Group Members

Michigan's Calvarymen Quartet Group Members
Bruce Tollison (????-????)
Brion Carter (????-????)
James Bruney (????-????)
Larry Willett (????-????)
Phil Parkin (????-????, ????-????, ????-Present)

Carroll Dover (????-????)
Deb Rainwater (????-????)
Barry Maust (1993-Present)

Bob Wallace (????-????)
George Webster (????-????)
Duane Grimes (????-????)
Steve Ratliff (????-Present)

Gene Shelton (????-????)
Jim Glasco (????-1997, ????-Present)

Milton Head (????-????)
Ron Elrod (????-????)
David Reese (????-????)

West Virginia's Calvarymen Quartet Group Members

Kelly Painter (1959/1960-1965; 1969-1970)
Virgil Parsons (1970-1978)

Kenneth Wilcox (1959/1960-1965)
Squire Parsons (1969-1975)
Doug Humphreys (1975-1976)
Ed Crawford (1976-1978)

Bernard Cook (1959/1960-1965) (also sang bass in reorganized group 1969-)
Jim Humphreys (1969-1977)
O J Koontz (1977-1978)

Dusty Spencer (1959/1960-1965)
Bernard Cook (1969-1975)
Ronald Fisher (1975-1976)
Les Lewis (1976-1978)

Conrad Cook (1969-1975) (Also featured as a soloist)
Mark Meadows (1975-1976)
Larry Miller (1976-1978)

Bass Guitar
Dennis Walls (19731975)
Don Clark (1975-1976)

Steel Guitar
Neal Warner (19751976)


The Calvarymen Quartet based in Michigan formed in 1956 and has continued singing to the present day. A West Virgina group also used the Calvarymen Quartet name from the early 1960s to 1978.

Michigan's Calvarymen Quartet History (1956-present)

The Calvarymen Quartet from Flint, Michigan formed in 1956. For 27 years, the Calvarymen represented Michigan on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention.

In 1976, the Michigan State Senate declared by official resolution the Calvarymen Quartet to be "Michigan's Ambassadors of Goodwill". Their style of music may have changed a little, but the message is still as powerful as ever. They charted numerous songs nationally with the Singing News and other national charts throughout the country.

West Virginia's Calvarymen Quartet History (1959/1960-1965; 1969-1978)

The Calvarymen Quartet from the Logan, West Virginia area formed in 1959 or 1960. Members included Kelly Painter (tenor), Kenneth Wilcox (lead), Bernard Cook (baritone), Dusty Spencer (bass), and Conrad Cook (piano/vocals). Bernard and Conrad Cook were brothers. This group had disbanded by 1965.

The Cook brothers re-established the group in 1969 again with Kelly Painter singing tenor. Jim Humphreys (baritone) and Squire Parsons (lead) rounded out the group. Bernard Cook shifted to the bass vocal position after he and Humphreys flipped a coin.

In 1970, Kelly Painter resigned and was replaced by Virgil Parsons who was Squire's brother. This version of the group sang together for five years until Squire departed to join the Kingsmen Quartet. It was during this time when Conrad Cook and Squire Parsons began to establish themselves not only as singers, but also as songwriters. In fact, Cook's iconic "Glory Road" and Parsons' frequently recorded "Look For Me At Jesus' Feet" were introduced on the same album (On The Glory Road With The Calvarymen Quartet).

The Calvarymen would ultimately disband in 1978. Other group members included lead singers Doug Humphreys (Jim's son) and Edward Crawford; baritone singer O J Koontz; bass singers Ronald Fisher and Les Lewis; and pianists Mark Meadows and Larry Miller.


Michigan's Calvarymen Quartet Discography
1960 The Calvarymen Quartet (Sacred Records/LP 3002): With My Savior Through The Shadows; Jesus Is Always There; A New Name In Glory; Stand Up For Jesus; He Wore A Crown Of Thorns; The Lord's Prayer; Blessed; On The Cross; Follow Me; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Somebody's Knockin'; Teach Me To Pray.

1962 Heavenly Harmony (Sacred Records/LP 3030): Prayer Before Singing; Crown Him; Breath Of Calvary; Deep River; Morning Lord; Calvary; When God Is Near; No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus; I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked; I Have Found A Hiding Place; Joshua; I Never Walk Alone.

