1967 L-R: Cat Freeman, Buddy Campbell, Whitey Gleason, Dale McCoy, Norman Huxman

Group Members

(Partial List)

Jay W Turney (1959-????)
Cat Freeman (????-????)

Billy Hamm (1959-????)
Buddy Campbell (????-????)

Dale McCoy (1959-????)

Norman Huxman (1959-????)
Ray Burdett (????-????)

Whitey Gleason (1959-????)

The Goss Brothers
L D Young (????-????)
Lee Roy Abernathy (????-????)

Part Unknown
Roy Tremble

Jubilee Quartet (1959-????)


The Jubilee Quartet was organized by Whitey Gleason in the spring of 1959.


1960 Gospel Melodies #1 (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-2001):

1960 Gospel Melodies #2 (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-2002):

1960 At The Altar (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-2003): At The Altar; This Little Light Of Mine; When I Get On My Knees To Pray; Undying Love; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; He Hideth My Soul; I Asked The Lord; He's My Dearest Friend; I've Got Joy; I'm So Happy; I'm Gonna Walk, Talk, And Sing; If You Know The Lord. (Jay W Turney, Buddy Campbell, Dale McCoy, Norman Huxman, Whitey Gleason).

1961 Whitney Gleason At The Piano (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-2004):

1961 Jubilee Favorites (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-2005): Jubilee; If I Pray; Nobody; You Will Never Have To Journey Alone; He Took My Troubles Off My Mind; When I Get To Heaven; Oh Happy Day; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Afterwhile?; Teach Me Lord To Wait; Beautiful City. (Jay W Turney, Billy Hamm, Dale McCoy, Norman Huxman, Whitey Gleason).

1961 Southern Spirituals (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-2006):

1961 Piano Favorites (Sword And Shield Records/LPM-2007):

1962 Building A Bridge (Mid-America Recordings/LP-201): I'm Building A Bridge; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; Beyond The Gates; Are You Washed In The Blood; Does Jesus Care; Oh, I Want To See Him; I Surrender All; I Would Not Be Denied; This World Is Not My Home; The Haven Of Rest; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Born To Serve The Lord (Cat Freeman, Buddy Campbell, Dale McCoy, Norman Huxman, Whitey Gleason).

1962 In My Father's House (Mid-America Recordings/LP-202): In My Father's House; My God Is Real; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; I'll Meet You In The Morning; The Royal Telephone; My Jesus, I Love Thee; At The Cross; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Glory To His Name; Wasted Years; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; Lord, I'm Coming Home (Cat Freeman, Buddy Campbell, Dale McCoy, Norman Huxman, Whitey Gleason).

1962 My Home (Mid-America Recordings/LP-203):

1963 Walk, Talk, And Sing (Mid-America Recordings/LP-204): Walk, Talk, And Sing; He's My Dearest Friend; Closer; I Love The Lord; Beautiful City; I Asked The Lord; You Will Never Have To Journey Alone; In The Shelter Of His Arms; Don't You Want To See Daybreak; Til The End Time; Beside Still Waters; I'm So Happy. (Cat Freeman, Buddy Campbell, Dale McCoy, Norman Huxman, Whitey Gleason).

1963 He Is Mine (Mid-America Recordings/LP-205): He Is Mine; In The Garden; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; The Old Rugged Cross; My Lord's Been A Walkin'; I Know; He Said I'd Have A Mansion Waiting; Dry Bones; More About Jesus; After Awhile; I Don't Know; What Can I Do.

1963 Are You Sincere (Mid-America Recordings/LP-206): Are You Sincere; Everybody's Gonna Love Everybody; Room At The Cross; At The Altar; Jubilee; On The Jericho Road; Taller Than Trees; Hide Me, Rock Of Ages; Amazing Grace; Without The Lord; That Happy Feeling; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow. (Cat Freeman, Buddy Campbell, Dale McCoy, Norman Huxman, Whitey Gleason).

