Crabb Family 1996

Group Members

Gerald Crabb (1995 - ????)
Kathy Crabb (1995 - ?????)
Jason Crabb (1995 - 2007)
Kelly Bowling (1995 - 2007)
Aaron Crabb (???? - 2007)
Terah Penhollow (???? - 2007)
Adam Crabb (???? - 2007)
Zach Smith (???? - 2007)
Justin Ellis (???? - 2007)
Lorie Sykes (???? - 2007)
David Sykes (???? - 2007)
Micah Schweinsberg (???? - 2007)

Crabb Family (1995-2007)


Gerald and Kathy Crabb organized the Crabb Family in the mid-1990s. As the group progressed, their five children joined them in the venture. Based in Kentucky, the group was quickly accepted by Southern Gospel radio and concert fans. Siblings Jason and Aaron played guitar, and their brother Adam played harmonica. Sisters Kelly and Terah were featured singers. Kathy Crabb played keyboard during their early years.

Their song “Please Forgive Me” was the number one song on the Singing News chart from July through October in 1998. This was the first in a long string of number one songs.

Gerald and Kathy withdrew from the concert stage to a degree after the turn of the century. Their daughter Terah also stopped touring for a while. The cover of the 2004 recording Driven displayed siblings Jason, Kelly, Adam, and Aaron. With pop influenced songs like “Sacrifice Of Praise,” a Southern rock feel with “Chapter 2,” and a remake of “Through The Fire” with Donnie McClurkin joining the group on vocals, the new recording opened a number of doors to the Crabb Family and garnered Dove Award nominations for the group in categories where Southern Gospel artists are typically overlooked.

By 2005, Gerald Crabb was established as a soloist and songwriter. The Crabb Family was also actively involved in launching the careers of artists like the McCraes and the Hoskins Family through their own record label. Creative marketing techniques combined with events like Crabbfest and the Crabb Jam tour constantly kept the group’s name in front of their fans.

The Crabb Family officially disbanded in 2007 a few months after Gerald and Kathy divorced. Jason embarked on a solo career, Kelly joined her husband Mike Bowling’s group, Adam and Terah launched Crabb Revival, and Aaron began focusing on evangelism. The five siblings have reunited for several tours and recordings since 2007.


Singing News Fan Awards:
Favorite Band (1999, 2003)

Dove Awards:
Southern Gospel Album Of The Year - A Crabb Collection (2003); The Walk (2004); Driven (2005); Live At Brooklyn Tabernacle (2006)
Southern Gospel Recorded Song Of The Year - "The Cross" (2004); "He Came Looking For Me" (2005); "Through The Fire" (2006); "My King Is Known By Love" (2021)
Country Recorded Album Of The Year - "Forever" (2005)
Traditional Gospel Recorded Song Of The Year - "Through The Fire" (featuring Donnie McClurkin) (2005); "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus" (2007)


1995 Looking Ahead (Custom Records): Living On The Edge; Trumpet In The Ground; Give Him The Battle; Where Would I Be; Ghost Stories; Exit Of The Grave; It's Almost Time To Say Goodbye; Redeemed; Still Small Voice; He Makes The Sun Rise For Me.

1996 Still Holdin' On (Zion Records/Z235): Not Even A Stone; The Door; That's What Champions Are Made Of; In The Middle Of The Night; Where We'll Never Die; Something Going On In The Graveyard; He's Coming Back For Me; Still Holdin' On; This World Is Not My Home; Something Out Of Nothing.

1996 Alive And Kickin (Zion Records/Z241): Living On The Edge; I Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My Journey Now; He's Coming Back For Me; Something Out Of Nothing; Still Holdin' On; Something Going On In The Graveyard; Give Up; The Old Gospel Ship; Where We'll Never Die; There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down.

1997 Yesterday, Today And Forever (Morningstar Records/MS4267): I'm Running On; Please Forgive Me; I'll Take Jesus; The Lighthouse; It's Beyond Me; One More River; Walking On The Water; I Won't Walk Without Jesus; Give Him The Battle; Midst Of The Flames; Rest In Him.

1998 Prayer In Motion (Cross And Crown Records/CC7002): Almost Home; Trail Of Tears; I Sure Miss You; No Hearse At My Door; Two Little Feet; The Lamb, The Lion And The King; He's Father To Me; God's Barrel Don't Run Dry; He Makes The Sun Rise; Takin' It Back; A Place We've Never Been.

1998 Live In Nashville (Morningstar Records): Something Going On In The Graveyard; Still Holdin' On; Holding To His Nail Scarred Hands; Meeting In The Air; The Lighthouse; I'm Running On; I'll Take Jesus; Please Forgive Me; Walking On The Water.

1999 Crabb Grass (Family Music Group/SMG 1001): Gonna Find Me A Mountain; Two Coats; I Sure Miss You; Wake Up Sleeping Giant; Victory In Jesus; A Greater Light; The Crossing's Wide; The Happy Song; Take My Hand Precious Lord; An Answered Prayer.

1999 Pray (Family Music Group/FMG1006): Jesus In A Song; When It's My Time; When I Think Of Love; Through The Fire; Oh Death; A Mountain Top For Me; Flower In Full Bloom; I've Got A Right To Pray; Another Valley Left Behind; Living In Canaan; Brother's Forever.

2000 Live From Kentucky (Family Music Group/FMG1010): Almost Home; Trail Of Tears; He's Father To Me; The Lamb, The Lion And The King; Two Little Feet; I Sure Miss You; Medley Of Hits; God's Barrel Don't Run Dry; No Hearse At My Door; The Lighthouse; Two Coats; An Answered Prayer; Please Forgive Me; I Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My Journey Now.