1962 Sing, Smile And Be Happy (Custom Records/LPC-2004): You Must Have That True Religion; Glad Reunion Day; Wonderful Savior; The River Of Life; Childhood Memories; He Cares For You; Love Like The Love Of God; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; Our Debts Will Be Paid; At The Crossing; Stranger Of Galilee; Live Right, Die Right (Jim Glasco, Weldon Smith, Chuck Glasco, Deb Rainwater, Ken Curtwright).

???? Someday (Custom Records/CM-3196-CD): I Thank My Savior For It All; Daystar; Don't It Make You Want To Go Home; Home Where I Belong; One More Chance; Someday; Death Ain't No Big Deal; I'm Gonna Be What He Wants Me To Be; Hide Thou Me; Somebody Touched the Lord.

1970 Exciting New Sounds (Hymntone Records/HPS 7271): How Big Is God; Lonely Road Up Calvary's Way; If Everybody Prayed; I Must Tell Jesus; He Looked Beyond My Fault; For God So Loved; Who Am I; This Old House; It Is No Secret; Great Big Wonderful God; My Only Hope; I'm Nearer Home (Larry Willett, Deb Rainwater, George Webster, Jim Glasco, Ron Elrod).

1974 The Soul Sounds Of The Calvarymen (Hymntone Records/HPS 7398): On The Other Side; His Name Is Wonderful; Sweeter Gets The Journey; Had It Not Been; Hands; One More Valley; He's Living In My Heart; Medley Of The Cross; Too Much To Gain To Lose/How Great Thou Art; God Bless America.

1974 Gospel Singing Calvarymen Style (Hymntone Records/HPS 7410): Jesus Is Coming Soon; I Don't Know About Tomorrow; Now I Have Everything; By And By; Steal Away; He Touched Me; Mt Calvary; When I Prayed Through; Remind Me; His Grace Reaches Me; When I Lift Up My Head; Jesus Is Coming.

1974 The Night Before Easter (Hymntone Records/HPS 7485): Night Before Easter; Yesterday; Jesus Use Me; I Will Serve Thee; Oh! Happy Day; Tell It All To Jesus; Show Me Thy Ways Oh Lord; Jesus Is A Soul Man; Reach Out To Jesus; Try A Little Kindness; Sheltered In The Arms Of God (Larry Willett, Deb Rainwater, Duane Grimes, Jim Glasco).

1974 Bigger And Better (Hymntone Records/HPS 7665): What Precious Friend Is He; I Know; Born Again; Mine; The King Is Coming; There's Something About That Name; I Believe; Lord You Know (I've Been Wrong); Footprints Of Jesus; There's A Sweet, Sweet Spirit.

1981 Silver Anniversary Live (Spectra Records/810856): Introduction; First Day In Heaven; He's Still Working On Me; Come Morning; Sweet Beulah Land; Introductions; Nothing; I've Got The Corners Turned Down; Until Then; Piano Solo; Turn Your Radio On; The Lighthouse; Peace Like A River; The Fourth Man; Presentation; Footprints In The Sand; I Know A Man Who Can; How Great Thou Art. (2-Record Set).

???? I'm On Tour (Trail Records/TSRC-8711): He Wrote My Name. (Otis Forrest, Buster Phillips, Bobby All).

???? I've Heard About Heaven (Calvary Records/1068): I Have Heard About Heaven; Surely I Will Lord; So Many Reasons; Happy Rhythm; Walk With Me; I Found Jesus; I've Been To Calvary; We'll Soon Be Done; There's Been A Wonderful Change; Heavenly Love; Then I'll Know That You Know My Jesus; On The Sunny Banks.

???? I Enjoy The Difference (Calvary Records/31429): I Enjoy The Difference; The Lighthouse; Gettin' Ready To Leave; The Unseen Hand; He's Coming And It Won't Be Long; I Won't Have To Worry; Ten Thousand Years; Old Fashioned Meeting; The First Day In Heaven; Get All Excited.

???? Rise Again (Custom Records/PV-7812): Rise Again; He Loves Me; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Glory Road; John The Revelator; When My Savior Reached Down; Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome; Land Where Dreams Come True; Standing On Solid Rock.

