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Paynes 30th Anniversary Reunion CD cover (2001)

Group Members

Mike Payne (1972-2001)
Keith Payne (also played bass) (????-2001)
Loreen Payne (1972-2001)
Sandra Payne (????-????)

Mark Payne (drums) (????-2001)
Keith Payne (bass and vocals) (????-2001)

The Paynes (1972-2001)


The Paynes trace their origins back to 1972 when Mike Payne started singing at the Glorious Church of God in Grafton, Ohio. After Mike’s brothers Mark (drums) and Keith (bass guitar/vocals) and wife Loreen joined the group, they became known as the Glorious Gospel Heirs.

Mike began writing songs in the late 1970s. Groups like the Singing Cookes and Cathedrals recorded his music. "If God Before Us," "God Delivers Again" and "That Same Spirit" are examples of songs written by Payne that were recorded by other groups. Before the group signed with Windchime Records around 1981, they changed their name to The Paynes.

The Paynes’ first album on Windchime was titled Ready Or Not. It released in early 1982 and featured their first chart song by the same title. The group released their second album later that year titled It's Out of this World. The title song garnered them their first number one song on the Singing News chart. It stayed at the top of the charts for four months in late 1983 and early 1984. I'm a Jesus Fan released in 1984. The songs "Jesus Fan" and "The Conversation" charted in the Top Ten. Both songs were also made into concept videos, which was trend setting for Southern Gospel at the time.

In April 1985, the group recorded what was probably their most popular album, Fire on Stage...Live, in Dayton, Ohio. It garnered them another four month run at the number one position on the Singing News charts with "Angels Step Back." Their next album Rapture also produced several popular songs including "Just in Case of Rapture" and "Waiting for the Son to Shine." This album was released on the short-lived record label called Eagle One. The group then signed with Riversong and released two recordings, This is War (1988) and God Wants You (1989).

The Paynes disbanded in the early 1990s. Mike Payne traveled the next few years as a soloist and had some success with songs like "I'm Still Dancin',” "The Lord Himself,” and "Workin' Like the Devil for the Lord.” He formed a new version of the Paynes with his wife and daughter during the late 1990s. They released two recordings on the Daywind label, Storms and Made New. The family got back together for a reunion concert and released a live recording titled 30th Anniversary Reunion in 2001.


1974 Our Trials Can't Compare (Released as the Glorious Gospel Heirs), (Custom Records): Let's Fellowship With One Another; Because He Lives; Golden Streets Of Glory; Why Me; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Unseen Hand; I've Got A Friend; Our Trials Can't Compare; There's Nothing My God Can't Do; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; He Smiles Down On Me; I Won't Have To Worry; I'm Willing; I'm Free.

1975 He Did It All For Me (Released as the Glorious Gospel Heirs), (Custom Records).

1976 I'll Make It Home (Released as the Glorious Gospel Heirs), (Custom Records).

1977 He Smiles Down At Me (Released as the Glorious Gospel Heirs), (Custom Records).

1978 Fifth Album (Released as the Glorious Gospel Heirs), (Custom Records).

1979 He Gave His Only Son (Released as the Glorious Gospel Heirs), (Custom Records).

1980 Oh What A City (Trail Records/TSRC0894): Rise Up And Walk; My Last Battle; Just Between Him And Me; What A Savior; How Great It Is; Oh What A City He's Gone To Prepare; The Race; Sweet Beulah Land; Will It Be Today; The Least I Can Do Is Praise Him.

1980 A Song In The Midnight Hour (Trail Records/TSRC0900): Standing In The Presence; Peace Be Still; There Ain't Nothing In The World; A Song In The Midnight Hour; I Wouldn't Miss It, Would You; God Delivers Again; You've Come Too Late; Consider The Lilies; Just In Time; I'll Make It Home. (Mike Payne, Loreen Payne, Keith Payne, Billy Sizemore, Mark Payne, Rudy Pierce, Wynn Henry).

1981 A Payne Family Tradition (Custom Records): Never Grow Old; He Set Me Free; Green Pastures; O Come Angel Band; Wayfaring Stranger; Everybody Will Be Happy Over There; Reunion In Heaven; Medley: Blessed Assurance/Send The Light/Unclouded Day/Farther Along/I'll Fly Away.

