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I.Ira Stanphill

Ira Stanphill (February 14, 1914 - December 30, 1993)

Ira Stanphill

Ira Stanphill

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Ira Stanphill was a prolific Gospel songwriter, Minister, Singer and a Musician and was in­duct­ed in­to the Southern Gospel Music Association (SGMA) Hall Of Fame in 2001. Bethel Assembly of God in Lake Worth Florida, was founded by Rev. Ira Stanphill.

Ira and his wife Gloria appeared in the very early videos produced by Bill Gaither for The Gaither Homecoming Series and they were considered part of the Gaither homecoming family. He made a considerable contribution to gospel music, writing over 550 Gospel songs in his lifetime.

Ira is buried in Johnson County Chapel and Memorial Gardens in Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas.

Attending an Ira Stanphill concert was truly a moving experience. To hear his life's story, to understand the things going on in his life at the time each song was written and then to have him sing the songs was just a very special blessing. Ira Stanphill will be remembered as one of the greatest gospel song writers of all time.


GMA Hall Of Fame (1981)
SGMA Hall Of Fame (2001)

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

Follow Me
He Washed My Eyes With Tears
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Mansion Over The Hilltop
Room At The Cross
Thirty Pieces Of Silver

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