???? Glorybound (Custom Records): I'm Glorybound; He Rose Again; My Temporary Home; The Greatest Love Story; Travelin The Road To Glory; Come To The Water Of The Lamb; Sweet Peace; I've Got Jesus; It's Almost Time; Forgiveness Has Come Again.

???? Live! A Celebration (Custom Records): Home; When We Make It To The Other Side; Walk With The King; You Sho Do Need Him Now; Introduction; I Love Him; Peace In The Valley; The Prodigal Son; What A Happy Time; Come On Over; Little David; I Know My God Can Do It; Amazing Grace; God Bless America.

???? My House Is Full, But My Fields Are Empty (Custom Records): My House Is Full; I've Got More To Go To Heaven For; Beyond The Sunset; When The Sun Of My Life Goes Down; Come Unto Jesus; Leavin' On My Mind; Consider The Lilies; Free Indeed; I Want To Be Ready; He Will Row You Over The Tide.

???? Step Into The Water (Artists Records/821141): Step Into The Water; Canaanland; It Is Well; Bigger Than Any Mountain; Excuses; I Am The One; Sail On Over; Go Jonah; We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown; Blessed Assurance.

???? On Track (Custom Records): John Saw; Glory Is Waiting For Me; I Love Him; If You Ever Needed The Lord Before; Home; Twelve Men; When We Make It To The Other Side; When He Was On The Cross; Shoutin' Ground; How Great Thou Art.

???? Master Of The Wind (Custom Records): I'm Gonna Move; Master Of The Wind; Somebody Touched Me; Power In Prayer; When I Get Carried Away; Sweet Lord Is Thy Spirit; Just Like You; Where The Hungry Are Fed; Homeland; Holy Ground.

???? They Can't Take That Away (Custom Records): Great Change In Me; When I Stand On The Bank; There Is A River; Had It Not Been; I Feel Like Runnin'; On A Journey; If God Be For Us; There Rose A Lamb; Lazarus Come Forth; They Can't Take That Away.

???? So Blessed (Spectra Records): That Sounds Like Home To Me; We Are So Blessed; You've Got To Go Back To Calvary; Look For Me; The Prodigal Son; While Ages Roll; What A Happy Time; Whiter Than Snow; It's Beginning To Rain; At The Cross.

???? Presents The Very Best Of Irv Wadlington (Custom Records): My Tribute; Cups Of Cold Water; I'll Fly Away; Mexico; Goodbye World, Goodbye; They Call Him Jesus; When The Saints Go Marching In; Love Lifted Me; I Want To Be Ready To Meet Him; The Lord's Prayer.

???? Calvarymen (Daybreak Records/DB-132):

???? I Know My God Can Do It: I Know My God Can Do It; I Thirst; He Sent Me Runnin'; Under Control; Broken Chains; Had It Not Been; I'll See You Again; First Day In Heaven; Sinner Saved By Grace; I Can See The Hand; Scars And Stripes; You Sho Do Need Him Now.

???? Timeless Favorites: He's So Good To Me; Give Me Jesus; Campmeeting; Excuses; Love Grew Where The Blood Fell; Echoes From The Burning Bush; Reach Out To Jesus; Swing Low Swing Down Chariot; I Plead The Blood; With My Eyes Wide Open; How Rich I Am.

???? Singing His Praise: I'm On My Way; Total Praise; What Does The Word Say; The Blood On My Hands; I've Never Had Water; Beautiful Shining Happy Golden Shore; He'll Leave No Stone Unturned; In His Arms; Going Home; Gentle Shepherd; Heaven's Joy Awaits.

???? Travelin' Light: Immortal, Invincible; Father's House; Walking In The Will; Go To That Land; One Scarred Hand; I've Been To The Well; Somewhere In Gloryland; If It Wasn't For The Cross; Travelin' Light; Stay The Course; In The Sweet By And By.

???? A Christmas Gift: Hark The Herald Angels Sing; Angels We Have Heard On High; White Christmas; Go Tell It On The Mountain; I'll Be Home For Christmas; Hallelujah Chorus; O Little Town Of Bethlehem; Mary Did You Know; Oh Come All Ye Faithful; Carol Of The Bells; Medley Of White; Merry Christmas From The Calvarymen.

