Group Members

Lem Boyles (1953-1957)
Duane Nicholson (1957-1980, 1984-2000) (Switched from lead)
Larry More (1998-2010)

Dick Malone (1953-1955)
Eddie Mosher (1955-1956)
Duane Nicholson (1956-1957) (Switched to tenor)
Neil Enloe (1957-1980, 1984-2000) (Played piano briefly)
Scott Womble (1998-2005)
Brett Scarem (2005-2008)
Tom Keel (2008-2009) (Also played piano)

Roger Kling (1953-1955)
Don Baldwin (1955-1965)
Phil Enloe (1965-1967, 1984-2000)
Dave Kyllonen (1967-1980) (Switched from bass)
Kris Walker (1998-2002)
Tim Beitzel (2002-2010)

Cliff King (1953-1955)
Dave Kyllonen (1955-1967)

Nick Schubert (1953-1955)
Dewey Jernigan (1955)
Jim Collins (1955)
Bob Casebeer (1955)
Larry Turner (1956)
Eddie Reece (1956-1960)
Neil Enloe (1960, 1967)
Jerry Evans (1960-1962)
L David Young (1962-1965)
Eddie Hawks (1965-1967)
Tom Keel (2005-2009) (Also sang lead from 2008 on)

The Couriers (1953-1980, 1984-2010)


The history of the Couriers reaches further back than most are aware. The Couriers was one of many names used by student outreach ministry teams at Central Bible Institute, (C.B.I.) in Springfield, Missouri for many years. Most of the teams were musical groups; duets, trios, quartets, ensembles, etc. Though the outreach group names were never officially owned by the school; now an accredited college, each year students would assume one of these established names which had previously gained a quality reputation by other alumni. Because of this practice each recycled group name took on new life each year. The same group personnel usually didn't last more than a semester or at longest a full school term. With a constant flow of senior graduations and freshmen enrollments each group would either be reorganized or revitalized annually.

"The Couriers" originally formed in 1953, consisted of Dick Malone, lead; Roger Kling, baritone; Nick Schubert, pianist; Lem Boyles, tenor and Cliff King, bass. They were the most sought after bible school group during their year and a half tenure.

The group endured many personnel changes before turning full-time professional in 1958 and relocating to Pennsylvania. The group went though many changes during the next 22 years, including switching from a quartet to a trio, until Neil Enloe and Duane Nicholson decided to retire the group in 1980. In 1984, Duane and Neil decided to reorganize the group and the Couriers were reborn, with Neil's brother Phil rejoining the group.

In 1998, Duane, Neil, and Phil decided it was time to take on new members and pave the way for others to take over the Couriers legacy. They hired Larry More, Scot Womble (Philís son-in-law) and Kris Walker (Duaneís son-in-law) and worked with them for two years. In 2000, Duane, Neil, and Phil retired from the Couriers.


1958 6th Anniversary (Hymntone Records/1507/1508): Something Within; It Took A Miracle; When We All Get Together Up There; Get Right (This release was from 2-45's).

1958 Beyond The Sunset (Hymntone Records/LPH-C3077): Beyond The Sunset; How Many Times; Feeling Fine; Things That Matter; I Don't Mind; Oh What A Friend; Wonderful Love; Faith Unlocks The Door; Jesus Lifted Me; Every Hour And Every Day; I'm Thankful; Do You Know My Jesus.

1959 Southern Style Gospel Music (Hymntone Records/LPH-C3078): I'm Filled With Glory Divine; I Wonder Why He Loved Me; One By One; He Brought Peace; If You Know The Lord; Since I Let The Saviour Come In; God Knows It All; He's A Personal Saviour; I Am Heaven Bound; Plenty Of It Over There; Farther Along; Amazing Grace; Stranger Of Galilee (Also released as Couriers Quartet Presents).

