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Roy Knight Singers

Group Members

Roy Knight
Sandy Knight
Tracie Birch
Rodney Birch

Roy Knight Singers (1970-Present)


1980 True Spirit (Custom Records).

1985 Little David (Supreme Records/SS33042): Little David; Shoutin' Ground; I'd Rather Have Jesus; When I'm New; Stealing Away; John Saw; Jesus, Evermore The Same; What Meaneth This; Gloryland; Empty Vessel.

1986 Victory (Supreme Records/SS33044): Fourth Man Walking; Great Reunion; The Moving Of The Water; He Sent Me Running; It's Just That Near; He's Been Known To Do It Before; One Touch Sufficient; Victory In Jesus; Heavenly Rain; It's Gonna Be Wonderful.

1992 He's Sending Miracles (Pinnacle Records/PR00117): Somebody Touched The Lord; He's Sending Miracles; Royal Blood; Payday For Prayer; Ready For Revival; Rivers Overflowing; You're In Your Father's House; Angels All Around; He's My Shepherd; The Wind Blew In.

1992 One More Time (Pinnacle Records/PR3117): One More Time; In Valley Times; He's Making Gold; All I Know; Expecting God To Move; When Saints Will Fly; I See The Goal; He Heard You Cry; New Heart; His Redeemed. (Roy, Tracie, Sandy).

1993 Knight Light (Pinnacle Records). The Boneyard; When Jesus Passes By; Jesus Got Under My Load; Healing Stream; Prison Garments; I Surrender; God's Eternal Day; I've Got A Feeling; Glory Bells.

1996 God's Building A Church (Horizon Records): God's Building A Church; Use His Name; What A Great Lifestyle; So Much Mercy; Little David; From Stones To Gold; Sparrow; It's Still My Father's World; Scarlet Thread; Old Hat; Hands Of Wonder; Even John Couldn't Tell It.

2000 Pause To Praise (Custom Records).

2001 Til The Whole World Knows (Custom Records).

2002 It's Been A Journey (Custom Records).

2003 Generations (Crossroads Records/CR04702).

2004 This Time It's Mine (Custom Records).

2005 Greener Pastures (Crossroads Records/CR05952).

2007 Paramount (Custom Records): In The Middle Of My Everyday Life; Declaration Of The Christ; Paramount Love; Keep Testifying; I Can Find My Way Home From Here; God Is In The Room; Living With The Light On; God Make A Lot Out Of A Little; Life Is Not Life Without You; On The Grounds Of Grace; Sin Red As Scarlet; Back To Egypt. (Sandy Knight, Roy Knight, Tracie Birch, Rodney Birch).

2008 Forever Family (Custom Records): Lord Stir The Wind; I Can Hear You Now; Only What God Can Do; When The Blood Touched The Dust; Sound From The Other Side; Little Church House; Another Chance For God To Move; I've Never Been Loved; Don't Say I'm Dead; Bend The Knee; He Taught Me How To Fly; I Want To Die Living. (Roy Knight, Tracie Birch, Sandy Knight, Rodney Birch, Annah Birch, Alex Birch).

2009 25th Silver: The Songs Of Sandy Knight (Crossroads Music/CR09432): I Think I'll Read It Again; He's Sending Miracles; Somebody Touched The Lord; John Saw; Little David; God's Building A Church; When Jesus Passes By; How Deep Is The Water; I'll Not Turn My Back On Him Now; Shoutin' Ground; The Next Cloud; Hello In Heaven; Fourth Man Walking; I'm Going Over; You Keep Praying. (Sandy Knight, Roy Knight, Tracie Birch, Rodney Birch).

2011 Staying The Course (Crossroads Music/NL13152): One More Goliath; Come And See; Love Like Water Poured On Me; God's Great; Suddenly One Morning; Battle Stand; Untold Testimonies; I'm Staying The Course; So Simple So Profound; I Can't Keep A Secret; Salvation Harbor; Jesus To Me; What Cloud You Gonna Ride On; And Then; America The Beautiful. (Roy Knight, Sandy Knight, Tracie Birch, Rodney Birch, Annah Birch, Alex Birch).

2013 Jubilee (Custom Records): Go Ahead And Shout; Just Stand Still; When Jubilee Begins; Angels Don't Always Have Wings; No Death; Ordinary People; Roses In December; I'll See You When I Get There; Satan's Tomb Was Sealed; Stripes Were Made For That; Blood Medley. (Tracie Birch, Annah Birch, Sandy Knight, Rodney Birch, Roy Knight, Alex Birch.

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