l-r: Jamie Dill, Clarence Owens, Woodrow Pittman, Malone Thomason, Paul Burroughs

Group Members

Clarence Owens (1946-1959)
Claude Hunter (1959-1964)
Jerry Hovis (1964-1970)
Claude Hunter (1971-1986)
Eddie Broome (1986-1993)
Brion Carter (1993-2002)
John Rulapaugh (2002-2006)
Wesley Smith (2006-2007, 2011-2012)
Jeremy Calloway (2007-2009)
Robert Fulton (2009-2011)
Jeremy Easley (2012-2013)

Woodrow Pittman (1946-1954)
Jack Earl Pittman (1954-195?) (Switched to Baritone)
Jack Bagwell (195?-196?; 197?-1997) (Switched from Baritone)
LaVerne Tripp (1968-1969)
Harold Schronce (1969-????)
Kerry Beatty (1997-2009)
Paul Lancaster (2009-2012)
David Staton (2012-2013)

Malone Thomason (1946-1952)
Jack Bagwell (1952-195?) (Switched to Lead)
Jack Earl Pittman (195?-1968; 1971-1997) (Switched from Lead)
Laverne Tripp (1968)
Jerome Bush (19??-197?)
Milton Sigmon (197?-197?)
Tony Peace (1997-2004)
Rick Fair (2004-2007)
Brian Beatty (2007-2009)
David Darst (2009-2012)
DaRon Maughan (2013)

Paul Burroughs (1946-1954)
Ellison Jenkins (1954-1960)
Ken Turner (1960-1968)
Joe Divine (1969-197?)
Cliff King (1971-1981)
Joel Duncan (1981-1994)
Harold Gilley (1994-1997)
Jeff Pearles (1997-2003)
Jason Brooks (2003)
Aaron McCune (2003-2006)
Burman Porter (2006-2007)
Larry Strickland (2007-2013)
Mike Allen (2012)

Jamie Dill (1946-196?; 197?-1987)
Charles Abee (196?-19??)
Carroll Melvin (1969-197?)
David McAbee (1987-1989)
Hovie Lister (1989-1992)
Woody Beatty (1992-1999)
Jerry Kelso (1999-2001)
Andrew Ishee (2001-2006)
Bryan Elliott (2006-2007)
Casey Martin (2008-2009; 2012-2013)
Mark Carman (2009-2010)
Mark Willett (2010-2012)

Bass Guitar
Keith Griffin (197?-197?)
Eddie Broome (1984-1986) (Switched to Tenor)

Keyboard Synthesizer
Woody Beatty (1989-1992)

Palmetto State Quartet (1946 - 2013)


The Palmetto State Quartet began in 1946 with original members Jamie Dill (Piano), Woodrow Pittman (Lead), Clarence Owens (Tenor), Malone Thomason (Baritone), and Paul Burroughs (Bass). Soon after they started, the group was signed to do a thirty minute program which would air live on WFBC Radio in Greenville, South Carolina.

The group remained unchanged until 1952 when Jack Bagwell replaced Malone Thomason as baritone singer. The next change occurred in 1954 Jack Earl Pittman replaced his cousin Woodrow Pittman as the lead singer. Later that year Ellison Jenkins replaced Paul Burroughs as the quartetís bass singer.

Toward the end of 1968, after going through some personnel changes, the group dropped out of sight for a couple of years though they did tour occasionally. The group returned in full force in 1971. The group went through a few more personnel changes over the next 16 years but the major blow occurred in 1987 with the death of founding member and pianist Jamie Dill. Group ownership was then taken over by Jack Earl Pittman.

In 1989, the legendary Hovie Lister joined the group as pianist and Woody Beatty joined playing the keyboard synthesizer. Beatty switched to piano when Lister left the group in 1992. When Bagwell, Pittman, and Harold Gilley retired from the group in 1997, Beatty became the group owner. Subsequently, his son Kerry Beatty became the group owner when Woody retired in 2002.

Kerry Beatty faced a major challenge near the end of 2007 when all of the other group members decided to leave the quartet. However, Kerry was able to quickly find replacements, including his brother Bryan Beatty, and was able to carry on the 60-plus year tradition of the Palmetto State Quartet.

