Jim Williams (2004-2008)
Darren Andrews (2008)
Derrick Boyd (2008-2010; 2017)
Scott Joss (2010-2014)
Daniel Rivera (2014-2015; 2016-2017)
Tony Jarman (2015-2016)
Tony Brown (2017)-present)

Josh Arnett (2004-2008; 2010-2014)
Jim Hutson (2008-2010; 2014-present) (switched from baritone)

Jim Hutson (2004-2008) (switched to lead)
Steve Woods (2008-present) (group owner and featured vocalist prior to 2008)

Brad Little (2004-2005)
Mike Stander (2005)
Tim Bryce (2005)
Brandon Tiek (2006)
Cody Jones (2006-2007)
Ray Clark (2007-2012)
Steve Waggoner (2012-present)

Royce Laverman (2015)

Woodsmen (2004-present)


Steve Woods formed the Woodsmen Trio in 2004 after becoming convicted to re-enter the music ministry he had with his family group, the Singing Woods, for 35 years. Oddly enough, Woods himself did not take an active role in the Trio, which would later become the Woodsmen Quartet the same year it was formed, though he would occasionally sing a special number and act as the emcee. He later became the full time baritone for the group.


???? I Can Pray: So High; Live Today; I Can Pray; Shout It; Jesus Is Coming Soon; We Will Not Fail; Permanent Vacation; It's A Good Day; Always God; Hold Back The Sea; Gonna Be Walking; Until Then.

???? Timeless: Keep On The Firing Line; Take A Moment And Live; He Loves Me; Mansion Over The Hilltop; Living In Canaan Now; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; He Touched Me; Just Over In The Glory Land; I'm Free; It Is Well With My Soul.

???? Through The Years: Go And Tell Somebody; Boundless Love; Daystar; Somebody Touched Me; First Day In Heaven; Glory Road; Saints Will Rise; Testing Time; When I Get Carried Away; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More.

???? Harbor Of Hope: Some Kind Of Miracle; I'm Learning From The Master; When Jesus Speaks; Gospel Number Five; I Love To Think About Heaven; I Am The Lord Who Heals; When I Am Down To Nothing; Harbor Of Hope; Singing And Rejoicing; Nothing God Can't Do.

???? Revived: Going On With A Song; That Day Is Almost Here; I Keep Coming Back To The Cross; I Can't Help It; In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul; When The Good Lord's Ready; He Sees Me As His Child; I Can't Even Walk; Land Of Living; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away.

2012 In God We Still Trust (Custom Records): Rejoice; Launch Out In The Deep; Standing On Holy Ground; Dying To Live Again; I'm Gonna Make It; Love Bigger Than Heaven; In God We Still Trust; I'm So Glad He Found Me; There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made; You Better Hurry Up.

???? Almost The Moment: Allegiance To The King; Oh I Want To See Him; There Is A Mountain; Who Is This King; Almost The Moment; The Blood Remains; Tis So Sweet; Living In A Happy Ending; The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power; When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan.

???? What A Day: Go And Tell Somebody; Build An Ark; Land Of Living; In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul; I've Never Been This Homesick Before; I Stand Upon The Rock Of Ages; What A Day That Will Be; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Please Forgive Me; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More.

2016 The Word Is Out (Harvest Records): Somebody Sing; The Word Is Out; Go Down To The Jordan; By The Time They Find Me Missing; Trial Of The Heart; He's Everything You Need; The Cross Has Won Again; Shake The Master's Hand; Hurting Hearts Need A Helping Hand; One More River To Cross; Til The Storm Passes By.

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