Group Members

(Partial List)

Keith Clark (????-Present)
Gerald Harbour (????-Present)
Freddie Rakes (????-Present)
Steve Stone (????-????)
Glenn Waller (????-Present)
Rick Keen (????-Present)

The Churchmen (????-Present)


1994 Follow Me (Horizon Records/0110): Follow Me; He Must Have Walked The Lowest Valley; It Is A Lonesome Road; No Back Door To Heaven; What About Me Lord; Just Over In The Gloryland; The King Is On His Throne; No Hiding Place; Who Rolled The Stone Away; Those Days (Keith Clark, Gerald Harbour, Freddie Rakes, Steve Stone).

1996 The Tie That Binds: Nowhere To Run; The Tie That Binds; One Way Ticket; Let Him Lead You; Follow These Steps; The Old Crossroads; Heaven's Homecoming; The Man In The Middle; Don't You Want To Go; One Hundred White Horses.

1998 The Drifter (Crossroads Music MHO7062): The Drifter; Lord Don't Move That Mountain; Just Beyond The Other Shore; Take My Hand; Almost Home; Wicked Path Of Sin; Lord Lead Me On Home; Sailing With The Savior; How Great Thou Art; Is Your Cross Too Heavy To Bear; My Lord's Gonna Set Me Free; Oh My Father Lead Thou Me.

2003 On The Journey Home: Get On Board; Keep Me Free From Every Sin; Springtime In Heaven; In His Arms I'm Not Afraid; He Will Forgive You; Bouquet In Heaven; Goin' Up; He Paid It All; By The Spirit I'm Lifted; Place Prepared For Me; When He Calls Your Name; We'll Still Sing On.

2006 Traveling Through: Bedside Prayer; Calvary Says It All; You Better Get In Line; Double Portion; Glorious City; Lord It's A Hard Road Home; Happy Home On High; I'll See Heaven Some Sweet Day; That Home Far Away; I've Come A Long Way; Thank You For Sending Your Son; Sailing Home.

2008 I'll Be Long Gone: Back To The Cross; Final Harvest; Are You Lost In Sin; Iím Not Alone; In My Darkest Hour; Jesus My Mother And Me; Take Me In The Lifeboat; Iíll Be Long Gone; Only Yours; Rocked On The Deep; Smooth Road; Thatís The Way I Want To Go.

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