"Wait For Me" (Doy Ott/SESAC)

  • Florida Boys (1965 Florida Boys In Nashville)
  • Imperials (1964 Jake Hess & The Imperials)
  • John Hall (1964 "Mr. Bass" Big John Hall)
  • Oak Ridge Boys (1964 Singing The Gospel)
  • Statesmen (1964 Hovie Lister Spotlights Doy Ott; 1965 The Best Of The Statesmen Quartet With Hovie Lister; 1969 Taller Than Trees; 1974 Feature Doy Ott)
  • Tall Men Quartet (1967 Walk Talk And Sing)

"Wait For Me" (J. Alley/BMI)

* Lewis Family (1966 Lewis Family Album)

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