman, Will Adkins)

1997 One Light (Clearwater Records) (Clacy Williams, Greg Tingler, Denis Chapman, Will Adkins)

1998 One More Time (Clearwater Records) (Rusty Phillips, Greg Tingler, Denis Chapman, Will Adkins)

1999 Just Like That (Morningstar Records) (Rusty Phillips, Rod Taylor, Greg Tingler, Will Adkins, Scott Jones)

2000 Energized (Harmony Records/GHB22300): He's In The House; The Living Word; Old Campmeeting Style; I'd Do It All Over Again; What Jesus Means To Me; Speak For Me; I Already Like It; Well Done My Child; Everybody Will Be Happy; Patriotic Medley. (Rusty Phillips, Rod Taylor, Greg Tingler, Will Adkins, Scott Jones)

2001 Live in Mississippi (Custom Records-GHB/5689): I'd Do It All Over Again; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Old Campmeeting Style; God Rides On Wings Of Love; God Will Not Lead; When We All Get To Heaven; I Mean To Be There; I'm Pressing On; He's In The House; Payday For The Saints Of God; The One Who Leads The Way. (Will Adkins, Greg Tingler, Rod Taylor, Rusty Phillips, Scott Jones)

2004 Our Heritage (Harvest Records): I'm Feelin' Fine; I Will Serve Thee; Where Could I Go; Old Time Religion; Songs Of America Medley; Precious Jesus; God Bless America; There's A Payday; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; Who Am I?; When We All Get To Heaven. (Clacy Williams, Dale Chambers, Rusty Ballinger, Calvin Thompson)

2004 Arise, Arise (Harvest Records): Great Day In The Morning; One Light; Don't Be Surprised; Simple Is This Cross Of Mine; Heaven Is Mine; Arise, Arise; City Where Nobody Cries; There's A Payday; Homesick For A Place I've Never Been; Masterpiece. (Clacy Williams, Dale Chambers, Rusty Ballinger, Calvin Thompson)

2006 I Believe (Clearwater Records): My Labor Will Be O'er; Battle Hymn Of The Republic; Glad Glad Morning; Glory And Praise; Grandma's Graduation Day; He Hideth My Soul; He Is The Dearest Friend; Heaven's Streets; I Believe; Leading To Calvary; So I Gave My Heart To Him; Still Be Believing; The Best Is Yet To Come; There's A Certain Kind Of Certainty. (Clacy Williams, Greg Tingler, Rusty Ballinger, Calvin Thompson)

2014 The Gospel Harmony Boys Live (Custom Records/4401): Jesus Saves; A Certain Kind Of Certainty; He's My Dearest Friend; Introduction; Grandma's Graduation Day; Heartbeat; More Than You'll Ever Know; Movin' Up; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Encore; There's A Payday For The Saints Of God. (Henry Riffe, Jamie Caldwell, Scott Brooks, Clacy Williams).

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