1963 I Cannot Fail The Lord (Mid-America Recordings/LP-207):

1964 Where Will You Be (Mid-America Recordings/LP-208):

1964 Sheryl Dewey And The Jubilee Quartet (Mid-America Recordings/LP-209):

1965 How Great Thou Art (Mid-America Recordings/LP-210): How Great Thou Art; Someone; The Stranger Of Galilee; The Touch Of The Master's Hand; Wait And See; I've Just Heard From Heaven; My Jesus; From Sin I've Been Freed; Life's Railway To Heaven; Talk It Over To Jesus; When We Reach Heaven; Jesus Hold My Hand.

1965 My Heart Belongs To Jesus (Mid-America Recordings/LP-211):

1966 Walk With Me (Mid-America Recordings/LP-212):

1967 It's Music Time (Mid-America Recordings/215): Every Day He'll Be There; Somewhere; He'll Be Your Friend; Walk In Jerusalem Just Like John; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; Brighten The Corner; House Of Gold; The Answer's On The Way; Oh, How I Love Jesus; I Want To Be Ready; Lovest Thou Me; The Old Gospel Ship. (The first six songs feature the Jubilee Quartet. The final six feature a group called the Singing Deweys).

1967 Tenth Anniversary Album (Mid-America Recordings/218): Jubilee; He's My Dearest Friend; Old Time Religion; He Looked Beyond My Faults; Old Doc Brown; Now I Have Everything; Daddy Sang Bass; Remind Me Dear Lord; For You I Am Praying; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; When I Get On My Knees; His Name Is God.

1967 Live...At Convention Hall (Hutchinson, Kansas) (Mid-America Recordings/LP-220): I'd Rather Be A Christian; I'm So Happy; Let The Church Roll On; Who Am I; I'll Be Listening; His Grace Reaches Me; Jesus Is The Way; Goodbye, World, Goodbye; Walk With Me; Walk, Talk, And Sing; Undying Love; The Assurance March; My Lord Has The Answer; The Stranger Of Galilee; After All; At The Altar.

1967 Sincerely Yours (Mid-America Recordings/221): I've Got A Wonderful Feeling; I'm Never Alone; I'll Be True; Blues; Turn Your Cup Rightside Up; These Are The Things That Matter; Jesus Walked On The Water; Everyday I Need Someone?; There'll Be No Sorrow In Paradise; Happiness Is Knowing Jesus; Everything's Alright; May You Always Find A Rainbow.

1968 Have You Seen The Cross (Mid-America Recordings/LP-224): He'll Reach Down; Have You Seen The Cross; The Touch Of God; I Have A Place To Fill; Don't Walk Away From The Savior; That's Why I Love Him Best Of All; Are You All That You Could Be; Drive Away Your Troubles With A Song; I Don't Want To Live Without My Lord; Let Him Show You Away.

1968 Spotlight On Steve (Mid-America Recordings/LP-225): Friendship; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; He's The One; Cleanse Me; The Third Man; He Will; Jesus Is Calling; I Need Jesus; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Where Could I Go. (Whitey Gleason, Stan Bonham, Rex Stafford, Jimmy Jay, Doug Campbell).

1969 There's An Answer Through Faith (Mid-America Recordings/LP-227): I See Jesus; I'm Bound For That City; He Touched Me; No Tears In Heaven; I Know Somebody; The Cross Is Heavy; Peace Like A River; Somewhere; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; There's An Answer Through Faith.

1970 You Knew (Mid-America Recordings/LP-228): I Always Get An Answer; I'm A Happy Christian; When I Found Jesus; When I'm Blue; I Am Dying Here For You; Riches More Precious Than Gold; I Got Shoes; You Knew; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Power In The Blood.

1970 Jubilee Quartet Favorites Volume 1 (Mid-America Recordings/LP-229): I'd Rather Be A Christian; If You Know; I Recommend Jesus; I'm Gonna Rise; Take Care Of Your Soul; Let The Church Roll On; There's Only One; Where Will You Be; This Little Light; If I Walk With God.