1960 Answers Your Requests Hymntone Records/LPH-C3079): How Great Thou Art; His Face; I Want To Be More Like Jesus; I Saw A Man; You've Gotta Live Your Religion Every Day; Rainbow Of Love; Unclouded Day; Yes I Know; The Last Mile Of The Way; How Long Has It Been; The Love Of God; Hide Thou Me.

1960 In Town Tonight (Hymntone Records/LPH-C3080): Room At The Cross; Savior Gently Take Me Home; I'm Free Again; Oh Thou Blessed Rock Of Ages; Sorry I Never Knew You; To Me It's So Wonderful; Not My Will; Softly And Tenderly; Heaven's Jubilee; In The Cool Of The Evening; An Evening Prayer; Peace In The Valley.

1961 I Believe (Hymntone Records/LPS-3081): I Believe; Love Like The Love Of God; It Is Well With My Soul; He Bought My Soul At Calvary; Suppertime; Stepping In The Light; Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All; Swing Down, Sweet Chariot; His Promise Is True; Lift Me Up Above The Shadows; There's A Day Just Beyond. (Duane Nicholson, Neil Enloe, Don Baldwin, Dave Kyllonen).

1962 Dedicated To The Hymns (Hymntone Records/LPS-3082): Living By Faith; The Old Rugged Cross; In The Garden; Power In The Blood; Whispering Hope; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago; Open My Eyes; I've Pitched My Tent In Beulah Land; What A Friend; Amazing Grace; Lord, I'm Coming Home.

1962 The Lord's Prayer (Hymntone Records/LPS-3083): He'll Pilot Me; I Will Pilot Thee; When The Redeemed Are Gathering In; I'll Live In Glory; He's Everything To Me; Way Down Deep In My Soul; When He Set Me Free; If You Know The Lord; Something Took Hold Of Me; Lord Teach Me How To Pray; The Lord's Prayer; My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out.

1963 You Will Never Have to Journey Alone (Hymntone Records/LPS-3084): You Will Never Have To Journey Alone; Let God Abide; I've Decided; When You Pray; Until Then; He's A Personal Saviour; Dry Bones; Oh For A Faith; Oh Lord; Then I Prayed; Lovest Thou Me; Revival Choruses.

1963 Nothing But... The Gospel Truth (Warner Brothers/WB-1514): Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho; Ezekiel Saw The Wheel; Sweet Jesus; Down By The Riverside; He'll Understand And Say Well Done; Were You There; Oh Lord; Open Wide Thy Merciful Arms; Whosoever Meaneth Me; I Am Counting On You; If You Know The Lord; God Is Love.

1963 Joy To The World (Scripture Records/104): The First Noel; Angels We Have Heard On High; Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem; Angels From The Realms Of Glory; Joy To The World; Oh Come All Ye Faithful; There's A Song In The Air; It Came Upon A Midnight Clear; Silent Night; Hark The Herald Angels Sing; Lord Bless You And Keep You; Oh Holy Night.

1964 The Love Of God (Hymntone Records/LPS-3085): Rolling Riding Rocking; One Desire; Gonna Get Right; Is Thy Heart Right With God; As Flows The River; More About Jesus; I'll Be Satisfied; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; You'd Be Better Off; Let Us Break Bread Together; Rock In The Storm; The Love Of God.

1964 Honoring Jesus (Hymntone Records/LPS-3086): Gathering Home; Greatest Friend; I Am Resolved; I've Found A Friend; Victory In Jesus; When The Lord Is Near; Jesus Knows About You; Lily Of The Valley; Jesus Loves You; Led Out Of Bondage; Jesus Is The One; Take Up Thy Cross.

