Group Members

Jim Murray (19??-????)
Wayne Hilton (????-????)

Johnnie Marine (19??-????)
Gordon Jensen (????-????)

Larry Orrell (19??-????)

Buddy Liles (19??-????)

Charles Ramsey (19??-????)
Ron Fairchild (1976)

Billy Blackwood (1976)

Bass Guitar
Mark Chadwell (????-????)
Stephen Speer (1976)

The Orrells (19??-1976)

Also known as The Ambassadors Trio, The Orrell Quartet, and Gordon Jensen & Sunrise.

The Orrells got their start in Detriot, Michigan as the Ambassadors Trio. Early members included future Imperials and Gaither Vocal Band tenor Jim Murray, lead singer Johnnie Marine, group namesake and baritone Larry Orrell, and future Stamps pianist Chuck Ramsey. When future Florida Boys bass singer Buddy Liles joined the group in 1964, they became known as The Orrell Quartet. This group recorded at least two albums for Skylite Records.

By 1968, The Orrells had reorganized as a trio consisting of Wayne Hilton (tenor), Gordon Jensen (lead), and Larry Orrell (baritone). The group found success due to their distinctive sound, but also due to original songs written by Jensen including "Redemption Draweth Nigh", "Tears Are A Language (God Understands)", "I Should Have Been Crucified", and "Jesus Will Outshine Them All" between the years of 1970 and 1972.

In 1973, Wayne Hilton relocated to Nashville, Tennessee to work as a producer at Superior Sound with Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys. The Orrells became a part-time group at that point. They recorded their final album billed as The Orrells in 1975 for Heartwarming Records, then, in 1976 they recorded an album re-branded as Gordon Jensen & Sunrise.


1964 Youth Sings Out (released as the Orrell Quartet) (Skylite Records/SSLP-6011): There's No Telling; Without Him; These Things Don't Matter; That Man Of Galilee; I've Got Jesus In Me; No Disappointments In Heaven; He's With Me; I'm Saved; I'll Be All Right Some Day?; Closer To Thee; Lord Teach Me How To Pray; I'm Going There. (Larry Orrell, Jim Murray, Johnnie Marine, Buddy Liles, Charles Ramsey).

1964 The Orrell Quartet (Skylite Records/SSLP-6019): In The Upper Room; Old Fashion Altar Of Prayer; Show Me Thy Ways Oh Lord; Until Then; The Curtain Of Time; Til I Know; Beyond Tomorrow; My God Is Real; He'll Pilot Me; Use Me; From Now On; I Wanna Rest. (Jim Murray, Johnnie Marine, Larry Orrell, Buddy Liles, Charles Ramsey).

1969 Outstanding (Zondervan Records/ZLP 766): So Many Times; I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary; Impossible; Had It Not Been; Jesus Holds The Keys; Jesus; No One Understands Like Jesus; Do You Know My Jesus; He Looked Beyond My Faults; Meaning Of Life; Until You've Known The Love Of God; Standing In The Need Of Prayer (Larry Orrell, Gordon Jensen, Wayne Hilton).

1969 Sings It Like This (Zondervan Records/ZLP 782): Exchange A Little Emptiness; He's Changing Me; Jesus I Believe What You Said; Going Home; Less Of Me; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Reach Out To Jesus; Don't Turn Him Away; He's Everything To Me; Get Acquainted With The Lord (Larry Orrell, Gordon Jensen, Wayne Hilton).

1970 Try A Little Kindness (Zondervan Records/ZLP 793): Try A Little Kindness; Sheltered In The Arms Of God; The Christian Way; Help Me Find My Way Home; Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone; Jesus Knows All About It; The Holy Hills; Thank God I'm Free; This Is What Heaven Means To Me; I Need No Mansion Here Below. (Larry Orrell, Gordon Jensen, Wayne Hilton, Mark Chadwell).

1970 Gospel Music Is The Thing (Zondervan Records/ZLP 809): Gospel Music Is The Thing; This Is My Valley; It Won't Be Long; Too Much To Gain To Lose; Redemption Draweth Nigh; I've Got My Heart Set On Heaven; Hymn; The Coming Of The Lord; I Believe. (Larry Orrell, Gordon Jensen, Wayne Hilton, Mark Chadwell).

1971 Enough Of God's Love (Heartwarming Records/R3142): There's Enough Of God's Love; Sunrise; Redemption Draweth Nigh; It's Good To Be Home Again; Tears Are A Language God Understands; It's Still Real Today; I'm So Unworthy; It Happened To Me; Help Us Jesus; Let The River Flow; A Million Miles From Heaven. (Larry Orrell, Gordon Jensen, Wayne Hilton, Mark Chadwell).

1972 Live (Heartwarming Records/R3170): Introduction; Get Acquainted With The Lord; There's Enough Of God's Love; Let The River Flow; Tears Are A Language God Understands; How Great Thou Art; I Should Have Been Crucified; The Coming Of The Lord; I'm So Unworthy; Over And Over; This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me; I Believe; He Knows All About It; It's Still Real Today; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; The Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me; The Christian Way; Sunrise; Redemption Draweth Nigh. (Wayne Hilton, Larry Orrell, Mark Chadwell, Gordon Jensen).

1972 Forever Is A Long Long Time (Heartwarming Records/R3194): Before He Calls Again; Will You Be Among The Missing; Forever Is A Long, Long Time?; I Should Have Been Crucified; God Has Not Changed; Don't Go To Heaven Alone; Let Me Live; Come Into The Ark; Revival Is Here; Jesus Will Outshine Them All. (Larry Orrell, Gordon Jensen, Wayne Hilton, Mark Chadwell).

1975 Together Again (Heartwarming Records/R3357): We're Together Again; Heaven To Go To Heaven In; He's Changing Me; A Song Holy Angels Cannot Sing; He's Been My Dearest Friend; A Song To Sing At Midnight; I'll Glory In The Cross; Justified By Faith; Whisper Jesus; With Him Eternally. (Wayne Hilton, Gordon Jensen, Larry Orrell).

1976 Gordon Jensen & Sunrise (Rockland Road Records/RR-103): Things God Cannot Do; I'd Never Miss Heaven For The World?; You Must Decide; Jesus Is Lord To Me; Concern Me Lord; Coronation Day; I Met The Author; I Simply Believe; I'll Be A Road Sign; Remember Me O Lord. (Wayne Hilton, Gordon Jensen, Larry Orrell, Ron Fairchild, Billy Blackwood, Stephen Speer).

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