Group Members

(Partial List)

Ernie Phillips (1984-1986)
Ernie Haase (1986-1987)

Tim Surrett (1987-1988)

Squire Parsons (????-????)

Joe Fowler (????-????)

Squire Parsons And Redeemed (????-????)


1983 Family Reunion (New Morning Records/NM1345): Beulah Land; What A Day That Will Be; His Name Is Jesus; I'm So Glad; There's A Better Land; King Of Eternity; He's Coming Again; Leaning On A Mighty Strong Arm; It Is No Secret; Living Water. (Released as Squire Parsons and the Parsons Brothers). (Virgil Parsons, Squire Parsons, Squire Parsons Sr, Ron Fisher, Mark Meadows, Jim McCauley).

1984 Riding On The Clouds (Custom Records): Riding On The Clouds; Payday’s Coming; Longing For Home; I Believe; His Love Reaches Me; Good Morning Up There; Someone Is Walking With Me; He’ll Never Let Go; He’s Coming Back; Leaving It All Behind (Jim McCauley, Squire Parsons, Ernie Phillips).

1985 Keep The Fire Burning (Windchime Records): Keep The Fire Burning; When The Ship Pulls Away; Give Him What You've Got; He Made A Way; You Don't Have To Wait; First Flight Out; Gold In Them There Hills; Way Down Inside Of Me; The Shepherd; Brother Eutychus. (Squire Parsons, Jim McCauley, Ernie Phillips).

1986 Friends (Passage Records): The Old Time Way; I Know The Lord; One Lone Soldier; What Jesus Did For Me; Ticket Song; He's Been There Too; Leavin' On Out; Where Miracles Happen Still; Look For Me At Jesus' Feet; Thank You For Being A Friend.

1987 Jesus Will Lead Me (Passage Records): Jesus Will Lead Me; It Still Amazes Me; Well Done; Thank You Lord; Brother, Look Around; Without The Saviour; When They Send Down The Chariot; My Lord Send A Ship For Me; I Don't Wanna Die; Keep Looking Up (Ernie Haase, Tim Surrett, Squire Parsons, Joe Fowler).

1990 Reunion! (Passage Records): A Great Big Hand; Dad's Footsteps; He Touched Me; Because Of The Blood; Goodbye World Goodbye; I'll Fly Away; I Know That I Know; That Very Moment; How Great Thou Art; When He Comes; I've Got A Home. (Joe Fowler, Arthur Rice, Squire Parsons, Ernie Phillips).

1991 The Best Of Squire Parsons And Redeemed (Passage Records): Glory Road; Riding On The Clouds; Jesus Will Lead Me; He Made A Way; When They Send Down The Chariot; Leaving On Out; The Old Time Way; What Jesus Did For Me; Keep The Fire Burning; You Don't Have To Wait.

1992 I Go To The Rock (Passage Records): I Go To The Rock; Gonna Keep Holding On; It Did Not End With The Cross; A Little Bit Of Heaven; Lord Do It Again; No Farther Than The Cross; I Know He's Coming Back; The Straight And Narrow Way; Ever Since That Wonderful Day; It's Real. (Released as the Squire Parsons Quartet). (Squire Parsons, Arthur Rice, Joe Fowler, Ernie Phillips).

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