1964 We've Gotta Sing (Warner Brothers/WB-1547): Marching To Zion; I Know He Cares; Let Us Walk, Walk And Talk; One Day; Donít Turn Him Away; The Rest Of My Days; Circuit Riding Preacher; My Lord Is So Good To Me; Dear Jesus, Abide With Me; Higher Ground; Wonít You Go With Me; Jesus, Hold My Hand. (Neil Enloe, Duane Nicholson, Dave Kyllonen, Little David Young, Don Baldwin)

1965 Sensational Sounding (Canaan Records/CA-4608/CAS-9608): Turn Your Life Over To Him; Mighty Man; When It All Starts Happening; Smile On His Face; The Battle Is Almost Won; Stepping In The Light; I'll Be Somewhere Listening; Fill My Cup; Homecoming; Sometimes It Seems; At The End Of The Road; Thank You Lord.

1966 Sing Unto the Lord (Canaan Records/CA-4620/CAS-9620): Someday; Lead, Me To Calvary; I Donít Regret A Mile; Ask, Seek And Knock; With His Hands; Patiently; What A Friend He Is To Me; His Grace Is Sufficient For Me; Lily White Stone; That Beautiful Name; Lift Me Up Above The Shadows; He Cared That Much For Me. (Neil Enloe, Duane Nicholson, Dave Kyllonen, Phil Enloe, Eddie Hawks)

1966 The Couriers (Hymntone Records/HPS-7117): Revival Choruses II; I'll Leave It All Behind; Homecoming; Where He Leads I'll Follow; What The World Needs Is Jesus; The Old Landmark; I Love Him So; My Task; Dear Jesus, Abide With Me; We've Got A Great Big Wonderful God; I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go; God Will Take Care Of You.

1966 A Christmas Chorale (Hymntone Records/HPS-7120):

1966 Cross Country Concert (Hymntone Records/HPM-7121): Such Love; Give Me Jesus; I Need Thy Love; He's Life; Jesus Opened Up The Way; Sorry, I Never Knew You; Look Up; It Is No Secret; Only The Lord; I Will Live For Jesus; Calvary's Cross; Christ Returneth.

1966 Down Memory Lane (Hymntone Records/HPM-7142): Down Memory Lane; Ivory Palaces; How Tedious And Tasteless; Camping In Canaan's Land; He Hideth My Soul; Coming Up The Road; Twas A Glad Day When Jesus Found Me; Don't Turn Him Away; My Redeemer; We'll Work Till Jesus Comes; Cleanse Me; Hallelujah, What A Saviour.

1968 Dave, Duane, Neil (Hymntone Records/HPS-7232): He Is The Answer; Just Remember; There's No Distance In Prayer; Just A Closer Walk; No More; Saved By Grace; He'll Be There; Too Late; There's No One; Welcome Home; He's A Personal Savior; The Joy Of Knowing Jesus.

1968 Dedicated To Singing (Paradise Records/PR-1001): He Holds My Hand; Christ Jesus Is His Name; Oh Great Wonder; Spend Me; Called By Name; For Me; For Thy Name's Sake; Guilty; What Would It Profit; I Am Counting On You; You Can Trust Him; Flow Through Me.

1969 Coming And Going (Paradise Records/PR-1002): When We All Get To Heaven; Joy, Joy; My Savior First Of All; Great Is The Love Jesus Showed For Me; Come Unto Me; I Love To Tell The Story; Pity The Man; You Can't Get Away; Lost, Searching, Found; He Never Changes; The Lord's Prayer.

1969 I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say (Paradise Records/PR-1003): I'm Walking But I'm Not Alone; That's All I Need; The Glory Of His Presence; He The Pearly Gates Will Open; Potter, Vessel, Oil; I've Never Loved Him Better Than Today; Since Jesus Came Into My Heart; God Smiled; Jesus Lifted Me; My Friend And I; I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say.

1970 Sweet And Shouting Spirituals (Paradise Records/PR-1005): Come Alive; Balm In Gilead; I'll Walk Dem Golden Stairs; Who Can We Turn To; The Vision; I Want To Be Ready; He Will See You Through; Look The Whole World Over; Thank You, Lord; Sorry, I Never Knew You.

