Group Members

Jonathan Wilburn (2011-2017; 2019-2021)
Jordan Wilburn (2011-2017; 2019-2021)

Wilburn And Wilburn (2011-2017; 2019-2021)


Wilburn & Wilburn is a duo consisting of Jonathan Wilburn and his son Jordan Wilburn that formed in 2011. They traveled until 2017 when Jordan left the road and Jonathan returned to a solo career.

Wilburn & Wilburn resumed touring as a duo in 2019. At the end of 2021, Jonathan announced he was returning to touring as a soloist and Jordan announced he was forming a new duo that would launch in January 2022.


Singing News Fan Awards
Horizon Group (2012)


2011 Wilburn and Wilburn (Custom Records): I'm Gonna Move; At The Cross; Temporary Home; I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand; Had It Not Been; Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me; I'm Rich; When God Ran; Greater Is He; Through It All; Freedom Is Never Free; When He Calls I Will Fly Away. (Jonathan Wilburn, Jordan Wilburn).

2011 Family Ties (Daywind Records): It's A Shore Thing; Jesus Will; Devil Be Gone; Mama; You'll Still Be There; A Cross Became My Saving Grace; I John; Things I've Never Done; Family Ties; Let's All Go Down To The River; I Ain't Giving Up On Jesus. (Jonathan Wilburn, Jordan Wilburn).

2013 Here Comes Sunday (Daywind Records): Here Comes Sunday; Funeral Plans; Joseph; Anybody Like Jesus; I'm Bound For That City; Every Scar; Help Me Help Someone; If These Walls Could Talk; Man Like Me; Heaven's Jubilee; Everything's Different; Across The Miles. (Jordan, Jonathan).

2015 Shoulders (Daywind Records/DAY-2762D): This Wouldn't Be The Same Song; It's What He's Done; Love Without End Amen; Sin Is No Match For Grace; You Asked Him To Leave; Prayer Is All I Need; Living Proof; Shoulders; Where The Love Of God Is Gonna Go; The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference. (Jordan, Jonathan).

2019 Raised On Red (Daywind Records): Hallelujah Homecoming; Born a Sinner, Died a Saint; Raised On Red; He Could Love What Was Left Of Me; Black, White, and Red; Where Could We Go; One More Reason; 33; In the Room; Your Worst Mistake (Jordan, Jonathan).

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