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Down East Boys, 1990

Group Members


Jeff Davis (1983-1989)
Greg Bentley (1990-1992)
Chad Jarnagin (1993-1998)
Wayne Hamlin (1999-2002)
Jason Runnels (2003-2011)
Tony Jarman (2011-2014)
Steve Lixey (2014-2017)
Doug Pittman (2017-present)

Phil Mozingo (1988-1989)
Ricky Carden (1990-Present)

Charles Howard (1983-1989)
Jeff Davis (1990-1994)
Phillip Robinson? (1995-1996)
Scott Jacobs (1997-1999)
John Stilley (2000-2004)
Ronnie Bright (2004-2006)
Daryl Paschal (2006-Present)

Sherril Futral (1983-2000)
Stuart Cary (2001-2013)
Joe Brinkley (2013-2015)
Rick Walls (2015-2017)
Zac Barham (2017-present)

Scott Beach (????-????)
Tony Rush (????-????)

Mitch Futral (????-????)

Bass Guitar
Greg Swinson (????-????)

The Down East Boys (1983-Present)


Singing News Fan Awards:
Horizon Group (1990)


1985 Heartfelt (Lifeline Records/1605): He Had Time For Me; The Master Navigator; I Must Tell Some Man; Medley: Kneel At The Cross/Precious Memories/A Beautiful Life; What A Great Day; No One Quite Like Jesus; How Great Thou Art; What A Meeting; I'm Going To Sing About His Love For Me; Tear Stains.

1986 I Shall Return (Custom Records/DEB-198501): I'm Going Home; Bless Him; Talkin' Bout Jesus; Take A Drink (From The Living Waters); Someday Soon; I Shall Return; He Is The King Of Kings; Don't Give Up; Jesus Loves; Death Has No Hold On Me.

1987 First Drop Of Rain (Sonlite Records/SON-43535): The Grass Is Greener; There's A River Flowing Down; Together Again; Mount Up Like Angels; The Old Rugged Cross; The First Drop Of Rain; What A Saviour; I'll Soon Be Leaving; He's Still The King; I'm Not Leaving 'Til I Praise The Lord.

1988 Carolina Live (Sonlite Records/SON-109): Seeing Things In A Different Light; When You're Sinking; Introductions; I'm Not Leaving Til I Praise The Lord; He Had Time For Me; The Tater Story; Faith Of A Child; Sing About His Love; Tear Stains In The Sand; The Tater Bug Story; The Lighthouse; How Great Thou Art (Sherril Futral, Charles Howard, Phil Mozingo, Jeff Davis, Kevin Futral, Nick Bruno).

1989 Miles Of Smiles (Sonlite Records/SON118): Jesus Is The One; Faith Of A Child; Beautiful Valley; Playing To Win; Behold The Lamb; Forever; Pass Me Not; If God Fails Me This Time; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; Welcome Home.

1990 Musical Cheers (Sonlite Records): The Lord Stood By Me; Heaven's Expecting Me; Shadow Of The Cross; Movin' On Up?; The Same Old Story; The Upper Hand?; The Finish Line; He Kept Loving Me; To Be Like Children; Great Day To Fly (Sherril Futral, Jeff Davis, Greg Bentley, Ricky Carden, Scott Beach, Greg Swinson, Mitch Futral).

1991 Yesterday, Today & Forever (Sonlite Records/SON134): That One Church; My Greatest Reason; Going Back; Worthy Is The Lamb; His Love Did A Work In Me; The Singing News Song; Go Back To The Cross; Welcome Home; Ready For Revival; It Wonít Be Long (Sherril Futral, Jeff Davis, Greg Bentley, Ricky Carden, Scott Beach, Greg Swinson, Mitch Futral).

1992 Vital Information (Sonlite Records): Ain't It Just Like God; God's Eternal Day; His Grace Is Still Amazing; Don't Give Up; We're Gonna Have A Time; I'll Spend The Day; Family Bible; I Will Glory In The Cross; Dry Bones; Broken Vessel (Ricky Carden, Greg Bentley, Sherril Futral, Jeff Davis).

