Group Members

Marcelyn Kelsey (????-????)
Joel Kelsey (????-????)
Debra Talley (????-????)
Dale Shipley (????-????)
Buddy Kelsey (????-????)

Song Masters (????-????)


1970 See A New Day (S M Records/SM910): A New Day; The City Of Gold; He Died For Me; Jesus Is Coming Soon; The Joy Of Knowing Jesus; I Know; The Old Rugged Cross; I'm Walking A New Road; Stroll Over Heaven; Oh What A Happy Day. (Reissued on S M Records/SM910 after Debra Spraggs Talley joined the group).

1976 Behold The Lamb (Calvary Records/STAV5122): Behold The Lamb; Country Congregation; God On The Mountain; Let's Take Time; Lord Don't Move That Mountain; For You I Must Live; Sing Me An Old Gospel Song; The Sweetest Words He Ever Said; Old Time Way; Jesus Is Mine.

1977 Oh What A Beautiful City (Calvary Records/STAV5133): Oh What A Beautiful City; All Because Of Jesus; When I'm Gone; When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan; Why Don't You Try Jesus; The Holy Spirit; Everything Will Be All Right; I Won't Walk Without Jesus; I'm On Tour; Here They Come.
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