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Group Members

(Partial List)

Roy Tremble (1992-1994)
Tim Webster (1994-????)
Jimmy McMillian (????-????)
Jackie Lamb (2005-2006)

Chuck Crain (1992-1993)
Bryan Hutson (1993-1996)
Jonathon Farley (1996-????)
Ron Rice (????-????)
Jeremy Wilkerson (????-????)
Todd Myers (2003, 2005-2006)

George Amon Webster (1992-1993; 1994-2007)
Rory Rigdon (1993-1994)
Dannie Webster (1994-????)

Brent Fredricks (1992-????)
Deo Young (????-????)

George Amon Webster (1992-1993, 1994-2007)

Bass Guitar/Sound Technician
Rory Rigdon (1993-1994)

Heartland Boys (1992-2007) (originally known as the Heartland Quartet)


The Heartland Quartet was formed on Easter Sunday in 1992 with group members including Roy Tremble (Tenor), Chuck Crain (Lead), George Amon Webster (Baritone/Piano), and Brent Fredricks (Bass). Larry Thompson was a 5th partner. Thompson owned a coal truck company in Pikeville, KY. Tremble, Crain, Webster and Fredricks had been members of the Ron Blackwood Quartet in Branson, MO before they left and formed Heartland Quartet. Roy and George were also former members of The Cathedral Quartet.

In July 1993, Crain was replaced by Bryan Hutson, who had filled in for Crain previously when they were still with Blackwood's group. Rory Rigdon was hired as bass player and sound technician in August 1993. Around Christmas 1993, Webster left the group to sing in Florida with his son Tim and brother Dannie. Rigdon filled the baritone position until a baritone was hired.

Tremble left the group in March 1994. At that point, the group began to be billed as "The Heartland Boys" with Tim Webster at tenor, Bryan Hutson singing lead, Dannie Webster filling the role of utility baritone, George Amon Webster returning as baritone and pianist, and Brent Fredricks singing bass. Dannie Webster left after a year. Along with these changes, Rigdon moved on to the Kingsmen as a bus driver/sound technician and Larry Thompson withdrew his involvement with the group.

Eldridge Fox (owner of The Kingsmen Quartet) produced the groups recordings. When Tim Surrett left the Kingsmen in 1996, Bryan Hutson left the Heartland Boys to sing lead for them. Jonathon Farley was hired to replace Hutson. From 1998-2004, Tim Webster came and went a couple times, Fredricks ultimately left. Jeremy Wilkerson, Deo Young and Jimmy McMillian also sang with the group. Deo Young (bass singer) eventually became the owner of the group. At that point, George Amon Webster left and formed the George Amon Webster Trio with two former members of the Heartland Boys, Jackie Lamb (tenor) and Todd Myers (lead).


1992 Makin' Gold (Pinnacle Records): He's Making Gold; Little Is Much; He's Everywhere I Go; There Rose A Lamb; Telegram From Heaven; Testing Time; No Further Than Your Knees; He's A Comfort To Know; Living Water; He Rescued Me (Roy Tremble, Chuck Crain, George Amon Webster, Brent Fredricks).

1993 Back To Basics (Pinnacle Records): It's Time To Wake Up The Master; I've Got A Home; Child Of The King; Lord I Need Your Help Again Today; Great Homecoming Day; The Sacrifice; Mercy Door; Basics Of Life; Prince Of Peace; When Jesus Was Born (Roy Tremble, Bryan Hutson, George Amon Webster, Brent Fredricks, Rory Rigdon).

1994 Nothing's To Big (Paragon Records): Prince Of Peace; Glory Glory Clear The Road; Lead Me To Calvary; It's Time To Wake Up The Master; What A Day; Nothing's Too Big For My God; Testing Time; Great Homecoming Day; If You Know The Lord; The Basics Of Life (Roy Tremble, Bryan Hutson, George Amon Webster, Brent Fredricks, Rory Rigdon).

1995 Follow The Leader (Son Sound Masterpiece/SMCD120195): Follow The Leader; In The Heartland; Lead Me, Lord; Royal Blood; How Big Is God; Let Love Be Shown; The Great Divide; If You Had Only Seen Me Then; He'll Do Whatever It Takes; When They All Get Together With The Lord (Roy Tremble, Bryan Hutson, George Amon Webster, Brent Fredricks, Rory Rigdon).

1997 Comin’ Down (Son Sound Masterpiece/SSMCD-10197): Coming Down; At Calvary; Everybody Shoulda Really Oughta Been There; Loving God Loving Each Other; Goodbye Troublesome Blues; Since Jesus Spoke Sweet Peace To Me; He Loved Me Still; At The End Of My Hope; I Feel Like Shoutin; God And God Alone (Tim Webster, Ron Rice, George Amon Webster, Brent Fredricks).

1999 Signed, I Love You (Son Sound Masterpiece/SSMP-83099CD): Quitting Never Crossed My Mind; Welcome Home; Sail My Ship; Homecoming; Christ Returneth; Old Fashioned Remedy; If You Know The Lord; Train Them Up; God Is; He Signed I Love You (Tim Webster, Ron Rice, George Amon Webster, Brent Fredricks).

Bryan Hutson helped provide information for this article.

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Page last modified on June 28, 2019, at 11:27 PM EST