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2008 I Give You... (Custom Records): Love Is The Key; It Won't Be Long; My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me; After All; Master Locksmith; I Must Tell Jesus; Many Miles; Love Thy Neighbor; Yesterday; Meeting In The Air. (Dustin Bearden, Charlie Waller, Buddy Burton, Chip Cooper, Joshua Pope).

2008 O What Love (Custom Records): Camping In Canaan's Land; Heartbeat From Heaven; O What Love; Then I Found Jesus; Too Much To Gain To Lose; I Saw The Light; The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference; Great Is The Lord; When He Was On The Cross; Working On A Building. (Dustin Bearden, Charlie Waller, Buddy Burton, Chip Cooper).

20?? On A Journey (Custom Records): Going On A Journey; Gloryland; When The Saints Go Marching In; Lead Me To The Altar (featuring Les Beasley); I Lean On You Lord; Country Boy; Leak In This Old Building; I Want To See Jesus; O What Love; Daddy Sang Bass; My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me; When He Was On The Cross; Then I Found Jesus; Heartbeat From Heaven; Patriotic Medley.

2011 "Discriminately Different" (Custom Records): One Of These Mornings; The Little Boy From The Carpenter Shop; Under His Feet; Thank You Jesus; I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray; Roll Back River Jordan; Just A Little While; The Brave Apostles Twelve; There's A Light Guiding Me; I'm On My Way; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; Roll Away Troubled River. (Eddie Broome, Charlie Waller, Chip Cooper, Paul Hyde).

20?? Music That Got Us Here (Custom Records): A Man Who Is Wise; Iím On The Right Road Now; Without A Valley; I Came Here To Stay; I Have A Desire; On The Sunny Banks; Eternal Vacation; I Saw The Face Of Jesus; I Am A Pilgrim; Jesus Take Hold; Light Of Love.

20?? Time (Custom Records): Salvationís Plan; Great Final Day; I WonĎt Take Less Than Your Love; Stay Near Me; Standing On The Solid Rock; Gonna Be Moviní; Men With Broken Hearts; Donít Get Down On Jesus; One More Mountain; Love Lifted Me; Until You Find The Lord. (Eddie Broome, Charlie Waller, Chip Cooper, Joe Armstrong, Joshua Pope).

20?? Overtime (Custom Records): I Just Canít Make It By Myself; The Preacher And The Bear; Iíve Got News; Thatís Just His Way; Break Bread; If We Never Meet Again Medley; I Feel Like Traveling On; Love Of The Mountains; Country Pride; I Can Hardly Wait; Unobstructed View. (Eddie Broome, Charlie Waller, Chip Cooper, Joe Armstrong, Joshua Pope).
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