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The Anchormen - 2005

Group Members


Ron Crawford (1979-1984)
Benny Blackburn (1984-1987)
Tony Jarman (1980-1982)
David Walker (1987-1990)
David Sutton (1990-1992)
Buddy Cummins (1992)
Brian Routh (1992-1996)
Steve Ladd (1997-2004)
Michael Hayes (2004-2006)
Alex Woolard (2006)
Karl Rice (2006-2013)
Josh Horrell (2013-2014)
Derrick Boyd (2014-2015; 2017-present)
Chris Jenkins (2015-2017)

Benny Smith (1979-1983)
Biney English (1984-1991)
David Hill (1991-1993)
Dale Forbes (1993-1995) (2010-2012)
Kevin McCaw (1997)
Ricky Wilhide (1996-1997)
Phillip Hughes (1997-2001) (2015-2017)
Dwayne Coppedge (2003-2004)
Brad Weeks (2004)
Corey Wilson (2001-2003) (2013-2014)
Greg Tartt (2004)
Jason Funderburk (2004-2006)
Keith Casstevens (2006-2010)
Chip Pullen (2012-2013)
Jamie Caldwell (2014-2015)
Ronnie Bright (2017-2018)

Terry Carter (1979-1997; 2010-2017)
Ricky Wilhide (1997-1998)
John Stemburg (1998-2000)
Ron Rice (2000)
Chad Smith (2000-2006)
G W Southard (2006-2007) (also played piano)
Robbie Norwood (2007-2008)
Michael Bartlett (2008-2010)
Nathan Potts (2017)
Scott Mullins (2017-present)

Gary Burdett (1979-1983)
Jody Medford (1989-1990)
Larry Stewart (1991)
Jeff Chapman (1991-2000)
Aaron McCune (2000-2003)
David Hester (2003)
Will Lane (2003-2006; 2014-2017)
Jon Hall (2006-2007)
Paul Harkey (2008-2012)
Randy Byrd (2012)
Chris Serlick (2013-2014)

Jeff Riggin (????-????)
Roy Bowling (????-????)
Phillip Huffman (1982-1984)
Brian Lowe (1984)
Tim Sidden (1984-1985) (1986-1987)
Steve Wood (1987-1990)
Joe Lane (1990-1991) (1993-1995)
Eddie Carter (1991-1992)
James Rainey (1992)
Joey Gore (1994-1996)
David Brooks (1996)
Duane West (1996-1999)
Tony Rush (2000-2001)
Bryan Elliott (2002-2006) (2008)
G W Southard (2006-2007) (also sang baritone)

Tim Bullins (1984-1996) (also managed)
Chris Wood (1996-1997)

Bass Guitar
Bill Bass (1984-1990)
Danny Johnson (1990-1996)
Eddie Johnson (1996-2000)

Ray Bullard (1979-2006)
Tim Bullins (1996-Present) (also played drums)

The Anchormen (1979-Present)

The North Carolina-based Anchormen formed in 1979. A year or so later, another group based in Claremont, North Carolina also started using the Anchormen name. That group ultimately changed its name to Tarheel State Quartet.

Baritone singer Terry Carter was with the group at the beginning. He took a 13-year break from 1997-2010 when he returned for an additional seven years.

Often described as a farm group, the Anchormen have provided national exposure for many young singers who are now well-known fixtures in Southern Gospel.


1983 Ya Better Get Ready (Commandment Records): Better Get Ready; Now More Than Ever; He's My Strength; They're Holding Up The Ladder; Headed For Glory; Jesus Was Willing; My Lord Will Send A Moses; God Delivers Again; Step Into The Water; Blessed Assurance.

1986 Sweet Communion (Windchime Records/5030): Weíre Gaining Ground; What Would I Do Without Him; Because He Cared; More Than Just A Memory; The Nailed Scarred Hands; Longing For Heaven; He Knows Whatís Best For Me; Donít Give Up The Ship; After Awhile. (Benny Blackburn, Biney English)

1987 Higher Power (Song Garden Records/2001): Take A Dip In The Water; Touch Me Over Again; Thereís Room For More; Why Donít Everybody Love That Name; When He Comes Again; Iím Not The Settliní Kind; Fully Assured; The Palm Of His Hand; We Are The Chosen Ones; I Need You. (Benny Blackburn, Terry Carter, Steve Wood, Bill Bass, ????, ????)