Larry Strickland became the owner of the group later. In early 2012, Strickland re-branded the group as a more country-styled vocal band, akin to Diamond Rio or Lonestar. Jeremy Easley, David Staton and Mike Allen, all former members of the LeFevre Quartet, came on board, with Staton and Lancaster sharing lead vocalist duties while Easley sang the high parts and Allen and Strickland alternated singing the lower parts. As they were no longer a quartet, they changed their name to simply "Palmetto State".

By early 2013, they went back to being a traditional quartet, and sought to change their name as the group had not been based in South Carolina for some time. They held a write-in contest to solicit ideas for a new name, but shortly after the contest closed, Strickland announced his resignation and the disbanding of the Palmetto State Quartet. Staton, Easley and freshly-hired baritone DaRon Maughan did record one album under the contest-winning name, Glass Temple, but did not continue as a group after that.



1961 Palmetto State Quartet (Sing Records/LP-222): I'm Going There; When I Stand With God; There's Room At The Cross; Beyond God's Horizon; This Old House; Oh, How I Love Jesus; Crossing Chilly Jordan; Love Is Why; When The Saints Go Marching In; Sorry, I Never Knew You; I See Jesus; I Can Call On Jesus Anytime (Jack Pittman; Claude Hunter; Jack Bagwell, Ken Turner, Jamie Dill).

1962 On Bended Knee! (Sing Records/LP-223): Come On Down On Bended Knee; Oh What A Love; I'm Going Home; Dear Jesus Abide With Me; God Is Love; Whispering Hope; Our Debts Will Be Paid; Paradise Is Waiting; It's Different Now; Let Us Break Bread Together; Rock Of Ages Hide Thou Me; Surely I Will Lord (There our two different album covers of this record) (Jack Pittman; Claude Hunter; Jack Bagwell, Ken Turner, Jamie Dill).

1963 "TV REVIEW" Of Favorite Gospel Songs Dedicated To You! (Skylite Records/SRLP/SSLP-6007): I Have Found The Way; God Made A Way; I've Been To Calvary; One By One; Sweeter As The Days Go By; It Is No Secret; He's A Personal Savior; Tenderly; Stay Near Me; When I'm Alone; Hide Me Rock Of Ages; My Little Boy Blue (Jack Pittman; Claude Hunter; Jack Bagwell, Ken Turner, Jamie Dill).

1964 How Big Is God (Sing Records/LP-224): Old Gospel Ship; How Big Is God; More About Jesus; Walk, Talk, And Sing; Jesus Prayed Alone; Help Me, Lord; He Saved My Soul; Savior, Gently Take Me Home; Do It Now; Until You've Known; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Whosoever Meaneth (Jack Pittman; Jerry Hovis; Jack Bagwell, Ken Turner, Jamie Dill).

1964 The Old Time Way (Festival Records/LP-6405): The Old Time Way; Close To The Master; That Heavenly Home; The Last Mile Of The Way; Make Room For Jesus; Let Me Touch Him; Journey To The Sky; God Watches Over Me; Is My Lord Satisfied With Me; At The Crossing; Iím Too Near Home; Born To Serve The Lord.

1970 The New Sounds Of The Palmetto State Quartet (Perfection Records/LP-5061): Will The Lord Be With You; Had It Not Been; I'm In His Care; At The Crossing; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Without My God; Home Sweet Home; Until You've Known The Love Of God; When I Lift Up My Head; Don't Take My Burdens Or My Cross Away; When He Calls I'll Fly Away; Lord I Need You Again Today (Harold Schronce, Jerome Bush, Joe Divine, Charles Abee, Jerry Hovis).

197? Great Heritage (Skyview Records/SLP-7070): Do Right And Come Smiling Through; I Met Jesus; Walk With Me; Heaven; We'll Soon Be Done; God's Not Dead; You'll Never Walk Alone; Everyday Will Be Sunday; Some Glad Day; In The Shelter Of His Arms; Lead Me To That Rock; Now I Have Everything (Jerry Hovis, Harold Schronce, Milton Sigmon, Joe Divine, Carol Melvin, Keith Griffin).