1981 Gospel Music Is Here To Stay (Custom Records).

1982 Ready or Not (Windchime Records/WC5004): Ready Or Not; Welcome Home; I've Got Jesus; What More Can I Ask; I'll Go With Him; Rise And Walk; God Delivers Again; Come Go With Me; Standing In The Presence; It's No Wonder. (Mike Payne, Loreen Payne, Keith Payne, Mark Payne).

1982 It’s Out Of This World (Windchime Records/WC5011): Out Of This World; King Of Glory; Come On Over; Nothing Can Hold Me Here; He's Coming For Me; Come And See; He Picked Me Up; A Change In Me; Oh What A City; That Same Spirit. (Mike Payne, Loreen Payne, Keith Payne, Mark Payne).

1984 I’m a Jesus Fan (Windchime Records/WC5022): I'm A Jesus Fan; The Conversation; With Him By My Side; He Broke The Chains; You're Going Through; Heading For The Hills; The King Is Passing By; There Ain't Nothing In The World; When He Was On The Cross, I Was On His Mind; Under New Management. (Mike Payne, Loreen Payne, Keith Payne, Mark Payne).

1985 Fire on Stage-Live (Windchime Records): The Race; If God Be For Us; Out Of This World; I've Got A Right To Pray; Who But God; Once And For All; Angels Step Back; The Conversation; I'm A Jesus Fan; King Of Glory. (Mike Payne, Loreen Payne, Keith Payne, Mark Payne).

1986 Rapture (Eagle One Records): Just In Case Of Rapture; I'll Lay My Crown At The Master's Feet; Open My Eyes; Someone Like Me; He Made The Jailhouse Rock; God's Eyes Are On The Righteous; Waiting For The Son To Shine; We Are A Majority; There's No Place Like Home; Stand Up. (Mike Payne, Loreen Payne, Keith Payne, Mark Payne).

1987 Just In Case Of Rapture (Eagle One Records): Just In Case Of Rapture. (this is a collector's edition 12" single).

1987 A Little Bit Of Heaven (Eagle One Records): Jordan; Welcome Home; You Turn My World Around; In The Midnight Hour; Oh What A City; Come On Over; King Of Glory; When He Was On The Cross; Rise And Walk.

1988 This Is War (Riversong Records/CO2470): One Less Stone; I'm Living Proof; Heavenly Express; One Way Ticket To Paradise; This Is War; I'm Not Gonna Wait Til The Judgement Day; Stir Up The Fire; Heaven Belongs To Me; Climb That Mountain; Just Stand. (Mike Payne, Loreen Payne, Keith Payne, Mike Payne).

1989 God Wants You (Riversong Records): God Wants You; Make A Joyful Noise; Don't Be Caught Dead Without Jesus; I'll Just Start To Live When I Die; Mission Accomplished; To The Glory Of My Father; Long Gone; When He Reminds Me Of My Past I Remind Him Of His Future; Standing In The Presence; The Good Shepherd; I Need A Miracle.

1992 Finale (Custom Records): I'm Not Gonna Wait Til The Judgement Day; Heaven Knows My Name; Medley: Out Of This World/God Delivers Again/That Same Spirit/Oh What A City/Ready Or Not/King Of Glory/Just In Case Of Rapture/Angels Step Back/If God Be For Us; The Search Is Over; Group Intros; Loreen Testifies; The Good Shepherd; I'll Lay My Crown At The Master's Feet; Mike Talks. (Keith Payne, Mike Payne, Bill Sizemore, Loreen Payne, Mark Payne).

1996 Storms (Daywind Records/DAY1116): The Devil Can't Stand The Sight Of Blood; Heart Healer; What A Way To Spend Forever; Long Time Comin'; Who's That In The Manger There; Still Standing After The Storm; He Forgives And Forgets; I Can't Lose For Winning; Don't Just Stand There, Pray Something; Can I Get A Witness. (Mike Payne, Loreen Payne, Sandra Payne).

1999 Made New (Daywind Records DAY1170D): Signed, Sealed, Delivered; Out Of This World; Prayer Still Changes Things; Angels Step Back; When He Was On The Cross; They've Got A Place For People Like Me; He'll See Me Home; The Conversation; Who But God?; Back Where I Belong.

2001 30th Anniversary Reunion (Daywind Records): Out Of This World; I'm Not Gonna Wait Til The Judgement Day; God Delivers Again; Who But God; Oh What A City; That Same Spirit; Group Introductions; Ready Or Not; He'll See Me Home; Just In Case Of Rapture; When He Was On The Cross I Was On His Mind; Still Standing After The Storm; I'm A Jesus Fan.

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