1988 Teaching The Heart (Custom Records/A101): Child Of The King; Somebody Touched Me; Because He Lives; Two More Hands; Miracle In Me; Blood Washed Band; Daystar; Mention My Name. (David Walker, Biney English, Terry Carter, Steve Wood, Bill Bass).

1988 A Song To Sing (Custom Records/A102): Champion Of Love; Step Back Angels; I Know He Loves Me; When I Pray; Who Am I; How Great Thou Art; Shine Through Me; Broken Heart. (David Walker, Biney English, Terry Carter, Steve Wood, Bill Bass).

1988 Todayís Hits (Custom Records/A103): God On The Mountain; I Remember The Day; Paid In Full; I Found The Lily In My Valley; Double Dose; Test Of Time; Midnight Cry; I Lean On You, Lord. (David Walker, Biney English, Terry Carter, Steve Wood, Bill Bass).

1988 Heaven Holds All (Harvest Records/HAR1152): Blow Ye The Trumpet; Heaven Holds All For Me; We're Gonna Rise; We've Come To Worship; The Church Will Rise; Old Fashioned Revival; Love Unending; Sailing On Home. (David Walker, Biney English, Terry Carter, Steve Wood, Bill Bass).

1989 Southern Style (Custom Records/A104): I'll Fly Away; Where We'll Never Grow Old; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; My Lord In Mercy Sent A Ship For Me; Living In Canaan; America God Still Loves You; Some Sweet Day; Victory In Jesus; Amazing Grace. (David Walker, Biney English, Terry Carter, Jody Medford, Steve Wood, Bill Bass).

1989 Heart Of The Matter (MorningStar Records/MS4105): It's A Wonderful Day; I'm Willing Lord; Let's Go In; In The Palm Of His Hands; Just As Sure As The Son Shines; Go Down; Heart Of The Matter; Glory Train. (David Walker, Biney English, Terry Carter, Jody Medford, Steve Wood, Bill Bass).

1990 Anchored In Love Divine (Custom Records/ALD-1): Child Of The King; His Tomb Is Empty; I'll Never Forget Calvary; Anchored In Love Divine; It Is Well With My Soul (Instrumental); Wings Of Love; Farther Along; Are You Washed In The Blood; Blessed Assurance (David Sutton, Biney English, Terry Carter, Jody Medford, Joe Lane, Tim Bullins, Bill Bass).

1991 On The Threshold (Mark Five Records/MV7855): Sooner Or Later; I've Been Touched; It Was Amazing; Sing Me A Song; Back To Jerusalem; Nothing's Going To Hold Me Back; When I Stand On The Banks; Hill Of Hope; Through The Blood (David Sutton, Biney English, Terry Carter, Jeff Chapman, Joe Lane, Danny Johnson).

1991 Backstage Pass (Mark Five Records/MV-7913): We've Come To Worship; Jesus Is Mine; Nothing's Going To Hold Me Back; Back To Jerusalem; It Was Amazing; Amazing Grace; Sooner Or Later; Through The Blood; Hill Of Hope; Sing Me A Song; I've Been Touched; It's A Wonderful Day. (David Sutton, Biney English, Terry Carter, Jeff Chapman, Joe Lane, Danny Johnson, Tim Bullins).

1992 In Concert (Mark Five Records/8060): Weíre Gaining Ground; Getting Ready To Go; When I Stand On The Banks; Child Of The King; He Touched Me; Letís Go In; Behold The King; In Spite Of It All; I Feel Like Running. (Buddy Cummings, Terry Carter, David Hill, Jeff Chapman, Danny Johnson, Tim Bullins)

1994 The Best Of The Anchormen (MainStream Records/MSR6060): I Feel Like Running; I've Been Touched; Palm Of His Hand; It's A Wonderful Day; Let's Go In; Behold The King; We're Gaining Ground; Heaven Holds All; Blow Ye The Trumpet; Glory Train.

