Group Members

Partial List

Wally Laxson (1961-????)

Jimmy Vassar (1961-????)
Dale Shelnut (????-1963)

Dean Bassham (1961-????)

Noel Fox (1961-????)

Eddie Crook (1961-????)

Tennesseans Quartet (1961-????)


The Tennesseans Quartet was organized in the early 1960s.


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1962 Sing With The Tennesseans (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records/Stereo Version LPS-1704/High Fidelity Version LPHF-1705): He Knows How Much We Can Bear; I Have But One Song; Each Step I Take; I Want To Be Like My Lord; House Of Gold; Only A Look; You Must Have That True Religion; The Circle Of His Love; The Last Mile Of The Way; Yield Not To Temptation; Longing For Home; Ain't Nobody Knows. (Wally Laxon, Jimmy Vassar, Dean Bassham, Noel Fox, Eddie Crook).

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1963 The Terrific Tennesseans (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records/Stereo Version LPS-1722/High Fidelity Version LPHF-1723): Where Could I Go; He Cared That Much For Me; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; None But Jesus; He Washed My Eyes With Tears; Whispering Hope; There's Nobody Like Jesus; Open Wide The Gates; Till There Was Jesus; Twelve Gates; Lonely Road Up Calvary's Way; A Little Nearer Home; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Wake Up In Glory. (Wally Laxon, Jimmy Vassar, Dean Bassham, Noel Fox, Eddie Crook).

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1963 Golden Favorites (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records/Stereo Version LPS-1738/High Fidelity Version LPHF-1739): Sittin' Around The Table Of The Lord; Beyond Understanding; Standing By The River; Do You Need A Friend; Rainbow Of Love; Movin' To Heaven; Precious Memories; Working On A Building; How Long Has It Been; Wings Of A Dove; How Great Thou Art; There's A Difference; I Do Not Ask; The Unclouded Day. (Wally Laxon, Dale Shelnut, Dean Bassham, Noel Fox, Eddie Crook).

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1964 It's In The Book (Heartwarming Records/Benson Records/Stereo Version LPS-1758/High Fidelity Version LPHF-1759): It's In The Book; Wasted Years; Then The Answer Came; An Empty Mansion; Nearer To Thee; We'll Never Say Goodbye; I'll Follow Jesus; The Lord I Worship; Over On The Other Side; I Can Tell You The Time; When I Inherit My Mansion; I Know My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out.

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