1972 Worship (Custom Records/PS-4988): Happy Days Are Here Again; Sheltered In The Arms Of God; I've Come Too Far; City Of Gold; Touched By His Nail Scarred Hand; Ten Thousand Years; It's Called Love; He Did It All For Me; He Saved My Soul; Something About That Name (Claude Hunter, Jack Pittman, Jack Bagwell, Chris King, Jamie Dill).

1983 Sings The Gospel (Custom Records): Then I Met Jesus; He's My Friend; Glory In The Cross; The Blood; Crossing Chilly Jordan, Galilean; Troubles And Trials; How Big Is God; He Touched Me; I've Never Been This Homesick Before (Claude Hunter, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Joel Duncan, Jamie Dill).

1985 Golden Bells (Custom Records/PS-6159): I've Got A New Born Feeling; We Shall See Jesus; The Precious Old Story Of Love; He Came To Me; Beautiful Home; At The Crossing; No Other Word For Grace But Amazing; Canaanland Is Just In Sight; Love Is Why; When They Ring Those Golden Bells (Claude Hunter, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Joel Duncan, Jamie Dill).

1986 Classic Southern Gospel (Dawn Records/D-3010): Standing By The River; Oh, What A Love; Justice Called And Mercy Answered; At The Cross Of Calvary; That's His Name; It's Really Surprising; On Bended Knee; Praise The Name Of Jesus; Crossing Chilly Jordan; When I've Traveled My Last Mile; The Kummerloag Story (Eddie Broome, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Joel Duncan, Jamie Dill).

1988 Back In Time (Custom Records): When I Inherit My Mansion; Unworthy; I Know My Sins Are Gone; I Am In His Care; I'm Building A Bridge; I Can't Help But Love Him?; Room At The Cross; He's Living In My Heart; If God Is Dead; Happy Days Are Here Again (Eddie Broome, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Joel Duncan).

1989 It's In Your Hands (Morningstar Records/MSC-4106): It's In Your Hands; First Day In Heaven; Til The Storm Passes By; Far Above The Starry Sky; He's A Personal Savior; I Wanna Know; Walk With Me; Wait Til You See Me In My New Home; Great Physician; My Home (Eddie Broome, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Joel Duncan, Hovie Lister).

1990 Close To The Heart (Morningstar Records/MSC-4124): Angels Will Stand; One Day Closer; Little Is Much; This Is Why I Want To Go; At The End Of The Day; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; When I See Him Face To Face; Give Your Life To Jesus; Search Me Lord; Come And Dine (Eddie Broome, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Joel Duncan, Hovie Lister).

1992 Southern Style (Morningstar Records/MSC-4141): Southern Style; Only Jesus Knows; Walking, But Not Alone; Hallelujah To The Lamb; I've Got That Feeling; He Lifted Me Out; I Found A Hiding Place; Empty Mansion; Moses Take Your Shoes Off; Will The Lord Be With Me (Eddie Broome, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Joel Duncan, Woody Beatty).

1993 Having A Good Time (Morningstar Records/MSC-4173): I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; Endless Days; Having A Good Time; Somebody Touched Me; The Lord's Prayer; Beyond The Sunset; I'll Pray For You; Campmeeting Medley; Everybody Ought To Know; Ragged Old Flag (Brion Carter, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Joel Duncan, Woody Beatty).

1994 Rock Solid (Morningstar Records/MSCD-4190): Rainbow Avenue; Together Again; Jubilee's Comin'; Mercy Is Mine; The Church Triumphant; No Back Door To Heaven; Til I Know; It's Good To Be A Christian; I Know He Heard My Prayer; Meet Me There; I'll Pray For You; Beyond The Sunset; I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; Campmeeting Medley; Having A Good Time (Brion Carter, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Harold Gilley, Woody Beatty).

1995 Classic Touch (Morningstar Records/MSCD-4206): Jesus Is Coming Soon; The Lighthouse; When They Call My Name; No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus; Where No One Stands Alone; Justice Called And Mercy Answered; Faith Unlocks The Door; One Day At A Time; When I Move; Sweet Beulah Land (Brion Carter, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Harold Gilley, Woody Beatty).

1996 Born To Royalty (Morningstar Records/MSCD-4228): Ride That Chariot; Land Exceeding Dreams; Born To Royalty; The Love Of God; I Gotta Tell It; Happy Rhythm; Going Home; Way Over There; It's My Desire; After All (Brion Carter, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Harold Gilley, Woody Beatty).

