Group Members


Lamar Sego (1971-198?)
Betty Sego (1971-198?)
DennisSego (1971-198?)
Robin Sego (1971-198?)
Hettie Sego (1971-198?)
Marley Sego (1971-198?)
Rick Sego (1971-198?)

Lamar Sego Family (1971-198?)


After leaving the Sego Brothers, Lamar Sego founded the Lamar Sego Family in 1971 with his wife Betty and children Dennis, Robin, Hettie, Marley, and Rick. Dennis later launched his own family group called Segos The Next Generation after Lamar passed away in 2012.


1973 Hallelujah Square (Supreme Records/SS33006): Hallelujah Square; New Life; Sorry I Never Knew You; Fussing In The Camp; Walkin' The Sea; When God Passes Judgement; I Won't Have To Worry Anymore; I Want To Go There; Oh Happy Day; His Name Is Wonderful.

1974 Watching And Waiting (Supreme Records/SS33010): On The Coronation Day; Jesus Is Getting Us Ready; Keep On Keeping On; Why Me Lord; What A Time Over There; Watching And Waiting; On The Way Home; He Saved Me; When I Wake Up To Sleep No More; A Savior To Be Proud Of.

1975 Hold Me Lord (Supreme Records/SS33013): Mama's Bible; Touring That City; All I Want To See Is Jesus; Things Left Behind; Heaven; The Day Of The Lord; Hold Me Lord; One Day At A Time; A Child's Request; Jesus Will Outshine Them All.

1976 He Was More Than A Man (Supreme Records/SS33016): He Was More Than A Man; Don't Move The Cross; Jesus Is Mine; Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City; A Song Angels Cannot Sing; I've Heard Of A Country; Palms Of Victory; I Can't Complain; Thorns In Jesus Heart; When I Get Home.

1977 We've Got The Best There Is (Supreme Records/SS33019): My Day Will Come; We've Got The Best There Is; Touch Me Jesus; When I Walk Through The Valley; Lord To Sing About You; Sundown Of Life; It'll Be Different The Next Time He Comes; Let Tomorrow Be Tomorrow; I Feel Jesus; I Bowed On My Knees.

1978 Sing About Jesus (Supreme Records/SS33025): Jesus; Lord I Need You Today; My Labors Will Be O'er; That Will Be A Great Day; It's Already Paid For; His Hand Reached Further Down; Only Jesus; Sit There On The Pew; Medley: The Solid Rock/Standing Somewhere In The Shadows/Bless The Lord; Jesus I'm Glad You're Here.

1979 I've Got My Foot On The Rock (Supreme Records/SS33031): I've Got My Foot On The Rock; The Grave Can't Hold Me; The Blood Of The Son; I Answered The Call; God Has Smiled On Me; I'm Going Home On The Morning Train; When I Look Back Down The Road; Everything I Wanted And More; I Shall Not Be Moved; I Want To Be A Witness.

1981 It's Raining (Supreme Records/SS33037): It's Raining; Don't Give Up; Let Me Feel Your Spirit; I've Been There; Master I Know You Can; It Is I, Be Not Afraid; God Is My Refuge; The Watchmen; Red Scarlet Cross; Let The World Go By.

1982 Sings The Gospel (Supreme Records/SS33040): I'm Not About To Quit; Lift Jesus Higher; I Found Jesus In The Valley; I Love That Old Time Religion; I Just Won't; Gabriel Blow The Trumpet; Who Was The Man; Just As Real; Sit Down Servant; Lead Me To That Rock.

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