1971 Re-visit Vanzants (Paradise Records/PR-1006): Leave Everything To Him; He Will Provide; I Cannot Comprehend It; Oh, Tell Me More; What A Day; I Appreciate You, Lord; You Must Be Willing; Call Upon My Jesus; No Greater Love; Too Late.

1971 One Of A Kind (Paradise Records/PR-1007): By The Help Of The Lord; He's Changing Me; Alive And Living; He Paid The Price; He Only Sees The Blood; We Shall See The King; Jesus Is A Way Maker; Ready Or Not; Here He Comes; I Would Not Be Denied; Millions Dying.

1971 I've Got A Reason To Sing (Tempo Records/R-7018): In The Arms Of Sweet Deliverance; Let My Heart Be A Chapel; Set Me Free; While Ages Roll; I've Got A Reason To Sing; I Have A Peace In My Heart; God Is; He Is The Way; He Met Me There; Behold, He Stands And Knocks (Duane Nicholson, Neil Enloe, Dave Kyllonen).

1971 God Spoke (Tempo Records/R-7029): What A Happy Time; It's Called Love; Will You Receive The Lord; Until I Found The Lord; How Sweet It Is; God Spoke; His Grace Is Sufficient; I'm So Happy; The Glory Of Calvary's Cross; He Touched Me (Duane Nicholson, Neil Enloe, Dave Kyllonen).

1972 Town And Country (Tempo Records/R-7037): Today; When God Speaks; Walk With God; I Sing The Mighty Power Of God; A World Without Love; On Jordan's Stormy Banks; Guilty; I'm Going Back; He's More Than Just A Swear Word; Till The Storm Passes By; I Am Bound For The Promised Land.

1972 Sing Gospel Favorites (Tempo Records/R-7044): I Know; The Lighthouse; There's Something About That Name; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Oh, Happy Day; Redemption Draweth Nigh; Daddy Sang Bass; He Looked Beyond My Faults; I've Got Confidence; The King Is Coming.

1973 Sing Folk (Tempo Records/R-7059): Potter, Vessel, Oil; Look Up; Twelve Men; Hallowed Be Thy Name; Alleluia; Love Theme; John The Baptist; He Turned The Water Into Wine; Somebody Died For You; Jesus Is Saying.

1974 Statue Of Liberty (Tempo Records/R-7081): Only Jesus Satisfies; Peace Chorus; There Go I; Lord, Fill My Cup; Statue Of Liberty; The Joy Of Knowing Jesus; Ask, Seek, And Knock; Glory, Glory; Give Me Jesus; Lullaby.

1974 Sing With Us (Tempo Records/R-7096): Crouch Medley; Thank You, Lord; Goodbye World, Goodbye; Jacob's Ladder; I'm Feelin' Fine; I've Got Peace; The Bond Of Love; Lord, We Praise You; Holy, Holy.

1974 Reminiscent (Hymntone Records/HPS-7963): The Joy Of Knowing Jesus; Personal Savior; It Is No Secret; Twas A Glad Day; Ivory Palaces; We've Got A Great Big Wonderful God; Love Him So; Only The Lord; How Tedious And Tasteless; Such Love.

1975 Kinda Country (Tempo Records/R-7112): Country Church; God Brought Out The Child In Me; I'm The Lamb; Coming Again; Can't Wait Till He's Here; For Those Tears I Died; You Won't Scare God Away; Empty Hands; Medley: He Is Lord/Alleluia/Because He Lives.

1976 Mighty Power (Tempo Records/R-7119): Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah; Saviour, More Than Life; Love Divine, All Loves Excelling; All The Way My Saviour Leads; I Sing The Mighty Power Of God; There Is Power In The Blood; What A Friend; Surely Goodness And Mercy; At The Cross; I Love To Tell The Story.

