Group Members

Virginia (Jenny) Odom

Alvin Goins (????-????)
Ebner Luster (????-????)
Jerry Hensley (????-????)
Jim Helton (????-????)
Jimmy Maness (????-????)

Jack D Sproles (????-????)
William Dishner (????-????)
Clamon Stewart (????-????)

T J Odom

Shelby Helton (????-????)
Kenny Joyner (????-????)

The Good News Quartet (????-????)

The Good News Quartet was based in Kingsport, Tennessee.


1965 Jesus Is Mine (Custom Records): Just For Me; Keep Moving Along; The Great Beyond; If I Knew Of A Land; Walking By Faith; A Picture Of Heaven; What Wonderful Joy; Happy In Knowing; Heís My All In All; Jesus Is Mine; Send Down The Fire; Soon Weíll Be Going Home (Jenny Odom, Alvin Goins, Jack D Sproles, T J Odom).

1966 Working For The Lord In Song (Kings-Port Records/LP 1001): The Lights Of Home; Keep Thy Spirit Living Within Me; What If I Live In A Cabin; Iíll Be No Stranger There; When Judgement Reaches Home; Justice Called And Mercy Answered; I Am His Child; They Hung My Lord Upon A Tree; The Debt Has Been Paid; The Old Ship Of Zion; Heaven Was There; Working For The Lord In Song (Jenny Odom, Alvin Goins, Jack D Sproles, T J Odom).

1967 Iíll Meet You In The Morning (Tri-State Recording Company/TSRC-70468): Iíll Meet You In The Morning; Iím Just A Pilgrim; Well Ainít You Glad; Zion's Hill; Some Morning Fair; Woman At The Well; Beautiful Light Shine On Me; Just What He Promised; When Our Race Is Over; If It Wasnít For The Lord; Delivered From The Hands Of Pharoah; My Jesus Is Real (Jenny Odom, Ebner Luster, Jack D Sproles, T J Odom).

1970 What Heaven Means To Me (Tri-State Recording Company/TSRC-70468): Thatís What Heaven Means To Me; Love Changed The World For Me; Thereís Been A Wonderful Change; When Morning Sweeps The Eastern Sky; No One Ever Cared So Much; They Have Gone Away; Your Redemption Draweth Nigh; When I Get Home; I Had A Talk With Jesus; My Lord And I; He Is Mine And Iím His; Will You Truly Promise Me (Jenny Odom, Jerry Hensley, William Dishner, T J Odom).

1971 For God So Loved The World (Gospel Records/GR-011): For God So Loved The World; Everywhere I Go Everything I Do; The Healer; O The Glory Did Roll; Many Miles; City Of Gold; I Want To Live There Donít You; Godís Amazing Love; May The Good Lord Keep Your Precious Soul; If That Isnít Love; Sweet Heaven; When Iíve Gone The Last Mile Of The Way (Jenny Odom, Jim Helton, William Dishner, T J Odom, Shelby Helton).

1971 When I Step Off On That Beautiful Shore (Gospel Records/GR-71148): When I Step Off On That Beautiful Shore; Iíd Like To Talk It Over With Him; He Means All To Me; Lord Lead Me On; While Eternal Ages Roll; Just As The Sun Went Down; I Prayed My Way Out Of Trouble; The Light On The River; Saved Through Jesus Blood; Where Could I Go; Down On The Banks Of Jordan (Jenny Odom, Jim Helton, William Dishner, T J Odom, Shelby Helton).

1972 Gettiní Ready (Gospel Records/GR-72158): Getting Ready To Leave This World; When God Passes Judgement; Bring Your Burdens To Him; Just A Few More Steps Away; Jesus (The Uncomparable Christ); Your Dearest Friend; A Place Called Heaven; Where We'll Never Grow Old; Lighthouse; Visions Of Heaven (Jenny Odom, Jim Helton, William Dishner, T J Odom, Shelby Helton).

1973 Your Dearest Friend (Tri-State Recording Company/TSRC-737274): Wonderful By And By; I Firmly Promise You; The Dearest Friend; I Wonít Have To Worry Anymore; If We Could See Beyond Today; Some Of These Days; What A Morning; No One Ever Cared So Much; Zionís Hill; Delivered From The Hands Of Pharoah.

1974 Soldiers Of The Cross (Tri-State Recording Company/TSRC-743326): When I Wake Up To Sleep No More; Leave Your Sorrow; One Day I Will; Heís Coming Again; Heíll Hold My Hand; Am I A Soldier Of The Cross; Ready To Leave; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; The First Look; Payday.

1975 Sings The Good News (Tri-State Recording Company/TSRC-755438): Jesus Opened Up The Way; Jesus Will Love Me The Same; Glory Road; Glimpse Of Heaven; Master Of The Sea; Tears Will Never Stain (The Streets Of That City); The Eastern Gate; What A Beautiful Day (For The Lord To Come Again); Iíll Go Over Jordan; Something I Can Feel.

1975 Just Any Day Now (Studio 1 Records/SLP-030): Just Any Day Now; Scars In The Hands Of Jesus; God Will Roll The Waters Back; Iím Taking A Flight; Listen For The Sound; Clear Title To A Mansion; Only A Few At The Cross; Meet Me Over On The Other Side; Beyond The Sun; Jesus Is Mine (Jenny Odom, Jimmy Maness, Clamon Stewart, T J Odom, Kenny Joyner).

1976 With More Good News (Tri-State Recording Company/TSRC-7616): The Touch Of The Master's Strong Hand; Oh Lord Hasten That Day; Just As Long As Eternity Rolls; Wait Till You See My Brand New Home; These Are They; Unclouded Day; Thank You Lord For Your Blessings; Heís Coming Back; Learning To Lean; Itíll Be Different The Next Time.

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