Group Members

(Partial List)

Adam Elrod (2001-2012)

Dennis Humphries (2001-Present)

Adam Cannon (2001-2010)
David Price (2010-2011)
Michael Frost (2011-2012)

HisSong (2001-Present)


HisSong is a male trio that was formed in 2001 by Dennis Humphries. In late 2011, the group members included Humphries, Adam Elrod and Michel Frost.


2003 Vintage Songs (MorningStar Records): The Eastern Gate; Everybody Will Be Happy Over There; I'm Going That Way; In The Garden; Meeting In The Air; What A Beautiful Day; What A Meeting; Haven Of Rest; Sheltered In The Arms Of God; The Old Gospel Ship

2004 Three (Cross And Cross Music/7012): Three Words, Three Nails, Three Days; Thereís An Army Of God; God Leads Us Along; Closing Time; Iím Gonna Make It Through; Can You Sing Before The Cross; Grace Stepped In; Safe In The Storm; Look At Me Iím His Latest Miracle; I Know Jesus; Itís Still Real Today (Adam Elrod, Dennis Humphries, Adam Cannon).

2006 Watching And Waiting: First Things First; It Won't Be A Celebration; Goodbye Valley, Hello Mountaintop?; No Graves For Flowers; Grace In The Valley; We Are Not Ashamed; Watching And Waiting; I'm Still On His Mind; Just Pray; Healing Hand

2007 On The Way Up (Vine Records/8622): On The Way Up; The Grave Canít Hold Me; The Miracle Man; Out Of His Way; Through Every Storm; Our Highest Praise; Because Of The Blood; Joy In My Heart; I Still Have It All; The Things That Wonít Be There; Thatís When God Steps In; I Donít Regret. (Dennis Humphries, Adam Elrod, Adam Cannon).

2009 Journey Through The Sky (Vine Records/Crossroads Music): Jesus Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me; Journey Through The Sky; When We Talk To The Father; Can You Burn; What A Difference A Day Makes; I Believe In Prayer; When God Moves A Stone; Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane; Just What I Needed; They're Getting Ready In Glory To Crown The King. (Dennis Humphries, Adam Elrod, Adam Cannon).

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