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Hopper Brothers & Connie, early 1970s

Group Members

Debra Talley (1978-1983)
Sharon Watts (1984-1986)
Kim Hopper (1989-Present)

Connie Hopper (1958-Present)
Karlye Hopper (201?-Present)

Will Hopper (1957-1982)
Greg Bentley (1984-1989)
Kirk Talley (????-????)

Steve Hopper (1957-1970); (1976-1977)
Rex Foster (1970-1971)
Dean Hopper (1982-Present)

Claude Hopper (1957-Present)

Monroe Hopper (1957-1972)
Lee Chilton (1972-1975)
Mike Hopper (????-Present) (Also played drums)

Connie Hopper (1958-1970)
Johnny Porrazo (1971-1974)
Roger Talley (1974-1983)
Shannon Childress (1985-1998)
Denice Hopper (1998-2003)
Josh Simpson (2003-2004)
Lewis Wells (2005-????)
Josh Simpson (????-????)
Trevor Conkle (????-2017)
Mike Hopper (also sings bass) (????-Present)

Position And Years Of Service Unknown
Barry McGee
Bob All
Reb Lancaster
Roger Fortner
Frank Mills
Taylor Barnes
Shannon Briggs

Hip Hoppers Group Members

Dean Hopper
Mike Hopper
Frank Mills
Shannon Childress

Hopper Brothers 2.0 Group Members

Nathan Kistler (2015-201?)
Reggie Smith (201?-Present)

Matt Griffith (2015-Present)

Dean Hopper (2015-Present)

Mike Hopper (2015-Present)

The Hoppers (1957-Present) (AKA Hopper Brothers, Hopper Brothers & Connie)


In 1957 four brothers; Will Hopper, Steve Hopper, Claude Hopper and Monroe Hopper began singing as the Hopper Brothers. In 1958 Connie Shelton, later Connie Hopper, would join the group as their pianist. The group became known as the Hopper Brothers & Connie.

Claude and Connie would marry in 1961 and the group would start singing full time in 1970. Pianist Roger Talley would join the group in 1974 and stay with the Hopper Brothers & Connie until his own family started a trio in late 1983. Wife Debra Talley and brother Kirk Talley would also be members of the Hopper Brothers & Connie. Other noted members included Rex Foster, Lee Chilton, Barry McGee, Sharon Watts, Shannon Briggs, Greg Bentley and Shannon Childress.

The group's vocal lineup solidified in 1989 after Dean Hopper married Kim Greene of the Greenes and Kim joined the group. The lineup of Dean, Kim, Claude, and Connie with Mike playing drums and occasionally singing bass has been consistent since that time.

Since the departure of Childress in 1998, the group members pictured on album covers have been limited to Claude, Connie, their sons Dean and Mike, and daughters-in-law Kim and Denice. Denice left the group in 2003. She and Mike would ultimately divorce. Dean and Kim's daughter Karlye was featured on some recordings prior to 2016, the first year she appeared on the cover of a Hoppers CD (Life Is Good). Current members include Dean Hopper singing lead, Kim Hopper singing soprano, Connie Hopper singing alto, Claude Hopper singing baritone, Karlye Hopper singing alto, and Mike Hopper singing bass and playing drums.


Singing News Fan Awards
Favorite Mixed Group (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)


Due to the large number of projects recorded by the Hoppers, the discography section has been divided into separate pages by decade. Please click on one of the links below to access the decade you wish to view.

1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s


Hip Hoppers and Hopper Brothers 2.0

Dean and Mike Hopper have created at least two spin-off groups over the years.

During the 1990s, they recorded a rap album billed as the Hip Hoppers along with group members Frank Mills and Shannon Childress.

In 2015, they launched the Hopper Brothers 2.0 along with bus driver Matt Griffith and tenor singer Nathan Kistler. They recorded a self-titled CD that same year. Kistler was traveling and singing with the Hoppers at the same time. After Kistler left the group, Reggie Smith began filling the tenor role.


1993 Hip Hoppers: Here I Am; Can't Go Around The Cross; Jam For The Lamb; Heart, Soul, And Mind; Warriors Of The Word; Dry Ground; Yo Ho Ho. (Dean Hopper, Mike Hopper, Frank Mills, Shannon Childress).

2015 Hopper Brothers 2.0: Something Within; They Can't Take That Away From Me; He Touched Me; You Can't Give Up On God; I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary; I Know; That's What I Love About Him; The Love God; I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen; We Believe. (Nathan Kistler, Matt Griffith, Dean Hopper, Mike Hopper).

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