Group Members

(Partial List)

John Rulapaugh (2001)

Jack Toney (2001)

Buddy Burton (2001)

Roy Pauley (2001)

Hovie Lister (2001)
Jonathan Sawrie (200?)

Grand Ole Gospel Reunion Quartet (2001)


The Grand Ole Gospel Reunion Quartet was assembled by Grand Ole Gospel Reunion event promoter Charlie Waller. The group's first recording was completed in the studio just seventeen days before Hovie Lister passed away. A second recording by the same set of vocalists featured Jonathan Sawrie at piano and Mosie Lister in the producer's chair. It was lead singer Jack Toney's final recording.


2002 If We Never Meet Again (BRG Records): In The Sweet Forever; Someone To Care; Happy Rhythm; If To Gain The World; Leave It There; Amen; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials; Hide Thou Me; His Hand In Mine; When The Morning Comes; If We Never Meet Again (John Rulapaugh, Jack Toney, Slade Alday, Buddy Burton, Roy Pauley, Hovie Lister).

200? Sings Mosie Lister Favorites: Featuring Jack Toney (John Rulapaugh, Jack Toney, Buddy Burton, Roy Pauley, Jonathan Sawrie).
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