1976 Ovation - Live (Tempo Records/R-7134): I Sing The Mighty Power; Happiness Is Following Jesus; Glory Hallelujah; I'm The Lamb; Rise And Be Healed; Medley: There's Something About That Name/He Touched Me/Family Of God/Let's Just Praise The Lord/The King Is Coming/Battle Hymn Of The Republic; Country Church; I'm Feelin' Fine; Joy, Joy; For Those Tears I Died; From A Star To Stripes; Statue Of Liberty; He's More Than Just A Swearword; You Won't Scare God Away; Empty Hands; The Lord's Prayer; How Great Thou Art; Because He Lives; Amazing Grace.

1977 Comfort, Strength And Happiness (Tempo Records/R-7176): I'll Keep Holding On To Jesus; No Power Of My Own; A Song To Sing At Midnight; More Than Love; Restore My Soul; Happiness Is Following Jesus; Tears Are A Language (God Understands); What Can I Do For My Country; Good Old Days; We Really Do (Duane Nicholson, Neil Enloe, Dave Kyllonen).

1978 We're Peculiar People (Paradise Records/PR-4850): We're Peculiar People; He Was There All The Time; Jesus Unhooked Me; Lift Up The Name Of Jesus; Will You Carry My Cross; It Keeps On Coming Back; I'm Clean; Brand New Man; Open My Understanding; Jesus Loves You.

1979 Peace On Earth (Paradise Records/PR-4851): Medley: Joy To The World/Hark The Herald Angels Sing; Silent Night; O Holy Night; Medley: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Go Tell It On The Mountain; It Came Upon A Midnight Clear; Come On Ring Those Bells; Do You Hear What I Hear; Medley: Angels We Have Heard On High/Angels From The Realms Of Glory; What Child Is This; O Little Town Of Bethlehem.

1984 50th Golden Jubilee Album (Couriers Records/NC-50): Hallelujah; Praise God Anyhow; John 3:16; Filthy Rags; Jesus Commercial; A Mighty Fortress; I Am The Word; Woman; Love Smashed Upon The Rocks; He's Ever Interceding.

1985 Soaps And Saints (Couriers Records/NC-51): Soap; He's More Than Just A Swearword; Higher Ground; Restore A Fallen Brother; I'm Still Amazed; Power; Don't Quit Now; Only Jesus Satisfies; Celebration Song; I'm The Lamb.

1998 No Ordinary Trio (Couriers Records/NC-56):

2000 45th Year Commemorative Album (Couriers Records/NC-57):

2003 Continuing The Vision (Couriers Records/TC-60): He's So Good To Me; Dear Jesus, Abide With Me; I'll Walk With God; The Vision; Seek The Lost; God Became A Little Lamb; Amazing Love; Listening For The Sound; Here I Am, Lord; Rent, With The Option To Buy; God Is Good. (Larry More, Scot Womble, Tim Beitzel)

2004 Couriers Live (Couriers Records): Put Your Hope In Jesus; Oh Lord, I Need A Miracle; Jesus Took Care Of It All; He Touched Me; A Mighty Fortress Is Our God; Whole Heart; While The Ages Roll; Loaves And Fishes; You Wonít Scare God Away; I Sing The Mighty Power Of God; Country Church; Heís More Than Just A Swearword; Statue Of Liberty; John The Baptist; Step By Step; God Will Take Care Of You. (Scot Womble, Larry More, Tim Beitzel).

???? Eastern District CA's (Custom Records):

???? Unforgetable (Hymntone Records/LPM-6085):

???? Everybody Loves Vanzant's Songs (Hymntone Records):

???? Sing-A-Thon (Custom Records):

???? You Got A Lot To Like (Paradise Records/PR-1001/PR-1003/PR-1006): (Box Set)

???? The Best Of The Couriers (Couriers Records/NC-49):

???? A New Song (Couriers Records/NC-52):

???? Enduring Faith (Couriers Records/NCCD-56):

???? Silent Night: A Courier Christmas (Couriers Records/NC-58):

???? I Would Be Like Jesus (Couriers Records/NC-61):

???? The Real Deal (Couriers Records/NC-62):

???? Couriers Couriers Couriers Couriers
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