Group Members

(Partial List)

Dolton Rorie (????-????)

Frances Rorie (????-????)

Steve Rorie (????-????)

Debra Grace Rorie (????-????)

The Singing Rories (????-????)


The Singing Rories were from Osceola, Indiana.


1972 It Just Comes Natural (Imperial Sacred Records/GE-SR-120): Street Of Gold; It's Alright; Why Did I Wait; When I Cast On The Other Side; One More River; Just A Little Walk With Jesus; Old Fashioned Singing; Reason To Believe; Get In Line Brother; Talkin' About Jesus.

1973 With You In Mind (Rimrock Records/RLP-494-c): The Answer Came; It's Good to Be Home Again; Help Me; New Shoes; Sunrise; Take Me In Your Arms Of Love Again; God Bless America Medley; I'd Still Want To Serve Him Today; The Baptism of Jesse Taylor.

1976 I'll Sing As I'm Carried Away (Custom Records/37069-37070): I'll Sing As I'm Carried Away; Day Of Mercy; Gospel Breakdown; I Find My Altar; He's Leading The Way; Trumpet Sounds; Hallelujah Meeting; Keep On The Firing Line; What A Beautiful Day; I'm So Glad He Found Me.

1976 We Like It Gospel (Custom Records/36749-36750): Ain't That What It's All About; I Crucify My Lord (All Over Again); Sea Walker; When Dust Shall Sing; I Came On Business For The King; There's A New World Coming Right Away; That I Could Still Go Free; Memories Of Mama; The Sweetest Words He Ever Said; Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City.

1978 Portrait (Custom Records/39805-39806): Wait'll You See My Brand New Home; Oh, I Need Him; I've Never Been This Homesick Before; Steve's Five String Jubilee; There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made; I'm Standing On The Solid Rock; There's No Doubt; No Lock On My Mansion Door; Lord, You Light Up My Life; We've Got The Devil On The Run; Home's Where The Heart Is.

1980 Long Distance (Custom Records/41079-41080): He Will Calm The Troubled Waters; Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man; Oh Buddha; Blessings On Me; Rise Again; Who Is On The Lordís Side; Music Man; Heaven Is Mine; That Night I Walked Down The Aisle; On That Glorious Morn I'll Meet Him There; At The Cross.

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