"I'm Gonna Move" (Kenny Bishop/Chestnut Mound Music/BMI)

  • Bishops (1985 One Way; 1988 Live At Fayetteville Community Church; 1997 Classics Live)
  • Erwins (2011 Jesus In A Song)
  • Gold City (1986 Double Take: Live; 1998 Gold City Collection)
  • Kenny Bishop (1994 Reaching Out)


"I'm Gonna Move" (Sheryl Farris/McKameys Publishing/BMI)

  • McKameys (1980 Live!; 1993 With His Power)

"I'm Gonna Move" (Larry Petree/Chestnut Mound Music/BMI)

  • Hoppers (1994 Never Thirst Again)
  • Isaacs (1993 Mountain Praise Live; 1994 Carry Me; 2005 Radio Hits; 2008 Songs We've Worn Out Volume 1)
  • Triumphant Quartet (2015 Acoustic)


"I'm Gonna Move"

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