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King's Heralds Discography 2010s

2010 Hymn Sessions (Chapel Records/CD 8907624299): Doxology; Fight The Good Fight; Steal Away; O Jesus I Have Promised; Lift Up The Trumpet; He Lifted Me; Satisfied (Through His Blood I Now Am Saved); Give Me A Vision; The Lord Is Coming Are You Ready; Church In The Wildwood; Spirit Of God Descend Upon My Heart; Spirit Of The Living God; Heavenly Father Bless Us Now (Don Scroggs, Joel Borg, Russell Hospedales, Jeff Pearles).

2011 Wake Up Church (Acclaim Music/2011-1CD): I Wanna Know; I'll Leave It All Behind; Positively, Absolutely, Indisputably True; My Heart Is Happy; The Heroic One; Happy Rhythm; He Included Me; This Old House; Wake Up Church; Our God (Medley) (Don Scroggs, Joel Borg, Russell Hospedales, Jeff Pearles).

2012 Time's Winding Up (Chapel Records/CD 0972274235): (Don Scroggs, Joel Borg, Russell Hospedales, Jeff Pearles)
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