1997 50 Year Celebration (Morningstar Records/MSCD-4255): Already Ready; Who Knows Better Than Me; Wait Upon The Lord; I Know My Sins Are Gone; The Gloryland Way; I'm Under The Lamb; A Good Old Gospel Song; We're Gonna Rise; Gentle Hands; In Just A Little While (Brion Carter, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Harold Gilley, Woody Beatty).

1997 Firm Foundation (Morningstar Records/MSCD-4286): Watch What My God Can Do; He Loved Me With A Cross; First Day In Heaven; Til The Storm Passes By; He's A Personal Savior; Angels Will Stand; When The Shepherd Comes Home; I'm Getting Ready To Go; I Wanna Know; I'll Leave It All Behind (Brion Carter, Kerry Beatty, Tony Peace, Jeff Pearles, Woody Beatty).

1997 Hymns Of Gold (Morningstar Records/MSCD-4287): In The Garden; Amazing Grace; Face To Face; Precious Memories (Medley); Victory In Jesus; Room At The Cross; Where We'll Never Grow Old; Farther Along; It Is Well With My Soul; How Great Thou Art (Brion Carter, Kerry Beatty, Tony Peace, Jeff Pearles, Woody Beatty).

1998 Special Request (Morningstar Records/MSCD-4296): Jubilee's Comin'; Together Again; Campmeeting Medley; Meet Me There; Beyond The Sunset; The Lighthouse; Happy Rhythm; Only Jesus Knows; Rainbow Avenue; Hallelujah To The Lamb; I'm Under The Lamb; Ragged Old Flag (Brion Carter, Kerry Beatty, Tony Peace, Jeff Pearles, Woody Beatty).

1999 Forefront (Morningstar Records/MSCD-4328): May I Present Jesus To You; Jesus Is The Answer; God Loves Me; Once You've Been Touched; It's Almost Time; Good Morning; Meet 'Em In The Air; What A Glad Homecoming; We Are Here To Tell Of Jesus; I Wouldn't Miss Heaven For The World; Stand For The King; May I Present Jesus To You (Reprise) (Brion Carter, Kerry Beatty, Tony Peace, Jeff Pearles, Woody Beatty).

2000 Back To The Fifties (Horizon Records/HR08852): Moving Up To Heaven; Our Debts Will Be Paid; That's Why I Love To Call His Name; If You Know The Lord; When He Blessed My Soul; I Can Call Jesus Anytime; I'm Going There; One Of These Mornings; A Sinner's Plea; Roll On Jordan; I Believe In The Old Time Way; Tell My Friends; I Wanna Go There (Brion Carter, Kerry Beatty, Tony Peace, Jeff Pearles, Jerry Kelso) (Twelve of the songs from this CD were re-released in 2001 on a collection titled When He Blessed My Soul. The sequence was slightly different, and "If You Know The Lord" was left off.)

2002 There's Something Going On (Cathedral Records/CH50312): There's Something Going On; When I Saw Jesus; That Old Altar; The Everlasting Peace; Oh My Heart Is Still Rejoicing; Roll Away Troubled River; There's Nothing There; Keep Your Eyes On The Prize; The Prayer Of Yesterday; Yes I Can (Brion Carter, Kerry Beatty, Tony Peace, Jeff Pearles, Andrew Ishee).

2003 One More Time (Custom Records/PSQ-6474CD): First Day In Heaven; Beyond The Sunset; Only Jesus Knows; Glad Homecoming; Hide Thou Me; I Will Serve Thee; Gettiní Ready; Til The Storm Passes By; He's A Personal Savior; Jesus Is The Answer (While Jason Brooks is not pictured on the album cover, he sang bass on most songs with Andrew Ishee singing the parts he couldn't. Andrew Ishee sang all of one verse on "Glad Homecoming", but the rest of the album is mostly with Jason Brooks - This information provided by Andrew Ishee) (John Rulapaugh, Tony Peace, Kerry Beatty, Jason Brooks, Andrew Ishee).

