Group Members

The Florida Boys

Guy Dodd (1946-1952)
Buddy Mears (1952-1956)
Coy Cook (1958-1966)
Tommy Atwood (1966-1972)
Johnny Cook (1972-briefly)
Laddie Cain (1972-1975)
Paul Adkins (1975)
Jerry Trammell (1975-1979)
Don Thomas (1980-1982)
Mark Flaker (1982-1983)
Terry Davis (1983-1986)
Rick Busby (1986-1988)
Greg Shockley (1988)
Greg Cook (1988-1995)
Billy Hodges (1995-97)
Allen Cox (1997-2004)
Harold Reed (2004-2007)
Josh Garner (2007) (also sang lead)

Roy Howard (1946-1951)
Doyle Wiggins (1952-53)
Les Beasley (1953-1999)
Josh Garner (1999-2007) (also sang tenor)

Edward Singletary (1946-1952)
Glen Allred (Sep 1952-1957; 1958-2007)
Tommy Fairchild (1957)

J G Whitfield (1946-1958)
George Younce (1958 - briefly)
Billy Todd (1959-1972)
Buddy Liles (1972-1998)
Gene McDonald (1998-2007)
Butch Owens (2007)

Tiny Merrell (1946)
Sue Whitfield (????)
Joe Thomas (????)
Emory Parker (1954)
Livy Freeman (1955)
Derrell Stewart (1956-2007)

Bass Guitar
Tommy Watwood (1976)
Barry Miller (1977-1983)
Les Beasley (19??-2007)

Glen Allred (????-????)

Chet Johnson (1973-?)

Various Instruments
Tim Lovelace (1987-1996?)

Charlie Waller's Florida Boys

Eddie Broome (2008-2015)
Nathan Parrish (2015-2016)

Charlie Waller (2008-2016)

Buddy Burton (2008-2010)
Chip Cooper (2010-2015) (also sang bass)
Jimmy Reno (2015-2016)

Chip Cooper (2008-2010) (also sang baritone
Paul Hyde (2010-2012)
Joe Armstrong (2012-2016)

Joshua Pope (2008; 2011-2016)

Florida Boys (1946-2007) (2008-2014)


The Florida Boys were originally known as the Gospel Melody Quartet. The group was formed in 1946 by J G Whitfield. Whitfield changed the group's name in the mid-1950s inspired by Wally Fowler, who often introduced them on his programs as "those boys from Florida with sand in their shoes and a song in their heart." Whitfield left the group a couple of years later, turning over the management of the group to Les Beasley.

Under the leadership of Whitfield and Beasley, the Florida Boys became involved in television first on the Gospel Song Shop and later on the popular Gospel Singing Jubilee. They were also the first group signed to the Canaan Records label.

On radio, the Florida Boys are most remembered for their 1985 release "When He Was On The Cross." It held the top position on the Singing News chart for five months from August through December.

Baritone singer and guitar player Glen Allred, bass guitarist/former lead singer Les Beasley, and pianist Derrell Stewart were with the Florida Boys for more than 50 years dating from the 1950s to 2007. When they decided to retire in 2007, their initial plan was to retire the group name at the same time. Grand Ole Gospel Reunion promoter Charlie Waller worked out a deal to continue the group.

Waller's new Florida Boys were introduced in 2007 at the National Quartet Convention after the farewell performance by the original Florida Boys. Waller's group began officially touring in 2008. The line-up featured an entirely new cast including Waller himself singing lead, former Palmetto State Quartet tenor Eddie Broome singing tenor, Buddy Burton singing baritone, Chip Cooper singing bass, and Joshua Pope playing piano. Cooper shifted to baritone after the departure of Burton and the arrival of bass singer Paul Hyde in 2010. The group disbanded in 2016 after an eight-year run.


Dove Awards Television Program: Gospel Jubilee (1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1978)
GMA Hall Of Fame (1999)


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