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Group Members

(Partial List)

Mike Bullock (????-????)
Tony Peace (????-????)
Eric Curtis (????-????)
Johnny Rogers (????-????)
Andrew Ishee (????-????)
Stewart Varnado (????-????)

Masterpeace (????-????)

Also called Master's Voice


1998 MasterPeace (Lamb Music/5015): What A Lovely Name; Iím Winging My Way Back Home; He Touched Me; Iíve Just Started Living; Had It Not Been; Dig A Little Deeper; What A Meeting; What A Happy Time; Somebody; Everybody Will Be Happy Over There - Instrumental (Mike Bullock, Tony Peace, Eric Curtis, Johnny Rogers; Andrew Ishee).

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Page last modified on June 24, 2012, at 08:20 AM EST