2004 It's Settled (Sonlite Records/SL30342): Knock, Knock, Knock; Hold On; As For Me And My House; That's Enough; I'm On My Way; I'd Rather Be Praisin'; We'll Meet Again; I Love The City; On Time God; Oh, That Wonderful Promise; He'll Settle It All (John Rulapaugh, Kerry Beatty, Tony Peace, Aaron McCune, Andrew Ishee).

2005 When It Pours, God Reigns (Sonlite Records/SL30572): What A Privilege To Know Him; He's Real; When It Pours, God Reigns; If You Had The Only Key; Mercy Met Grace; I Shall Not Be Moved; My Resting Place; Living In The Sunlight; Keep My Eyes On Him; Glory Can't Tell It All (John Rulapaugh, Kerry Beatty, Rick Fair, Aaron McCune, Andrew Ishee).

2006 Sweet Land Of Rest (Sonlite Records/SL30732): I'm Gonna Pray; No Doubt Salvation; Land Of Rest; Old Fashioned Altar Call; In The Palm Of His Hand; Only By The Blood; The Life You've Always Wanted; Behold The Lamb Of God; What A Wonderful Lord; I Am Sailing Away (John Rulapaugh, Kerry Beatty, Rick Fair, Aaron McCune, Andrew Ishee).

2006 Gospel Quartet Favorites (Custom Records/PSQ-1205CD): Just A Little While; I Know My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out; Unworthy; Cowboy Campmeeting; No One Ever Cared; Samson; Who Am I; I'm In His Care; Lived And He Loved Me; How Great Thou Art; I've Got That Feeling; A Good Day's Fishin' (There were two versions of this CD, both with the same cover layout, but with different personnel shown on the cover. The first version also included the song A Good Day's Fishin', which was not included on the second version) (John Rulapaugh/Wesley Smith (tenor), Kerry Beatty, Rick Fair, Aaron McCune/Burman Porter (bass), Andrew Ishee/Bryan Elliott (piano).

2007 Thank God For A Song (Sonlite Records/SL30832): Reach For The Sky; Beautiful Shining Happy Golden Shore; He's The Anchor Of My Soul; Love Is The Reason; Hopes Harbor; It Only Takes One; In The Land Of The Free; Gone Fishin'; Thank God For A Song; I've Got It (Wesley Smith, Kerry Beatty, Rick Fair, Burman Porter, Bryan Elliott).

2007 In God We Still Trust (Custom Records): Day By Day; I Can Call Jesus; Headin' Home; Unworthy; Get Away Jordan; Haven Of Rest; No Backdoor To Heaven; Other Side Of Jordan; I'm In His Care; In God We Still Trust (Jeremy Calloway, Brian Betty, Kerry Beatty, Larry Strickland).

2009 Christmas 2009 (Peaceful Valley Records): Do You Hear What I Hear; I'll Be Home For Christmas; Go Tell It On The Mountain; Mary Did You Know; I Wonder As I Wonder; Christmas When Dad Was A Boy; Children Go Where I Send Thee; Lo And Behold; Silent Night.

hi-res (2010)
hi-res (2011)
2010 Grace (Peaceful Valley Records/PVR-101410): All Hail The Power; Walk This Way; Don't That Sound Like Heaven; There's No Place Too Far From Grace; There'll Be No Dying; The Debt Has Been Paid; Holy Ghost Revival; A Moment Of Grace; Unto The Least Of These; Go Tell It On The Mountain (Robert Fulton, Paul Lancaster, David Darst, Larry Strickland) (Reissued in 2011 on (Mansion Entertainment/ME5357) with the Live Bonus song A Moment Of Grace).

2012 Classic Hits (Custom Records): Watch What My God Can Do; Meet Me There; I'm Gettin Ready To Go; Leave It All Behind; Happy Rhythm; Shepherd Comes Home; Rainbow Avenue; Oh What A Savior; One Of These Mornings; Good Morning; Jubilee (Wesley Smith, Paul Lancaster, David Darst, Larry Strickland, Casey Martin).

???? How Great Thou Art (Custom Records): Glory Road; Thatís The Man Iím Looking For; How Great Thou Art; Jesus Is Precious; Come Morning; He Was There All The Time; He Looked Beyond My Faults; Beulah Land; Itíll Be Worth It; Iím Standing On The Solid Rock.

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