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"More Than Enough" (Elmo Mercer/John T Benson Publishing Company/ASCAP)

  • Downings (1970 Happiness Is The Downings; 1972 ''Great Gospel Songs)
  • Talleys (1971 More Than Enough)

"More Than Enough" (Darwin Moody/Singing Americans Music/Chestnut Mound Music/BMI

  • Singing Americans (1987 Homecoming Live; 1990 Greatest Hits: 10th Anniversary Collection; 1996 20 Favorites By The Singing Americans)

(:youtube 7kdCoO8TxNY:)

"More Than Enough" (Jason Cox/BMI/Sheri Easter/Kenna Turner West/ASCAP)

"More Than Enough" (Dianne Wilkinson/Christian Taylor Music/BMI)

"More Than Enough" (Songwriter Info Needed)

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Page last modified on July 14, 2018, at 01:09 PM EST