1993 Remembering When (Daywind Records/DAY1017D): John The Revelator; Step Into The Water; Peace In The Valley; When The Saints Go Marching In; It Is Well; Hallelujah Square; Iíll Have A New Life; He Touched Me; Heavenís Jubilee; Learning To Lean (Chad Jarnagin, Ricky Carden, Jeff Davis, Sherrell Futral, Tony Rush).

1994 Newborn (Daywind Records/DAY1032D): Right On Time; Cry Of The Newborn; When God Is In It; Narrow Way; That's When I Feel Amazing Grace; Shout Of Glory; I Choose Jesus; Company With Angels; A Strange Way To Save The World (Chad Jarnagin, Ricky Carden, Jeff Davis, Tony Rush).

1996 Redeemed (Chad Jarnagin, Ricky Carden, Phillip Robinson).

1999 Man Of The Hour (MorningStar Records/MSCD-4311): I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen; God Is Even Greater; Man Of The Hour; Safe At Home; His Tomb Is Empty Now; No God As Big As Mine; Love Grew Where The Blood Fell; Thatíll Be The Day; Let Your Yes Be Yes; Morning Glory (Wayne Hamlin, Ricky Carden, Scott Jacobs).

2000 I Still Believe (Custom Records): He Didn't Come Down; The Lord Knows What To Do; Gone At Last; Listen To Your Heart; I Still Believe; One Stone At A Time; The Best That I Can Do; Not In A Million Years; Then Came The Morning; God Still Reigns; Home Free (Wayne Hamlin, Ricky Carden, John Stilley).

2002 Favorites II (Custom Records): Life Will Be Sweeter Someday; The Eastern Gate; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Little Is Much; Near The Cross; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; He Bridged The Gap; In The Garden; Until You've Known The Love Of God; How Great Thou Art (John Stilley, Stuart Carey, Jason Runnels, Rickey Carden).

2002 Just Stand (Custom Records): Iím Free Again; Iím Gonna Make My Getaway; I Want To See Jesus; Itís Still A Thrill; He Threw Up His Hands; Iíve Been Rescued; He Kept Loving Me; He Called Me Out; He Looked Beyond My Faults; Just Stand (John Stilley, Stuart Carey, Jason Runnels, Rickey Cardeny).

2003 Remember The Time (Crossroads Records/CR03432): What A Day; Godís Gonna Be God; I Remember The Time; Lay It Down; This Time; My Past Has Passed; Thatís What Prayer Can Do; When The Master Walks By; He Chose To Stay; Itís Amazing (John Stilley, Stuart Carey, Jason Runnels, Rickey Carden).

2005 Favorites III (Custom Records): New Born Feeling; He Set Me Free; Old Time Christian; Ride That Chariot; He'll Hold To My Hand; Are You Washed; We'll Soon Be Done; Something Old, Something New; John The Revelator; Sing Your Blues Away (John Stilley, Stuart Carey, Jason Runnels, Rickey Carden).

2005 Mercy (Crossroads Records/CR06302): Abraham's Ram; God Can Do Anything; Whole Lot Of Mercy; I'm Saved; Wait A Little While; Sheltered In The Arms Of God; When I Pray; Sweet Glory There; The One; Why; There'll Be Shouting On The Hills (Runnels, Carden, Cary, Bright)

hi res
2007 The Cross Still Stands (Crossroads Records/CR08222): He's A Great And Mighty God; The Cross Still Stands; One Look To His Left; Justified By The Blood Of The Lamb; I'm Taking My Joy Back; I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone; I Call Him I Am; There's Something About That Name; What Will You Do For Jesus; The Mountains Will Be Shaken; My Country Tis Of Thee; Battle Hymn Of The Republic; God Bless America (Runnels, Carden, Paschal, Cary).

hi res
2008 The Collection Volume One (Custom Records): Life Will Be Sweeter; Near The Cross; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; How Great Thou Art; Walking The Way; I've Been There; The Lord Knows What To Do; Gone At Last; I Still Believe; Then Came The Morning; It's Still A Thrill; He Threw Up His Hands; I've Been Rescued; I Want To See Jesus; He Called Me Out; He Looked Beyond My Faults; Just Stand; What A Day; I Remember The Time; This Time; He Chose To Stay; That's What Prayer Can Do; Lay It Down; It's Amazing.