2000 The Locket (Family Music Group/FMG1012CD): The Locket; Meek And Mild; Simeon; Kentucky Christmas; Ordinary Christmas; Your First Christmas In Heaven; Christmas In The Country; It's Christmas Once Again; All I Want For Christmas; Christmas Time's A Coming; The Least That I Can Do.

2001 Living Out The Dream (Family Music Group/FMG1014): That's No Mountain; Living Out The Dream; I'll Not Fear The Crossing; If God Built The Building; The Reason That I'm Standing; Harvest Time; Amazing Grace; You Chose To Be My Friend; He'll Make A Way; Smile Again; Let's All Get Together; Please Come Down To Me; God's Hand Of Wrath; Singing And Rejoicing.

2002 A Crabb Collection (Family Music Group/FMG1017): Don't You Wanna Go; Through The Fire; Where We'll Never Die; Jesus In A Song; Not Even A Stone; I Sure Miss You; I'm Running On; I've Come To Take You Home; The Lamb, The Lion And The King; Brother's Forever; Still Holdin' On; Trail Of Tears; Two Little Feet; Somebody Did Some Praying For Me; Final Chapter; Something Going On In The Graveyard; Please Forgive Me; Covered In Red; Redeemed; Walking On The Water.

2003 The Walk (Daywind Records/DAY1337): Greater Is He That Is In Me; I Will Follow You; The Walk; If You Only Knew; The Cross; Traveling On; Wounded Soldier; Jesus Will Do What You Can't; You Let The Light Back In; His Grace; I Could Tell You Had Forgotten; Lend A Hand; Who Will Survive The Storm.

2004 Crabb Fest Live 2003 (Daywind Records/DAY1380): Don't You Wanna Go (Crabb Family); When We All Get To Heaven (Brian Free & Assurance); So Close To Home (Brian Free & Assurance); The Call (Acappella) (Mike Bowling); I Take Him Back (Mike Bowling); Please Come Down To Me (Crabb Family); While I Wait (LordSong); I Refuse To Be Afraid (LordSong); The Walk (Crabb Family); The Cross (Crabb Family); Damascus Road (Perrys); Calvary Answers For Me (Perrys); You Let The Light Back In (Crabb Family); Hard Knocks (Gerald Crabb); When The Savior Wipes The Tears From Our Eyes (Hoskins Family); Safe Thus Far (Hoskins Family); Through The Fire (Crabb Family).

2004 Driven (Daywind Records/DAY1383): Promised Land; The Shepherd's Call; Sacrifice Of Praise; My Keeper; Good Day; Forever; Walk Away; Rahab; You Can't Imagine; Chapter Two; A Soldier On His Knees; He Came Looking For Me; Through The Fire.

2005 Live At Brooklyn Tabernacle (Daywind Records/DAY1440D): Introduction by Pastor Cymbala; Greater Is He; You Let The Light Back In; His Grace; Don't You Wanna Go; Holy Ground; Please Come Down To Me; Through The Fire; Amazing Grace; Please Forgive Me; Gerald Crabb testimony; The Reason That I'm Standing; Something Going On In The Graveyard; The Cross; The Lamb, The Lion And The King.

2006 Blur The Lines (Clear Cool Music/CC1477): Friend Of God; Redeemer; One Day; Holding Out Hope To You; I Go To The Rock; Shout To The Lord; Nothing But The Blood; Call On Jesus; Champion Of Love; Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus; I Can't Live A Day; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Amigo De Dios.

2007 Letting Go (Daywind Records/DAY1538): The Cafe; Give You Praise; Letting Go; Give It All To Him; You Saved Me; Don't Wait; Child Of The King; Holy One; Brothers And Friends; Outspoken; Holy Ghost Stomp; Redeemer (Remix).

2008 The Hits...Live (Daywind Records): Don't You Wanna Go; Sacrifice Of Praise; The Cross; The Lamb, The Lion And The King; He Came Looking For Me; The Walk; Please Come Down To Me; Greater Is He; The Reason That I'm Standing; Through The Fire; I've Never Been This Homesick Before.

2009 Grand Finale - The Ultimate Concert Experience (New Haven Records): Introduction; Promised Land; My Keeper; Greater Is He; Traveling On; Amazing Grace; Please Forgive Me; Please Come Down To Me; Because Of Who You Are; Through The Fire; I'm Going Home With Jesus; Good Day; I've Come To Take You Home; I'd Rather Have Jesus; The Lamb, The Lion And The King; Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus; There's Power In The Blood; Redeemer.

2010 The Ballads (Daywind Records/DAY1725D): I'd Rather Have Jesus; The Cross; Wounded Soldier; Please Come Down To Me; Redeemer; The Reason That I'm Standing; The Shepherd's Call; Through The Fire; A Soldier On His Knees; Letting Go; Champion Of Love.

2012 Together Again (Gaither Music Group): Back To The Front Porch; God Has A Plan; You Can't Do That Anymore; This Is You And Me; If There Ever Was A Time; Come Home; No Problems; I Love You This Much; Life Meets Grace; Say A Prayer (Jason, Kelly, Adam, Terah, Aaron).

2020 20/20 (Daywind Records/DAY-1211): I See Revival; Stones; Mountaintop For Me; Walk On Water; My King Is Known By Love; The Altar Still Calls; Never Been; Keep Me; If God Is For Me; Sister Play That Tambourine (Jason, Kelly, Adam, Terah, Aaron).
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