Greater Vision (2006)

Group Members

Chris Allman (1990-1995, 2010-Present)
Jason Waldroup (1995-2008)
Jacob Kitson (2008-2010)

Gerald Wolfe (1990-2017) (Retired as vocalist; remained as pianist)
Rodney Griffin (2017-present) (previously sang baritone)

Mark Trammell (1990-1993)
Rodney Griffin (1993-2017) (switched to lead)
Jon Epley (2017-present)

Gerald Wolfe (1990-Present)

Greater Vision (1990-Present)


Greater Vision began in 1990 with former Cathedral Quartet members Gerald Wolfe and Mark Trammell, along with friend and tenor singer/songwriter Chris Allman. The group quickly found success, mostly singing songs previously recorded by the Cathedrals and those penned by Allman.

Trammell decided to leave the group in 1993 and was replaced by former Dixie Melody Boys baritone Rodney Griffin, who was also a prolific songwriter. Two years later, Chris Allman left the group for the ministry and was replaced by teen tenor singer Jason Waldroup.

The trio of Wolfe, Griffin, and Waldroup remained together for the next thirteen years and quickly climbed to the top of the Southern Gospel industry behind the management of Wolfe and the songwriting of Griffin. The three won multiple group and individual Singing News Fan Awards over that thirteen year span.

In 2008, Jason Waldroup decided to leave the group to enter the seminary. He was succeeded by Jacob Kitson, tenor singer with the Tribute Quartet. Jacob's tenure with the group was short compared to Jason's, as he announced in early 2010 that he would be departing the group to become an evangelist and form a new group with his brother Joe Kitson. Long-time Greater Vision fans were pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Chris Allman would be returning after a fifteen-year absence from the group.

In 2017, Jon Epley joined Greater Vision to sing baritone. Due to a chronic neck pain condition, Gerald Wolfe reduced the number of songs he sang at each concert to a few featured solos. Rodney Griffin had been singing melody more often than baritone for some years and became the lead singer in title as well with the arrival of Epley. Wolfe continued to serve as the group's pianist and emcee.


Singing News Fan Awards
Favorite Trio (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023)
Favorite Album (2000 Far Beyond This Place; 2002 Live At First Baptist Atlanta; 2003 Quartets; 2005 Faces; 2010 Jubilee with Legacy Five and the Booth Brothers; 2014 For All He's Done)
Favorite Song (1999 My Name Is Lazarus; 2000 Just One More Soul; 2004 Just Ask; 2005 Faces; 2014 Preacher Tell Me Like It Is; 2015 For All He's Done, 2022 Start With Well Done)
Favorite Video (2001 Live From Morristown; 2002 Live At First Baptist Atlanta; 2004 Quartets Live)

NQC Music Awards:
Song of the Year (2012 - I Know A Man Who Can)


Also see Gerald Wolfe and Mark Trammell for solo projects.

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