Terry VanderStoep (????-????)

Stan Kirschenmann (????-????) (also sang baritone)
Don Smith (????-????)

Wayne Eirish (????-????)
Stan Kirschenmann (????-????) (also sang lead)

Tom Steiber (????-????)
John Gragg (????-????)

The Gospel Sons (1968-????)

The Gospel Sons were based in Tillamook, Oregon.


1969 From Heaven's Balcony (RPC Records/JZB-33951--JZB-33952): Sweeter Gets The Journey; Till There Was Jesus; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey; O How I Love Jesus (medley); I'm Going To A City; I've Been With Jesus; From Heaven's Balcony; That Is Why I Sing; God Is Alive; In The House Of The Lord; Joy In The Camp; Until You've Known; Keep On Holding; In The Shelter Of His Arms (Terry VanderStoep, Stan Kirschenmann, Wayne Eirish, Tom Steiber).

1972 Getting Ready Today (Vanco Records/SLP 1011): Getting Ready Today; He Touched Me; After All; It's Alright; Oh, What A Happy Day; Medley: The Cross/The Old Rugged Cross/A Hill Called Mt. Calvary; Thank God I'm Free; I Just Came To Talk With You, Lord; I Know; The Church Triumphant; Reach Out To Jesus; The King Is Coming.

1973 Love Him So (Vanco Records/SLP 1015): I Enjoy The Difference; Redemption Draweth Nigh; There's Something About That Name; Come And Dine; The Coming Of The Lord; Love Him So; One More Day; We Don't Have As Far To Go; Where No One Stands Alone; If It Keeps Gettin' Better; The Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me; Sheltered In The Arms Of God.

1974 Get All Excited (Vanco Records/SLP 1022): Here Comes The Bride; Through It All; Are You Washed In The Blood; Here's A Song For The Man; He's Still The King Of Kings; The Light House; Get All Excited; What A Wonderful Day; Jesus Is The Man For The Hour; I Don't Know Why; After Calvary; It Won't Be Long.

197? Praise Unlimited (Vanco Records): Praise Medley; Song Holy Angels Cannot Sing; Born Again Children; How Great Thou Art; My Soul Has Been Set Free; There's A Light At The End Of The Darkness; I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen; Look To Jesus; He's Ready To Come, I'm Ready To Go; The Sounds Of Love; It'll Be Joy; Give Them All To Jesus.

197? Rejoice With The Gospel Sons (Custom Records/RA 5822): Jesus Got Ahold Of My Life; Because He Lives; Family Medley: Child Of The King/The Family Of God/Plenty Of Room In The Family; Ten Thousand Years; The Statue Of Liberty; Somebody Stepped On Board; Rejoice, You're A Child Of The King; My Surrender; Jesus, He Is The Son Of God; More About Jesus (Terry VanderStoep, Don Smith, Stan Kirschenmann, John Gragg).

197? For Heaven's Sake (Custom Records/GS-374): Heaven Medley: When I Get To Heaven/When We All Get Together With The Lord/When We All Get To Heaven/Heaven; The Broken Vessel; Sweet, Sweet Song Of Salvation; I Find No Fault In Him; For Those Tears I Died; King Jesus; I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'; He Never Said A Word; Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt; What Ya Gonna Do; I Believe In Jesus; They That Sow In Tears.

1979 The Gospel Sons Present Jesus (Custom Records): Yesterday, Today And Forever; Hallelujah Celebration; Things God Cannot Do; The World Didn't Give It To Me; Follow The Shepherd; Not Through The Veil; Heavenly Sunlight; The Desert Song; Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory; Rise Again; Blessed Assurance.

1983 He Bought Us To Set Us Free (Custom Records/GS13): The Hallelujah Side; The Easy Way; Believe On The Lord; When We All Get To Heaven; Worship The King; He Bought Us To Set Us Free; Sing Unto Him; Faith Isn't Faith (Without A Doubt); Daily News; Love Not The World; Thou Art The Christ; The Crystal River.

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