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Group Members

Debra Perry Reed (1970-1988)
Denise Helton (1988-1993)
Nicole Watts Jenkins (1994-2000)

Libbi Perry Stuffle (1970-Present)
Leah Page (2013) (filled in for Libbi)

Randy Perry (1970-1994)
Barry Scott (1994-1995)
Mike Bowling (1995-1998)
David Hill (1998)
Loren Harris (1999-2006)
Joseph Habedank (2006-2013 switched from baritone)
David Ragan (2013-2014)
Andrew Goldman (2014-present)

Curt Davis (2001-2003)
Joseph Habedank (2003-2006 switched to lead)
Nick Trammell (2006-2009)
Troy Peach (2009-2010; 2014-present)
Bryan Walker (2010-2014)

Mitch Sims (1984-1985)
Tracy Stuffle (1985-2018)
Jared Stuffle (2014-present)

Debra Perry Reed (1970-1984) (then switched to just singing soprano)
Tom Pike (1984-1986)
Darrell Price (1986-1987)
Mark Willett (1987-1990)
Tab Beechler (1990-????)
Rodney Lashum (1993)
Chuck Trivette (1994-1997)
Justin Ellis (2002-2004)
Matthew Holt (2004-2008)
Bryan Elliott (2008-2010)

Kevin Grant (1984-1986)
Mike Eason (1986)
Jason Jenkins (1986)
Jerry Wells (1986-1989)
Randy Kilgore (1988-1989)
Rodney Underwood (1990-1991)

Bass Guitar
Greg Johnson (1984-1985)
Kenny Ambrose (1986)
Reggie Grimmett (1986-1989)
Jerry Jennings (1989-1990)
Calvin Cox (1990-1992)

Lead Guitar
Jimmy Loudermilk (1984-1986)
Kelly Back (1992)

Steel Guitar
Jeff Cox (1990-1992)

The Perrys (1970-Present)


Singing News Fan Awards
Favorite Mixed Quartet (2004, 2005, 2006)
Album of the Year (2006 - Remembering The Happy Goodmans)
Song of the Year (2010 - If You Knew Him; 2013 - I Got A Hold Of God This Morning)

NQC Music Awards:
Album of the Year (2012 - Celebrate Me Home, 2013 Through The Night)


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