1971 Old Things Have Passed Away (Mid-America Recordings/LP-230): Old Things Have Passed Away; If You Want Joy; Take Your Troubles To The Lord; Jesus Is The Way; Journey To Heaven; When He Reached Down His Hand; Jesus Took My Sorrow Away; In The Beginning; My Heart Belongs To Jesus; My Lord Has The Answer.

1971 Songs With A Message (Mid-America Recordings/LP-231): It's No Good; I Will Never Be The Same; Wait And See; Oh Yes It's True; Paradise Is Waiting; No Longer Do I Walk Alone; One Touch Was Enough; I Feel Better Now; Hold Steady; I Don't Want To Live Without My Lord.

1972 I've Been Changed (Mid-America Recordings/LP-232): I've Been Changed; Contentment; Picture Of A Lost Man; When Will We Learn; I Know There Is A Savior; The Record Is Clear; Now I Am Satisfied; Stop, Look, And Listen; How Long; God Cares.

1972 Live...Topeka, Kansas (Mid-America Recordings/LP-233): On My Knees; Since Jesus Came In; What A Meeting In The Sky; Where No One Stands Alone; One Of These Days; The Road Will Never Be Lonely; Every Day; There Is Nothing Too Hard For Jesus; I've Been Living On The Mountain.

1974 Jubilee Quartet Favorites Volume Five (Mid-America Recordings/LP-245): If I Walk With God; He Looked Beyond My Fault; One Of These Days; Oh What A Relief Is Mine; Everything's Alright; You've Never Lived; Climb Every Mountain; Try Him, You'll Love Him; May You Always Find A Rainbow; The Old Rugged Cross.

1974 Jubilee Quartet Favorites Volume Six (Mid-America Recordings/LP-246): The Greatest Joy; One Solitary Life; God Had A Better Idea; I Forgive; Every Moment Is A Memory; Every Day I Need Someone; I've Been Changed; Since Jesus Came In; Life Get's Better Every Day; The Lord's Prayer.

1974 Listen To The Inspirational Sounds Of The Jubilee Quartet (Mid-America Recordings/LP-250): He'll Be Your Friend; Listen Believe And Obey; I Am Dying Here For You; Whispering Hope; Jesus Is Passing This Way; I'm A Happy Christian; I Don't Fear The Darkness; The Moment I Found Him; You Will Never Have To Journey Alone; There Is Nothing Too Hard For Jesus.

1974 Never Believe The Devil! (Mid-America Recordings/LP-251): Never Believe The Devil; Lord, I Need Your Help; My Lord Has The Answer; In The Garden; You Better Believe It; Every Day; Wonderful Grace Of Jesus; Read Your Bible Every Day; Down From His Glory; Happiness Is Knowing Jesus.

1974 Since He Rescued Me (Mid-America Recordings/LP-252): Since He Rescued Me; I'll Walk With God; Everywhere He Leads Me; Then It Will Be Too Late; God Is Mine; I'll Work For Jesus; Lost In The Night; Listen When He Calls; May You Always Find A Rainbow; God Cares.

1975 The Sounds Of Whitey Gleason At The Keyboard (Mid-America Recordings/LP-323): He's Got The Whole World In His Hands; Lead Me Gently Home; Royal Telephone; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me; Kneel At The Cross; Jacob's Ladder; Walk, Talk And Sing; Showers Of Blessing; This World Is Not My Home; Lord, I'm Coming Home; Down By The Riverside.

1975 Mister Piano Plays For You (Mid-America Recordings/LP-324): Do Lord; Christ Arose; Down On My Knees; Standin' In The Need Of Prayer; Whispering Hope; I'll Fly Away; Victory In Jesus; He Set Me Free; Haven Of Rest; Old Time Power.

197? Jubilee Quartet Favorites Volume Two (Mid-America Recordings/LP-):

197? Jubilee Quartet Favorites Volume Three (Mid-America Recordings/LP-):

197? Jubilee Quartet Favorites Volume Four (Mid-America Recordings/LP-):

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