Group Members

John Mathews (????-????)
Linda Mathews Kirk (????-????)
Bev Mathews (????-????)
Dale Mathews (????-????)
Sam Kirk (????-????)

John Mathews Family (????-????)

The John Mathews Family began traveling full-time in 1972 after working several years at the semi-pro level. Members of the John Mathews Family in 1972 included John; his son Dale; daughter Beverly; daughter Linda; and son-in-law Sam Kirk.


Dove Awards Most Promising New Gospel Talent (1973)


1968 The Rebels Present John Mathews And Family (Steeple Records/LST 317): The Five Of Us; Touch The Hand Of The Lord; The Bird With A Broken Wing; The Unseen Guest; I Met The Master; When The Master Speaks; Beyond Compare; The Good Shepherd; Dear Jesus Abide With Me; Until Then; Born To Serve The Lord; The Man In The Glass.

1972 All God's Children Gotta' Sing! (BMC Records/SLP-4364): I Know; Lighthouse; Unseen Hand; Thru It All; Amazing Grace; Medley: I'd Rather Have Jesus/All Because Of God's Amazing Grace/He Touched Me/Time After Time; Eastern Gate; It Will Pass; I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me (Linda Mathews Kirk, Bev Mathews, Dale Mathews, John Mathews, Sam Kirk).

1972 Introducing The John Mathews Family With The Otis Forest Orchestra (Tempo Records/R-7051): My Hope Of Glory; The Day Of Miracles; Iíve Been On The Mountain; The Spirit Of Jesus Is In This Place; Everybody Sing; Canít Wait Till Heís Here; Ten Thousand Years; Heís More Than Just A Swear Word; The Way Of The Cross Led Me Home; Life In Jesus (Linda Mathews Kirk, Bev Mathews, Dale Mathews, John Mathews, Sam Kirk).

1973 Up With Gospel (Tempo Records/R-7061): Keep On Holding On; Iíve Never Been Out Of His Care; Get All Excited; A New Life; Somebodyís Coming; Re-light The Fire Of Love; You Can Experience; Believing; Itís Worth It All; How Long Has It Been; Medley.

1974 The Gospel According To The John Mathews Family (Tempo Records/R-7076): Nobody Cared; Cleanse Me Like A River; Because He Lives; Why Me, Lord; All Of Me; The Gospel According To Ole John; Itís The Lord; He Wonít Let You Down; Iím Gonna Tell The World What Heís Done For Me; Homecoming.

1974 The Desert Shall Bloom Like A Rose (Tempo Records/R-7082): I Reached Up; Light Up The Sky; This Old House; Patriotic Medley: Battle Hymn Of The Republic/How Great Thou Art; A Love Song; Let My Light Shine; The Desert Shall Bloom Like A Rose; The Fourth Man; When Jesus Comes; Restore My Soul In The Valley.

1975 Hallelujah Celebration (Tempo Records/R-7108): Hallelujah Celebration; Coming Again; One Day At A Time; When God Is Near; Since Jesus Came; Fill My Cup, Lord; My Tribute; You Canít Be A Beacon; Hallelujah Square; Touring That City; Though Unworthy Am I.

1976 The Sound Of His Name With The Otis Forest Orchestra (Tempo Records/R-7128): The Sound Of His Name; We're Getting All Excited; Come On Down; God's Amazing Grace; At The Crossing; Statue Of Liberty; Ragged Old Flag; Falling In Love With Jesus; Medley: For Those Tears I Died/There Is A River; He Isn't There; The Lord's Prayer.

1977 We Believe (Tempo Records/R-7164): Bad News; Surrender; Jesus Is Lord; There's Life In Jesus' Name; He Whom The Son Sets Free; There's A Whole Lot Of People Going Home; Just Like He Promised; It Wouldn't Be Enough, Jesus; The Resurrection; Bring Us Back.

1978 Spring Fever (Tempo Records/R-7206): The Game Of Life; Lifting Up Christ; My House Is Full But My Field Is Empty; Try Beiní Born Again; Rise Again; Spring Fever; Whatever It Takes; Soon And Very Soon; What Kind Of King; Thank You, Lord; Talkiní Bout The Love Of God.

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