"I'm Saved" (Ralph H GoodPasteur/ASCAP)

Also called "I'm Saved And I Know That I Am."

"I'm Saved" (Jason Cox/Sue C Smith/Karen Peck Gooch)

"I'm Saved" (Sheri LaFontaine/Christian Taylor Music/BMI

"I'm Saved" (Larry Petree/Larry Petree Publishing/Hopper Brothers And Connie Publishing/BMI)

  • Hoppers (2002 Steppin' Out; 2007 50 Years...The Song Continues)

"I'm Saved" (Ray Scarbrough/Chris White Music/Monk Family Music/Treece And Company Music/BMI)

"I'm Saved" (Gary White)

"I'm Saved" (Randy Mobley/Eternal Homestead Publishing/BMI)

"I'm Saved" (Debra Shepherd/Welcome Home Press/BMI)

  • Kingsmen Quartet (1992 Singin’ In the Sun Live; Decades - A Musical Journey With The Kingsmen / Vol. 1 & 2)

"I'm Saved" (E J Wright)

"I'm Saved" (need songwriter info)

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