???? Our Favorite Hymns: Praise To The Lord; Love Lifted Me; Jesus Loves Me; Amazing Grace; Wonderful Grace; Medley; After, When We See; O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing; In The Garden; Old Rugged Cross; I've Got A Mansion; It Is Well With My Soul; We're Marching To Zion.

West Virginia's Calvarymen Quartet Discography


197? The Calvarymen Quartet Sing Spirituals (Marbone Records/45-4713-S): By And By, Sweet Honey In The Rock; The Ticket Song.


1961 Sing (Star Recordings): Sweeter Than The Day Before; Because Of Him; Time Has Made A Change; Where Shall I Be; Hold To God's Unchanging Hand; In The Name Of The Lord; When He Set Me Free; Surely I Will Lord; Mary Don't You Weep; Show Me Thy Ways O Lord; Little Is Much When God Is In It; God's Great Plan. (Kelly Painter, Kenneth Wilcox, Bernard Cook, Dusty Spencer, Conrad Cook).

back cover hi-res
1969 At The Cross (Midway Records): Drinking From The Fountain; Nearer My God To Thee; How Great Thou Art; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Over The Tide; He Looked Beyond My Faults; I'll Be A Friend; I Want To Walk; I Must Tell Jesus; Many Miles Remind Me. (Kelly Painter, Squire Parsons, Jim Humphreys, Bernard Cook, Conrad Cook).

back cover hi-res
1971 On The Glory Road With The Calvarymen Quartet: Glory Road; The Upper Window; Must I Go And Empty Handed; Look For Me At Jesus' Feet; I'm Trusting In Jesus; I'll Really Be Free; Gettin' Ready To Leave This World; Why Should I Worry; That's All Right; Ridden Up To Glory Land (Virgil Parsons, Jim Humphreys, Squire Parsons, Bernard Cook, Conrad Cook).

back cover hi-res
1972 Campmeeting Songs (Midway Records): There's Joy In Serving Jesus; Lights Of Home; Just Inside The Eastern Gate; Because Of Him; I Won't Worry Anymore; When He Calls I'll Fly Away; Sweet Relief; Sweeter Gets The Journey; He'll Hold To My Hand; Live Like Jesus. (Virgil Parsons, Jim Humphreys, Squire Parsons, Bernard Cook, Conrad Cook).

back cover hi-res
1973 He's Still Living (Tri-State Records): He's Still Living; The More That I Trust Him; Land Of Beulah; Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All; Many Miles Behind Me; What A Wonderful Change; Only What's Done; The Lighthouse; Praise The Lord I'm Going Home; Jesus Will Outshine Them All. (Virgil Parsons, Jim Humphreys, Squire Parsons, Bernard Cook, Conrad Cook).

back cover hi-res
1974 Live: He's Still Living; The More That I Trust Him; Land Of Beulah; Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All; Many Miles Behind Me; What A Wonderful Change; Only What's Done; The Lighthouse; Praise The Lord I'm Going Home; Jesus Will Outshine Them All. (Virgil Parsons, Jim Humphreys, Squire Parsons, Bernard Cook, Conrad Cook).

back cover hi-res
1975 Master Of The Sea: Master Of The Sea; If There's A Crown For Me; What A Happy Time In Glory; Heaven For Me; When My Feet Touch The Streets Of Gold; All In The Twinkling; My Treasures; I Get A Little Touch Of Heaven; Something's Missing; When The Redeemed Are Gathered Home. (Virgil Parsons, Doug Humphreys, Jim Humphreys, Ron Fisher).

back cover hi-res
1976 Best Of All (QCA Records): Hallelujah I'm Going Home; I'm So Glad He Found Me; Blessed Jesus; Jesus Is Mine; Like A Rainbow; When The Saints Go Marching Through The Pearly Gates; I'll Have A New Song; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; The Next Time That You See Me; Crossing The Bar. (Virgil Parsons, Doug Humphreys, Jim Humphreys, Les Lewis).

back cover hi-res
1978 With Dad Parsons: Amazing Grace; On Some Sweet Day; At The Cross; Ship Ahoy; Medals For Mother; Going Home; I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; A Beautiful Life; Scars In The Hands Of Jesus; Someday; Time Has Made A Change; Tell My Friends. (Virgil Parsons, Ed Crawford, O J Koontz, Les Lewis, Squire Parsons Senior).

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