1994 Come To The Fountain (Sonlite Records/163): Iím Ready; Iím Glad That Jesus Loves Me; I Know The Creator; It Is Almost Over; Revive Us Again; Come To The Fountain; Godís Marvelous Grace; Thereís A Land; When Jesus Passed By. (Brian Routh, Terry Carter, Dale Forbes, Jeff Chapman, Joe Lane, Danny Johnson, Tim Bullins)

1994 Songs From Yesteryear (MainStream Records/MS6585): How Great Thou Art; The Old Gospel Ship; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Blessed Assurance; Heaven's Jubilee; Beulah Land; Where Could I Go; It Is Well. (Brian Routh, Dale Forbes, Terry Carter, Jeff Chapman, Joe Lane, Danny Johnson, Tim Bullins).

1994 Spirit Live (Anchormen Music Group): Introduction; Revive Us Again; I'm Ready; Lord, Have Mercy; I've Been Touched; Come To The Fountain; God's Marvelous Grace; There's A Land; I'm Glad That Jesus Loves Me; I Feel Like Running; When Jesus Passed By; Oh How I Love Jesus; I Know The Creator; It Is Almost Over.

1994 Come To The Fountain - The Best Of The Anchormen (Century Records): (This double album is a repackaging/reissue of two previously released albums, Come To The Fountain and The Best Of The Anchormen).

1995 Adoration (Sonlite Records/SON172): Second Time Around; Royal Priesthood; I'm Glorybound; Beyond The Grave; Across The Bridge; Come On In; Be Still And Know; One More Testimony; Whatever You Need. (Brian Ruth, Dale Forbes, Terry Carter, Jeff Chapman, Joey Gore, Danny Johnson, Tim Bullins).

1996 Southern Gospel Favorites Vol.1 (Custom Records/297694.8): Jesus Built A Bridge; If God Be For Us; He Sent Me Running; Looking For A City; I Hold A Clear Title; What A Time; Tis So Sweet; The Eastern Gate. (Brian Routh, Dale Forbes, Terry Carter, Jeff Chapman, Tim Bullins, Joey Gore, Danny Johnson)

1996 Southern Gospel Favorites Vol. 2 (Custom Records/297794.8): Jesus Is Mine; One Day At A Time; Heaven Will Be A Reality; The Lordís Prayer; Amazing Grace; Who Am I; Hymn Medley; Iím Saved. (Brian Routh, Dale Forbes, Terry Carter, Jeff Chapman, Tim Bullins, Joey Gore, Danny Johnson)

1996 Southern Gospel Favorites Vol. 3 (Custom Records/297894.8): Learning To Lean; Patriotic Medley; Thanks; Iím Glad I Know Who Jesus Is; Heíll Hold To My Hand; Healing Stream; Somebody Touched The Lord; Going Home. (Brian Routh, Dale Forbes, Terry Carter, Jeff Chapman, Tim Bullins, Joey Gore, Danny Johnson)

1997 Anticipation (Zion Records/Z248): Faith Like That; He's Simply Amazing; Giver Of Life; I Mean To Be There; Jesus Called For Me; Wake The Town; Good News From The Graveyard; Cross Over; A Cross Marks The Spot; Heavenly Road.

1998 Quartet Favorites He Sent Me Running; Going Home; One Day At A Time; Home; God Made A Way; I Know A Man Who Can; Under Control; Glory Road

1999 Reflections Of Life (Zion Records/Z262): What A Morning; Take Time To Pray; Resting Place; He Brought Me Out; Forgiven, Forever Amen; River Of Life; He's Still Working Miracles; Beyond The Open Door; Joy In The Journey; I Choose Jesus. (Steve Ladd, Phillip Hughes, John Stemburg, Jeff Chapman, Duane West, Eddie Johnson).

???? Southern Classics (Anchormen Music Group): Satisfied; There Is A River; Reach The World; Heís Not Here; Singing With The Saints; He Still Speaks; I Go To The Rock; Be Still And Know.

1999 Camp Meeting Time (Anchormen Music Group): I Feel Like Running; Canaanland Is Just In Sight; Saved To The Uttermost; Come On In; The Lighthouse; We Shall See Heaven Someday; I Am Redeemed; God Made A Way.

2000 Southern Classics/Campmeeting Time (Anchormen Music Group/8476): (Reissue/Repackaging of previous albums titled Southern Classics and Camp Meeting Time)

2001 Unsinkable (MainStream Records): Whatever It Takes; This Ole Sinner; Even Then; Jesus Is Coming Get Ready; Oh Death; Unsinkable; Already Out Of The Grave; One Drop Of Blood; Happy Am I; Behold The King.

