Dixie Echoes (2006)

Group Members

George Forbis (1960-1966)
Coy Cook (1966-1969)
Larry Ford (1969-1970)
Bobby Clark (1970)
Billy Dale Sexton (1971-1973)
Tim Shelby (1973-1975)
Gerry Stroup (1975-1976)
Andrew Shelnut (1976-1982)
Robbie Myrick (1982)
Eddie Broome (1982-1983)
Keith Thornton (1983-1985)
Doyle Harper (1985-1991)
Buddy Stokley (1991-1996)
Kevin Ivey (1996-2001)
Billy Hodges (2001-2003)
David Robinson (2004-2005)
Dallas Rogers (2005-2007)
Wesley Smith (2008-2011)
Michael Helwig (2011-2012)
Craig Thomas (2012-2013)
George Shelton Jr (2013-2015) (Also filled in after the departure of Adair in 2019. Jim Cox, Ben Stewart, Shane Mercer, and Wesley Smith also filled in during the 2-year interim.)
Stephen Adair (2015-2019)
Trenton Williamson (2021-2023)
Buddy Bates (2023-present)

Doyle Wiggins (1960-1963)
Jack Toney (1963)
Dale Shelnut (1963-1983)
Randy Shelnut (1983-present)(switched from baritone in 1983)

Joe Whitfield (1960-1970)
Randy Shelnut (1970-1983)(switched to lead in 1983, also played keyboard and guitar)
Craig Pippin (1983-1985)
Jimmy Fulbright (1985-1986)
Paul Vinson (1985-1995)
Randy Shelnut Jr (1995-2024) (also played bass guitar) (switched to bass singer in 2024)
Shannon Yates (2024-present)

J G Whitfield (1960-1967)
Paul Downing (1967)
Calvin Runion (1967-1968)
Ken Turner (1968-1970)
Tim Riley (1970-1973)
Wayne Diamond (1973-1974)
Eugene Hathcoat (1974-1976)
Randy Allred (1976-1983)
Tony Cole (1985-1990)
Ira Smith (1990-1991)
Mike Bullock (1991-1996)
Billy Todd (1996-2004)
Tracy Crouch (2004-2007)
Pat Barker (2007-2010)
Trent Adams (2010-2011)
Mike Jennings (2011-2012)
Jordan James (2012-2013)
Alex Utech (2013-2015)
Chandler Johnson (2015-2016)
Mark Cates (2016-2018; 2022-2024)
Jordan Wilson (2018-2022)
Randy Shelnut Jr (2024-present) (also played bass guitar) (switched from baritone in 2024)

Sue Whitfield (1960-1970)
Ralph Jarman (1967-1968)
Jim Garstang (1970-1971)
Vaughn Thacker (1971-1973)
Keith Palmer (1975-1977)
Randy Harper (1977-1979)
Garry Jones (1980-1981)
Randy Shelnut (Played piano at various times)
Sammy Pipkins (1986-1988)
Andrew Ishee (1995)
Stewart Varnado (1998-2012)
Ben Hart (2012-20??)

Bass Guitar
Randy Shelnut (1969-1974)
Randy Allred (1974-1976)
Steve Fowler (1984)
Randy Shelnut Jr (1990-present)

Hal Kennedy (1962-1967)(Also a featured vocalist)
Harold Friend (1969)
Junior Colley (1973)
John Noski (1976-1977)
Randy Shelnut (Played various years)

Jerry Washington (1970-1971)
Andrew Shelnut (1973-1976)
Jimmy Holmes (1977-1979)
Rick Gibson (1982-1983) (also sang bass on select songs)
Andrew Utech (2013-????) (also sang lead on select songs)

J G Whitfield

The Dixie Echoes (1960-Present)


The Dixie Echoes were launched in 1960 by J G Whitfield (popularly known as the "Ole Gospel Man"). Whitfield had resigned singing bass with the Florida Boys in 1958. He named his new group The Messengers. Members included George Forbis (tenor), Doyle Wiggins (lead), Joe Whitfield (baritone), J G Whitfield (bass), and Sue Whitfield (piano).

In 1962, they were renamed The Dixie Echoes Quartet. Wiggins was replaced by Jack Toney for a short time in 1963. That same year, Toney left and was replaced by Dale Shelnut. From that point on, the Dixie Echoes and the Shelnut name became synonymous. Dale sang lead for the next 20 years.

J G Whitfield transferred ownership of the Dixie Echoes to his brother and sister-in-law (Joe and Sue Whitfield) in 1970 when he decided to focus on concert promotion and launching the Singing News magazine. The Whitfields in turn sold the group to Dale when they decided to come off the road in 1972. Dale's son, Randy, had joined the Dixie Echoes in 1969 to play bass guitar. In 1972, Randy replaced Joe Whitfield at the baritone position.

For a while in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Randy's brother Andrew Shelnuet sang tenor for the Dixie Echoes. Dale suffered a fatal heart attack in 1983 at the age of 47. After this untimely death, Randy followed in his father's footsteps as the group's lead singer. For the next two years, the Dixie Echoes traveled as a trio, but in 1985 they returned to the quartet format.

In 1990, the Dixie Echoes/Shelnut correlation extended another generation when Randy "Scoot" Shelnut Jr. began singing baritone alongside his father. Scoot also plays bass guitar.

Over the years, the Dixie Echoes have appeared on numerous television programs, but are probably best remembered for appearing on The Gospel Singing Jubilee.

Both Dale and Randy Shelnut have been inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Association's Hall Of Fame.


Singing News Fan Awards:
Favorite Band (1977)


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