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Mark Bishop sang with his family group the Bishops from the time they began in 1983 until the trio retired in 2001. Bishop then embarked on a solo career. In 2016, he formed a group with his children called Mark Bishop & Forgot The Sea, but after a year or so, he resumed touring as a soloist.


Singing News Fan Awards:
Favorite Soloist: (2005)

Solo Discography

2002 Faith, Family, & Friends (Cathedral Records/CH50372): I Know Where I Stand; The Nail That Nobody Saw; Mama Was Singing To Jesus; Jesus Can Lift You Up; When A Christian Goes Home; Grow Up Baby, Good And Strong; Songs Of The Church Medley: He Abides/He Set Me Free/I'm In A New World/Just Over In The Gloryland/Everybody Will Be Happy Over There; Before Me, Behind Me, Beside Me; Mark's Medley: Reach The World/Great Things/When Jesus Is All That You Have/Let's Celebrate Jesus/When You Change Your Mind/What I Have/You Can't Ask Too Much Of My God; I Don't Know How You Heard One Voice; Things Are Gettin' Mighty Wierd; Bottled Water; Parable In F.

2003 The Song In My Heart (Sonlite Records/SL30272): Send It, You Were Working For Me, When Jesus Saw Inside Of Me, The Son Of A Carpenter, Let Jesus Be The Song In Your Heart, He Did, Cloud Nine Headed For Ten, God Just Answered Another Prayer, I Remember Her Well, Just One Prayer Over.

2004 Can I Pray For You (Sonlite Records/SL30442): October Harvest, Angels Swing A Little Lower, Can I Pray For You, Filled And Fulfilled, I Got Here As Fast As I Could, Turn Loose For Nothiní, Show Us Love, Jesus Is A Quiet Place For Me, We Need Jesus, Show Us Love.

2005 There Is LoveÖ.Then There Is His Love (Sonlite Records/SL30562): Bring Lazarus Back, I Saw God In A Vision, There Is Love Then There Is His Love, Donít Let This World Get You Down, Iím Gonna Make It If I Can, Jesus Is Good For Your Heart, You Canít Ask Too Much Of My God, Jesus Listens, Where I Knelt Down, On That Great Day.

2005 Christmas Time Is Here (Sonlite Records/SL30652): The Christmas Song; Go Tell It On The Mountain; I Remember A Christmas Long Ago; Little Drummer Boy; Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas/Christmas Time Is Here; Spend A Little More Love This Christmas; Some Children See Him; Let There Be Peace On Earth; The Holly And The Ivy; Silent Night.

2006 Everyday (Sonlite Records/SL30692): I Donít Believe It, It All Works Out, With Me Always, Remember Who He Is, Remember What He Does, Let Jesus In, Let The Angels Take The Fallen, Iím Looking For Jesus, The Church Homecoming, Miracle Rose, Lord Go With Me.

2007 Abundant Sunshine (Sonlite Records).

2008 Fields Of Love (Sonlite Records/SL30902): Falling Star; Fields Of Love; Big Big World; The Tent Revival; Poor Goliath; Every Memory; What's So Bad About Believing; The Prayer; He Never Sleeps; Take Another Step; Tell Me What You See; Blue Skies; Love And Faith.

2009 Just Pay Attention (Sonlite Records/31082): I'm Part Of The In-Crowd Now; That Old Lighthouse Shining Still; I Believe That God's In Love With Me; Great Gettin' Up Morning; It Won't Always Rain; Just Pay Attention; Giddy-Up, Giddy-Up; Go Ahead And Cry; Five Smooth Stones; Tell Me The Story Of Jesus.

2010 Songs That Reach The World (Mansion Entertainment).

2011 I Still Need Him (Sonlite Records).

2012 I Can Rejoice (Sonlite Records/SL31242): Take Me Back To That Place; You're Talking To Somebody Who Already Knows; I Can Rejoice; Good Things Happen When People Pray; An Old Stone The Lord Rolled Away; Oh My; They Can't Receive Their Reward; It Wouldn't Bother Me To Be The Last; Heaven Knows; Let Jesus Know All About It.

2014 This Is What It's All About (Sonlite Records).

2016 Mark Bishop & Forget The Sea (Sonlite Records).

2017 Seasons: A Collection Of The Best (Sonlite Records/SL31562): That's When It's Time To Pray; I Can Rejoice; You Can't Ask Too Much Of My God; Can I Pray For You; I'm Listening For The Call; With Me Always; Remember Who He Is Remember What He Does; I Got Here As Fast As I Could; Cloud Nine Headed For Ten; The Other Room; Perfectly Honest; My Name Is Jesus.

2018 A Different Light (Sonlite Records/SL31682): More Than Enough; Iím In Good Hands; Finish Well Finish Strong Finish Empty; Heís Always Been A Friend; God Is Powerful; The Refrigerator Door; What It Comes Down To Is Me; Tell Me You Saw Me; Couldnít Feel Any Better; Fly Fly Away Little Birdie; Iím Gonna Wish I Had Worried Less.

2019 Beautiful Day (Sonlite Records/): It's A Beautiful Day; God Needs Ministers; Are You Ready For Perfect Love; It's All Good; I'll Just Keep Rowing; You Can't Say He Didn't Love Us; I'm Just Changing Mountains; Home Grown Tomatoes; The Man On The Other Cross; Lost, Lost, Lost.

2021 Some Distant Mountain (Sonlite Records/): Like A Songbird That Has Fallen; Across The River; Prophet Admiration; All My Tears Be Washed Away; Hardly The Load; Were You There; Shall We Gather At The River; One Wide River To Cross; The Most Ordinary Days; Gospel Plow; Early My God Without Delay.

Songwriter's Rťsumť

(Partial List)

An Ordinary Man
Angels Know My Name
Before Me Behind Me Beside Me
Bottled Water
Can I Pray For You
Don't You Know
Follow Your Heart
For Every Cross There Is A Crown
God Is Listening
God Of All Good Things
Great Things
Grow Up Baby Good And Strong
He Said It All
Heaven's On A One Way Street
I'd Sure Like To Be There
I Don't Know How You Heard One Voice
I Know Where I Stand
I Remember A Christmas Long Ago
It Ain't The Mountain
It Takes The Blood
Jesus Can Lift You Up
Let's Celebrate Jesus
Lord I'll Be Lost Without You
Mama Was Singing To Jesus
Miracle Rose
Radio Preacher
Reach The World
Somebody In Heaven
Spend A Little More Love This Christmas
Ten Thousand Angels And Me
That Holy Place In Me
The Chain Gang
The Nail That Nobody Saw
The Old Days
Things Are Gettin' Mighty Wierd
What I Found At The Altar
What I Have
When A Christian Goes Home
When I Testify
When Jesus Is All That I Have
When They Finally Made It Home
When You Change Your Mind
When You Have Faith In A Great God
You Can't Ask Too Much Of My God

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