Cedar Ridge

Group Members

Dewayne Treece
Frank Treece
Jeff Treece
Karen Treece
Violet Treece
Ginger Treece
Dustin Treece
Charles Clabough
Tony Eads

Cedar Ridge (1963-????)



1978 Here They Come

1981 To You With Love (Custom Records): He Has Never Changed; It Wouldn't Be Enough; Come Morning; Won't It Be Worth It My Child; My Home In Gloryland; Sweet Beulah Land; The Way, The Truth, The Life; Leaving On My Mind; Give Them All To Jesus; He Was There All The Time.

1984 The New Sounds (Thunderhead Records/TH1043)

1986 Fresh (Sonlite Records/SON101): He's Working In The Temple; Learning How To Live Again; There's Been A Change; We Are The Majority; Something Tells Me; His Love Did A Work In Me; If There's A Rocking Chair In Heaven; I'm Gonna Leave My Troubles; I've Got My Heart Set On Heaven; I'm Free. (Karen Treece, Dewayne Treece, Violet Treece, Jeff Treece, Frank Treece).

1988 Heartfelt (Sonlite Records/SON111): I'll Be Going Home; Help Is On The Way; Lord Of Lords King Of Kings; God's Gonna Send Revival; Hillbilly Heaven; Tear Stained Altar; The Winner Takes All; Lord Lay Your Mighty Hand On Me; Mama Don't Cry; I Lean On You Lord. (Jeff Treece, Frank Treece, Karen Treece, Dewayne Treece, Violet Treece).

1989 Family Style (Sonlite Records/SON120): Ready To Move Out; Write A New Name; One Of These Days; I Want To Go There; In The Midst Of It All; I've Got That Leaving Feeling; Through The Years; A Change Of Heart; Mama's Roses; Faith Lift. (Jeff Treece, Violet Treece, Dewayne Treece, Karen Treece).

1990 Southern Accents (Morningstar Records/MS4107): Excited; No Vacant Chairs; Thank You For The Blessings; There's Power In His Name; All That Heaven Holds; Go To The Rock; The Only Time I Look Back; New Jerusalem; I've Been There; Heartaches To Lose. (Jeff Treece, Violet Treece, Dewayne Treece, Karen Treece).

1990 Pass The Word (Morningstar Records/MS4123): I've Got Something To Praise God For; I Let My Heart Talk; He's Still The Same; Place It In The Hands Of Calvary; Pass The Word; Singing The Victory Song; Just As I Go Under; Shake It Off; Don't Look Away Look To Him; I Need Jesus. (Karen Treece, Jeff Treece, Violet Treece, Dewayne Treece).

1992 Overdrive (Morningstar Records/MS4140): Family Business; There's No Easy Way To Say Goodbye; A Little Bit Of Faith; Heaven's Heroes; I'm Not Across The River Yet; Take A Leap Of Faith; I've Just Seen Jesus; He Can't Pick Up What You Won't Lay Down; Tear The Walls Down; Make A Good Memory. (Violet Treece, Dewayne Treece, Karen Treece, Jeff Treece).

1995 On The Edge (Morningstar Records/MS4204): I'm Looking For A Win; Nothing To Turn Back To; Just In A Little While; I Call It Home; The Eagle Song; If You Could See Me Now; Look To Jesus; All Of Heaven Watched the Son Rise.

1996 Still Blessed (Morningstar Records/MS4235): Still Blessed; Hide And Seek; My Sins; A House Ain't A Home; More Than Words; So Help Me God; Open Arms; Can I Get A Witness; Thank You; Here They Come. (Frank Treece, Violet Treece, Dewayne Treece, Ginger Treece, Dustin Treece, Jeff Treece, Charles Clabough and Tony Eads).

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