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"I've Found A Hiding Place" (Albert E Brumley/Stamps Baxter Music/SESAC)

  • Cathedral Quartet (1981 Colors Of His Love; 1983 Favorites Old And New; 1990 The Collectorís Series)
  • Chuck Wagon Gang (1947 on 78 single; 1948 on 78 single; 1950 on 78 single; 1950 Favorite Country Hymns; 1964 The Chuck Wagon Gang's Best; 2002 America's Popular Family Quartet; 2003 Higher - 1940 Dallas Session; 2004 I'll Fly Away)
  • Dixie Four (19?? 78RPM Single)
  • Florida Boys (1997 Saved By Grace)
  • Heritage (1992 A New Southern Tradition)
  • Inspirations (1999 Sunday's Coming)
  • Lewis Family (1995 Bluegrass Country Club)
  • Prophets (1960 Glory Glory Amen)
  • Rangers Quartet (1939 Decca Records single)
  • Statesmen (1959 Iíll Meet You By the River)
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Page last modified on August 27, 2016, at 07:00 PM EST