Al Harkins (1968-1972)

Terry Miller (1968-1971)
Ed Loomis (1971-1972)

Dennis Miller (1968-1971)
Wayne Lansford (1971-1972)

Eldon Campbell (1968)
Tracy Dartt (1968-1972)

Gary Max (1968)
Danny Stonestreet (1968-1969)
Bill Caudle (1969-1971?)
Everett Evans (1971?-1972)

Bass Guitar
Charles Nunmaker (1969)

Victors Quartet (California) (1968-1972)

The Victors Quartet (of California) was founded by former Golden Keys and Songfellows tenor Al Harkins in Hollywood around 1968. They were a group of young men who billed themselves as having a refreshingly youthful sound... and ...mingled significant religious meaning with the melodic and rhythmic tempo of our day. They aimed to attract the attention of people with widely differing tastes in music.

The original group consisted of Al Harkins (tenor and manager), Terry Miller (lead), Dennis Miller (baritone), Eldon Campbell (bass), and Gary Max (pianist). Their first album, Life is Worth Living, included compositions by Harkins and by Dennis Miller.

In 1969, their second album, A Brand New Feelin' was released on Capitol Records. By this time Tracy Dartt had become their bass singer and Bill Caudle was the pianist. The LPs compositions were mainly by Harkins, Dennis Miller, and Dartt.

Before the end of 1971, Ed Loomis and Wayne Lansford had replaced the Miller brothers and Everett Evans had become their pianist. This lineup recorded the group’s third album, Put Your Hand In The Hand.

Newspaper advertisements for the Victors appear to have dried up in late 1972, which was around the time Tracy Dartt joined the Weatherford Quartet.

Other Victors Quartets
There was a Victors Quartet in Kingsport, TN in the mid through late 1960s. The Kingsport Victors recorded on the Heartwarming label and later with Tilford Salyer’s Tri-State recording Company on the Trail label. One lineup included Conway Corbin (tenor), Jim Lacy (lead), Tilford Salyer(baritone), Harmon Gouge(bass),and Edwin Taylor(pianist).

In the late 1950s, pianist/singer David Young was a member of a short-lived group called the Victors. Members during the short period included Young, Cat Freeman, Rex Nelon, Jack Lister, Bill Crowe, Ed Crowe, and Fred Rose. In the 1980s, Young restarted the Victors in Georgia and continued for a number of years.

A Victors Quartet was organized in Ohio 1966 and continues today. An ad from 1972 listed the Victors from Middletown, Ohio as Keith Chapman( tenor), Howard Sears, Jr.(lead), Bill Jordan( baritone), Ronald Parks( bass), and Ray Parks( pianist). Their recent membership consists of Gary B. Coffey (tenor), Gary W. Crowley (lead), Bill Jordan (baritone) and Ron Parks (bass).


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