Group Members

(Partial List)

Ashley Easley Franks (2003-2007)
Ashley McSperrit (2007-2008)
Christa Wilkes (2009-????)
Tracy Kelley (????-Present)

Vonda Easley (2003-present)

Chris Clay (2003-2006, ????-Present)
Tony Jones (2006-2007)
Jeremy Wilkes (2008-????)
Andrew Utech )????-present)

Trent Adams (2005-2008)

Cody Harrison (????-????)

Hope's Journey (2003-present)


Hope's Journey formed in 2003 as a trio comprised of Vonda Easley, Ashley Easley Franks and Chris Clay. Bass singer Trent Adams joined in 2005, making them a quartet. Adams left Hope's Journey in 2008 and would later sing for a little over a year with the Dixie Echoes. Jeremy Wilkes followed Chris Clay and Tony Jones at the baritone position when he joined Hope's Journey in 2008. His wife, soprano singer Christa Wilkes, joined the following year.


???? Little Is Much When God Is In It (Lamp Music): (Vonda Easily, Ashley Franks, Chris Clay).
???? Remembering The Day (Vonda, Ashley, Chris, Trent).
???? On A Journey Of Hope (Vonda, Trent, Tony, Ashley).
???? Trough The Storm (Vonda, Jeremy, Christa).
???? Hymns And Favorites Volume One (Vonda, Jeremy, Christa, Cody Harrison).

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