Group Members

Daryl Mosely (????-????)
Danny Roberts (????-????)
Fred Duggin (????-????)
Richie Dotson (????-????)

New Tradition (????-????)


1991 Seed Of Love (Brentwood Music/CD-5231J): Homecoming; Seed Of Love; Homefolks?; Solid As The Rock; On His Knees; He Delivered Me; He Is Risen; Hands In Wood; Three Men On A Mountain; The Way The Truth The Light; Iím On Fire. (Daryl Mosely, Danny Roberts, Fred Duggin, Richie Dotson).

1993 Closer Than Itís Ever Been (Brentwood Bluegrass/CD-5286J): Dust On The Bible; Send The Light; Smoky Mountain Sunday Morn; Heís Closer Than Heís Ever Been; Country Time; My Saviour Heís A Comin'; No Mother Or Dad; Weíre Still Here; More Than Enough; Family Ties; Gideonís Battle; I Saw A Miracle (Daryl Mosely, Danny Roberts, Fred Duggin, Richie Dotson).

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