Jerry Redd (June 22, 1936 - March 12, 2010)


Jerry Redd was the son of Paul Gilbert and Estelle Tidwell Redd. He was raised in Valley, Alabama. When he was seventeen, he left the town of Valley along with Charles Yates and Gerald Adams to join a group based in Macon, Georgia called the Campmeeting Boys. After singing with the Campmeeting Boys, he joined the Sons Of Song which also included Calvin Newton and Lee Kitchens.

In the years that followed, Jerry Redd sang tenor for numerous groups including JD Sumner And The Stamps Quartet , the Speer Family, the Plainsmen, the Abernathy All Star Quartet, the Diplomats, the Rhythm Masters, and the Kingsmen Quartet. His voice can be heard on the following Kingsmen recordings: The Kingsmen, Then and Now, America's Favorite Hymns, and Suddenly There's a Valley.

In his later years, Redd was a voice, piano, and guitar instructor and also served as a church music leader. His brother Gilbert has stated that aside from attending a singing school, taking a course in music from the Stamps-Baxter school, and taking some voices lessons required by Dad Speer when he sang with that group, Jerry Redd was self-educated in the field of music.

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