"Why Should I Worry Or Fret" (William J Gaither/Gloria Gaither/Gaither Music Company/ASCAP)

  • Bill Gaither Trio (1972 Live; 1976 In Retrospect; 1978 Classics; 1999 Bill Gaither Trio, Vol. 2)
  • Doug Oldham (1968 For Such A Time As This; 1971 Sings The Best Of Bill Gaither)
  • Downings (1969 Take One; 1973 Singing From The Heart; 1996 The Downings Vol 2)
  • Gene Braun (1968 Why Should I Worry)
  • Hoppers (1969 Try A Little Kindness)
  • Jake Hess (1970 Ain't That Beautiful Singing; 1998 Nothin' But Fine... 40 Years And Counting - Volume Two)
  • Kingsmen Quartet (1969 Standing Room Only)
  • Leichty Singers (1967 In The Garden)
  • Lorne Matthews (1969 I'm Going To Drink At The Fountain)
  • Statesmen (1969 Thanks to Calvary; 1977 Get Away Jordan; 1983 He Touched Me; 1985 Faith Unlocks the Door)
  • Vicksburg Quartet (1972 God Is Love)
  • Weatherfords (1968 Sing Gaither)
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