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"Get All Excited" (Bill Gaither)

  • Anthony Burger (2004 A Tribute To Bill And Gloria Gaither)
  • Apostles (2011 Hymns Melodies And Spiritual Songs)
  • Bill Gaither Trio (1972 Live; 1972 My Faith Still Holds; 1974 Something Beautiful...An Evening With The Bill Gaither Trio; 1977 Moments For Forever; 1978 Classics; 1980 Live Across America; 1985 Then He Said Sing; 1999 Bill Gaither Trio, Vol. 1)
  • Blackwood Singers (1972 At Their Best)
  • Calvarymen Quartet (???? I Enjoy The Difference)
  • Crist Family (2008 Gospel Classics Volume II)
  • Dixie Melody Boys (1974 Excited; 1978 Best Of The Dixie Melody Boys)
  • Doris Akers (???? All God's Children: Doris Akers Sings The Best Of Bill & Gloria Gaither)
  • Doug Oldham (1972 Get All Excited...Go Tell Everybody!; 1974 Sings More Songs Of Bill Gaither)
  • Downings (1996 The Downings Vol 2)
  • Henry Slaughter (1975 The Keyboards of Henry Slaughter)
  • John Hall (1974 Live At Melodyland)
  • John Mathews Family (1973 Up With Gospel)
  • Speer Family (1978 The Songs Live On)
  • Talleys (197? Happy Sounds; 2000 Encore)
  • Various Artists (1973 Alleluia - A Praise Gathering For Believers)
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Page last modified on September 15, 2017, at 12:16 AM EST