Candice Jordan (????-????)
Jaquita Lindsey (????-2021)
Victoria Bowlin (2021-present)

Amber Eppinette (????-present)

Justin Morphis (????-????)
Grant Gibson (????-2018)
Logan Smith (2018-2021)
Chandler Padgett (2021-2022)
Garrett Saunders (2022-present)

11th Hour (???? - Present)


Amber Eppinette launched 11th Hour with two friends at her church when she was 16 years old. In 2012, the trio signed with Crossroads Records and released Steppin' Out. Group members at that time included Eppinette (lead/alto), Candice Jordan (soprano), and Justin Morphis (lead/baritone).

Jordan and Morphis left the group after the release of Steppin' Out. They were replaced by Jaquita Lindsey and Grant Gibson before the release of 11th Hour's second mainstream CD, Picture This, in mid-2014. By this point, 11th Hour had been promoted to Sonlite Records, one of Crossroads' major labels.

Picture This included the group's first number one song, "Jesus Is In The House." Before 2016 was over, 11th Hour would celebrate two more number one songs, "Mountain Moving Faith" and "Can You Burn." Their success continued in 2017 with another number one song, "He Welcomes The Beggar."

After Gibson joined Karen Peck And New River in 2018, Logan Smith joined the trio. As a child, Smith had been known for his ability to mimic Vestal Goodman. Lindsey left the group in 2021 to accept a job with Artist Resource Services managing sales and marketing for custom recordings through Daywind Recording Studios and Daywind Soundtrack leases. She was replaced in 11th Hour by singer/songwriter Victoria Bowlin.

Awards And Number One Songs

2014 - Sunrise Award SGN Scoops Diamond Awards
January 2016 - #1 Song on Singing News Top 80 - "Jesus Is In The House"
June 2016 - #1 Song on Singing News Top 80 - "Mountain Moving Faith"
November 2016 - #1 Song on Singing News Top 80 - "Can You Burn"
May 2017 - #1 Song on Singing News Top 80 - "He Welcomes The Beggar"


2010 Gather 'Round (Custom Records): Gather 'Round; My Heart's Door; Example; Days Like Today; I Love Walkin'; Adam's Fall; Trust In God; Put It In Writing; Home Sweet Home; A Way In A Manger. (Amber Eppinette, Candice Jordan, Justin Morphis).

2012 Steppin' Out (Crossroads Records/CR12472): Itís A Wonderful Life; Bloodline; Godís Still God; He Sees What We Donít; A Real Old Time Revival; Steppiní Out; Room With A View; I Like The Promise; Tomb To The Table; Wake The Land. (Amber Eppinette, Candice Jordan, Justin Morphis).

2014 Picture This (Sonlite Records/SL31382): No Death; Picture This; Jesus Is In The House; This Changes Everything; Wounds; Everlasting Arms; Waving On The Other Side; Step In; How Will You Plead; Saints Are Born. (Amber Eppinette, Jaquita Lindsey, Grant Gibson).

2016 What A Moment (Sonlite Records/SL31522): Mountain Moving Faith; Look At Me Now; Love Still Holds Our Scars; Bound; He Welcomes The Beggar; Heís Alive And So Am I; When God Shows Up; Can You Burn; Ainít No Bones; I Trust (Amber Eppinette, Jaquita Lindsey, Grant Gibson).

2017 Silence The Stones (Sonlite Records/SL31652): Doin' What's Right; God Will Deliver Me; I'd Like To Meet The Preacher; I Want To Praise Him; Hallelujah; I'll Be The First One There; Silence The Stones; Power In Prayer; I Want You Beside Me; Let Grace In (Amber Eppinette, Jaquita Lindsey, Grant Gibson).

2019 A Lot With A Little (Sonlite Records/): A Lot With A Little; Always On His Mind; Love Don't; I Know Him; Comeback; How Much Broken Is Enough; Good; Love Leaves A Mark; Bring On The Storm; Settled At The Cross; All Glory (Amber Eppinette, Jaquita Lindsey, Logan Smith).

2019 The Greatest Gift (Sonlite Records/): Angels We Have Heard On High; What Child Is This; Home For The Holidays; The Christmas Song; Christmas Waltz; Joy To The World; O Holy Night; Christmas Medley (Winter Wonderland, Sleigh Ride, White Christmas); Go Tell It On The Mountain; The Greatest Gift (Amber Eppinette, Jaquita Lindsey, Logan Smith).

2021 Anthem Of The Ages (Sonlite Records/): Anthem Of The Ages; Whosoever Will May Come; I Know It's Mine; Fear Get Out Of Here; Letters To Heaven; He Still Does; Bring That Giant Down; Only Jesus Saves; Awake; A Lot Of Life Out There; I Just Came To Talk With You Lord (Amber Eppinette, Victoria Bowlin, Logan Smith).

2023 A Collection Of Hits:

2024: That's Who He Is (Sonlite Records/): Rock Bottom; Long Time Coming; Dear Heavenly Father; At The Sound Of A Sinnerís Prayer; You Canít Tell Me That Ainít God; This Is Not The End; Iíve Got News For You; Still Faithful; Only You Lord Only You; Thatís Who He Is; He Will Hold Me Fast. (Amber Eppinette Saunders, Victoria Bowlin, Garrett Saunders).

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