"Jesus Saves" (Roger Bennett/Debbie Bennett/Onward Bound Music/ASCAP/Homeward Bound Music/BMI)

  • Cathedral Quartet (1993 High And Lifted Up; 1999 Live In Jacksonville; 1999 Anthology: A 35 year Musical Journey; 2001 Live: Coast To Coast; 2001 The Cathedrals; 2012 Moody Radio Presents... Live In Chicago)
  • Jeff Stice (2007 In The Shadow Of Virtuosity)
  • Legacy Five (2000 Songs We Used To Sing)
  • Roger Bennett (1997 Don't Be Afraid)
  • Scott Fowler (2010 Through The Years)
  • Various Artists (2009 Remember The Music)
  • Won By One (1995 Another Hallelujah)


"Jesus Saves" (Joel Hemphill/Hemphill Music/BMI)

"Jesus Saves" (Geron Davis/Connie Hopper/Hopper Brothers And Connie Publishing/BMI/Davishop Publishing/ASCAP/1998)


"Jesus Saves" (Dwight Liles/Paula Carpenter/ASCAP)


"Jesus Saves" (Daryl Williams/Stephen Hill/Centergy Music)

"Jesus Saves" (Priscilla Owens/William J Kirkpatrick/Public Domain/1882)


"Jesus Saves" (David Moffitt/Travis Cottrell/New Spring Music/First Hand Revelation Music/ASCAP/2007)


"Jesus Saves" (Chris Allman/Songs Of Greater Vision/BMI)

"Jesus Saves" (Songwriter Info Needed)

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