2002 Old Time Singing (Anchormen Music Group/5475): I Love To Tell; Victory Is Coming; What A Day; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Psalms Of Victory; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; Glory Road; Standing On The Solid Rock (Steve Ladd, Corey Wilson, Chad Smith, Aaron McCune, Bryan Elliott)

2003 Nothing Less Than All (Anchormen Records/AMG2003): Everyday Will Be Sunday; I'll Be There; My Name Is I Am; I've Tasted Living Water; Inside Of Me; The Fourth Man; I've Made It Home; Calvary Calls; Sail Away Someday; The Cross Was Built To Last; I'm Feelin' Fine.

2004 Times And Seasons (Anchormen Records/AMG2004): Lead Me Savior; God Shall Wipe Away All Tears; No Other Word For Grace But Amazing; Ain't It Good News; I Can Feel The Touch Of His Hand; Oh What A Savior; Going Home; I'll Have A New Song; Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus

2005 Liviní Our Dream (Anchormen Records/AMG2005): Workin' On A Building; I Know What Lies Ahead; That Heavenly Home; Where The Milk And Honey Flow; Plan Of Salvation; Whosoever Will; Somebody Touched Me; Life Will Be Sweeter; Boundless Love

2007 Glory Ahead (Anchormen Records/AMG2006): I'll Meet You On The Mountain; Harmony With Him; Never Weak; For The Life Of Me; Take 'Em To The Lord; Come See Me; Walkin' In The Favor Of God; Walk And Talk; Come On Out Of The Wilderness; Reach Out To Jesus; The News Is Out.

2008 Foundations (Anchormen Music Group): The Lifeboat; Had It Not Been; Victory Road; How Great Thou Art; There Is A River; After Awhile; He Made A Change; Old Rugged Cross; Glory Road; Happy Rhythm.

2009 Always A Road (Anchormen Music Group/AMG-4242): Start With Me; All In A Sunday's Work; The Sweetest Sound I Know; Never; Everything But Time; Somebody Here; One Day I Will; Almost Time To Fly; The Letter; Better Than Ever; Grace Is There; For The First Time. (Karl Rice, Keith Casstevens, Michael Bartlett, Paul Harkey).

2012 Believe (Homeland Records/10012012): Just As I Am (Prelude); Meet Him There; Some Things I Know; Where Love Stood; Borrowed And Barely Used Tomb; This Time Tomorrow; For Everybody Broken; No Such Thing As Coming Clean; Ain't It Good To Know; Enter In; The Day Nobody Praised Him; Just As I Am (A Cappella). (Karl Rice, Dale Forbes, Terry Carter, Paul Harkey).

2013 Journey (Custom Records): I Believe He's Coming Back; Hide Thou Me; Hallelujah Meetin; Who Am I; The Journey; He Loves Me; Old Convention Song; When He Was On The Cross; The Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me (Karl Rice, Chip Pullman, Terry CarterChris Serlick).

2015 Tapestry (Custom Records/AMGT2015): Come To The Fountain; Redemption Draweth Nigh; I'm Gonna Lift My Praise; He Is Worthy; You Ain't Seen The Last Of Jesus; Antioch Church Choir; Without Him; I've Been Touched; Bigger Sins; This Piece Of Cloth. (Derrick Boyd, Jamie Caldwell, Terry Carter, Will Lane).

2016 Strength Renewed: I'm Walking On; Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me; Hand On The Plow; I Heard About A Man; Run On; I'm Ready; Wherever I Am; The Hand Of The Lord; I'm Gonna Run; The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power. (Chris Jenkins, Phillip Hughes, Terry Carter, Will Lane).

???? Lifting The Standard: Every Step I Take; Heaven Bound; He Touched Me; Have A Little Faith; Getaway; Show Me The Grave; When He Washed My Sins Away; Weíre Not Alone; Around The Cross; Iím Going There.

???? Christmas Classics (Custom Records): Christmas Medley; Do You Hear What I Hear?; O Holy Night; Sleigh Ride; Instrumental Medley; Angels We Have Heard On High.
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