2009 One Day (Sonlite Records/SL31062): Smile On Your Face; Good Time In The Lord; I Know Your God; Middle Of A Miracle; Joseph Got His Tomb Back; Grand And Glorious Savior; One Day The Next Day; The Middle Man; Washed; Living In Canaan Now.

2011 Amen (Sonlite Records/SL31202): Every Word In The Word; Hold On; I Won't Trade My Crown; When I Could Do Nothing; His Beloved The Redeemed; Suddenly One Morning; Under The Blood; Waiting For The Day; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Amen (Tony Jarman, Ricky Carden, Daryl Paschal, Stuart Cary).

2011 Favorites IV (Crossroads Records/CR11422): He's A Personal Savior; I've Got That Old Time Religion; Farther Along; I Feel Like Traveling On; Who Am I; Send The Light; The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power; What A Lovely Name; Oh I Want To See Him; Little Is Much (Tony Jarman, Ricky Carden, Daryl Paschal, Stuart Cary).

2013 You Heard It On The Radio (Custom Records/DEB2013): Mountains Will Be Shaken (Live Version); Medley: The Solid Rock/How Firm A Foundation/Rock Of Ages; Great And Mighty God; I'm Saved (Live Version); Beautiful Valley; Whole Lot Of Mercy; One Look To His Left; Joyful, Joyful; Justified; Shoutin' On The Hills; The Cross Still Stands (Live Version) (All songs previously released) (Live Versions were Recorded Live at Thomas Road Baptist Church).

2014 Beyond The Blue (Sonlite Records/SL31362): Beyond The Blue; I Just Steal Away And Pray; If I Know Him; Holy All Over Again; I Want To Be Like My Lord; I Left My Past In The Past; Shed A Little Light; The First Day For Me; Hay Baby; Yes I Remember You (Daryl Paschal, Ricky Carden, Joe Brinkley, Tony Jarman).

2015 Sing It Again - Volume One (Custom Records/DEB2015-01): Heavens Jubilee; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; Look For Me Around The Thorne; I Will Sing The Wondrous Story; We Are So Blessed; When We Hear Him Say Well Done; It'll Be Joy; These Are They; He Made A Change; When Jesus Comes In The Clouds (Daryl Paschal, Ricky Carden, Joe Brinkley, Steve Lixey).

2016 Ransomed (Sonlite Records/SL31502): A Reason To Sing; Somebody Left The Door Wide Open; I Still Remember; The Song Of The Ransomed; That's What You Get For Loving Him; A Thieves Paradise; One Way, One Name, One Door; That Wonderful Land; The Cross Speaks Louder; Now A Witness Am I; Pray (Daryl Paschal, Ricky Carden, Rick Walls, Steve Lixey).

2017 Sing It Again - Volume Two (Custom Records/DEB2017-01): I Know I'm Going There; Hide Thou Me; There's A King On The Way; The Holy Hills; Scars In The Hands; The Old Gospel Ship; He Loves Me; I'm Getting Ready To Leave This World; Leaving On My Mind; Go Rest High On That Mountain (Doug Pittman, Ricky Carden, Daryl Paschal, Rick Walls).

2017 Christmas Time (Custom Records/DEB2017-12): Who Do You Think; Angels We Have Heard On High; Silent Night; Glory To God In The Highest; I'll Be Home For Christmas; Hark The Herald Angels Sing; Oh Holy Night; The Grinch?; Christmas In Dixie? (Doug Pittman, Ricky Carden, Daryl Paschal, Zac Barham).

2018 A Decade Of Hits (Custom Records/DEB2018ADOH): Forever; Behold The Lamb; Faith Of A Child; He Had Time For Me; I'll Spend The Day; Just Like God?; Waiting For The Day; I Still Believe; I Remember The Time; He Called Me Out; Under The Blood; I Won't Trade My Crown (Doug Pittman, Ricky Carden, Daryl Paschal, Zac Barham).

2018 One Day In The Past (Sonlite Records/SL31702): That Would Be Amazing; Somebody Is Me; I'd Like To Tell It Again; Beat Up Bible; Lord I Need You To Show Up; Testimony Time; Jesus Have Mercy On Me; Beautiful Shining Happy Golden Shore; The Blood Remains; Just What I Needed; Beautiful Valley (Doug Pittman, Ricky Carden, Daryl Paschal, Zac Barham).

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