Channing Eleton


Channing Eleton joined Poet Voices to played piano/keyboard in 1995 and remained with them until 1999. He joined Gold City that same year and remained with them until 2005. After his departure from Gold City, Eleton teamed with Buddy Mullins, Buddy's wife Kerri, and Paul Lancaster in a group called Everyday Driven.

Eleton later began a solo (piano and vocal) career that eventually expanded to include his wife and two daughters. In 2023, he joined the LeFevre Quartet shortly after their relaunch as a part-time group. Due to the part-time schedule of the LeFevre Quartet, Eleton was able to continue traveling and performing with his family group.


Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

As We Wait
Just This Song
The Harvest
Up On This Ridge

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